Farewell from Bright Garlick

Dear Friends :

I am writing this farewell letter to you, for future reference and because I do not know for sure that I will outlive my tumours. So what follows is a kind of soliloquy and a kind of remembrance. This is not the end of ET and I, only an early farewell.

It has now been over 8 1/2 years since I was first diagnosed with Carcinoid Cancer and I had my left kidney removed. Life with tumours has been both challenging and deeply rewarding. Please don’t offer me any advice on how to heal. I appreciate it but am exhausted by the countless well intentioned but poorly informed suggestions. My thoughts on this subject can be found here : https://app.box.com/s/zfkvdh4ru5wvsbxdbuylja1zqyeufcp5 and below :



It seems that my tumours have been with me for a very long time – maybe even since I was 10 or 11 years of age. I’m so used to having them, that I can’t remember what life was like before I had them. And as a result I’ve grown used to the discomfort and pain that they bring. I don’t like it but it is what it is. I know that tumours for me are a natural state, in which my body is attempting to communicate with my mind and bring about harmony for my entire being. In order to be free of tumours, I believe that I need to attend to the root causes – deep emotional issues and patterns that have been with me for much of my life. Since diagnosis (lets call it introducing the thought form) I’ve done a great deal of attending to the root causes but there remains a couple of critical issues which I am still struggling with. One of which being the sometimes very turbulent relationship I have with my son. A while back, I moved away from the mountains to flee the constant noise of tourists and invasions of our privacy and am now enjoying a quieter, if not harsher but infinitely more serene life on the plains.

For more than 5 years, I have resisted the suggestions of my oncologist to accept treatment, knowing full well (as he does too) that there is no medical cure. One of the reasons I refuse treatment is because I don’t want to endure any more time in hospitals and being shrouded in an environment of sickness. Another reason is that my body is acutely sensitive to all foreign chemicals and I’m not so sure I would cope well with any form of chemotherapy or hormone therapy. And finally, I detest the entire CANCER INDUSTRY, which supports millions of jobs and Big Pharma, who make trillions of dollars out of cancer treatments. Billions of dollars in fundraising have yet to cure the group of diseases known as cancer. And no amount of money will find a cure because medicine has the wrong idea about cancer. And for that matter, so does most of the alternative health industry. You cannot cure tumours by having an adversarial approach, or by altering energy, the bodies immune system or the bodies genes. You can only cure tumours by altering how the organism functions. Sure, tumours have a multifactorial origin and there are tumours that are primarily environmental in origin but all tumours can be cured by bringing the mind into a harmonious relationship with the body.

So, since about April this year, I’ve had some periods where I was really sick and right now I am going through another one of them. This time my largest tumour, feels like it’s bulging through my side. So I am giving it a few more weeks and going to make a decision in January as to whether to accept treatment. I’ve changed my mind about this because Dude suggested that it might be worth reconsidering. Ultimately, if I do accept treatment, it might shrink my largest tumour and stop it from shutting down an organ or creating any more new tumours. But after that, it will be up to me to continue what I believe is effective. Shrinking my tumours, may buy me time. But that’s all. And right now I need time. My tumours took a long time to grow and I think they need time to shrink because it takes time to change emotional patterns.

But some days I find myself wondering if after everything, I’ll pull through. I find myself wondering if I have bound myself with an unhealthy thought form, in the way that I believe I need to address the root causes. I mean, I’ve been taught by Dude and two of my guides that all I need to do is to allow myself to feel healthy and nothing more. No attending to root causes ! I try to do that but I am easily caught up in emotional discomfort, when my tumours begin to hurt. So sometimes, thoughts of dying are not far away. I don’t fear dying or death and in fact I look forward to leaving this life. But there is so much I wish to enjoy before that time comes. And that’s where the real emotional and mental anguish kicks in. Knowing that I may not be here to see my son graduate from university, or get married or have children or turn 30. All of those little things that make life so wonderful. And I want my son to have a father for as long as he can and my sisters to have a brother for as long as they can. So I have spent a great deal of time coming to grips with my own mortality and I know that if it’s time, it’s time and I’ll have to let go and embrace the next part of the journey.

Some of you will recall that last year Dude took me into the future and the past but primarily into the future to see certain periods in my life, over the next 10-15 years. I have seen my grandchildren and seen myself as a writer and seen my self here in this run down little house, at peace with my life. But, sometimes I experience a tiny kernel of doubt. What if I remembered wrong ? What if Dude made a mistake ? What if time is malleable ?

In the end I have to trust myself and trust Dude. And so, as always, it’s one day at a time, making the most of every opportunity and enjoying all the moments of my life.

So why am I wasting my time writing this blog and sharing my thoughts, feelings and experiences about ET contact ? I think there maybe several reasons why. Firstly, when I first started in 1999 and then later in 2009, I felt incredibly alone. I was having these mind boggling experiences and I couldn’t find anyone who understood what I was feeling. The way I perceived my experiences, has always been different to the mainstream UFO/Contact community. I don’t jump on band wagons or follow a belief system just because it’s popular. I tried hard to find people who were experiencing something similar, just so I could share with someone who understood. But I have yet to find anyone who truly knows how I feel. The only people who understand are my ex wife and the few humans I have met on board during my encounters, who don’t seem to be opening up publicly about their experiences.

Secondly, since 1986 I have been hearing stories of how terrible aliens have been abducting people against their will and doing terrible things to them. Ever since I made the mistake of reading Stan Deyo’s Cosmic Conspiracy, I’ve been hearing about how ETs have an insidious agenda. And, quite frankly it makes me furious to hear peoples ignorance. People don’t seem to be able to take a panoramic perspective on how the cosmos works. Instead they get bound up in these infantile stories about the cosmic battle of good versus evil. What continues to shock me the most, is that even seemingly intelligent people get caught up in this crap. So many people lack the ability to see how we project our disowned aspects and our disowned internal dramas out onto the cosmos. And I find it really, very, very amusing and very, very sad, that as a species, we remain so stupid ! I have waited for so long for other people to come out and say the things I have said but only a handful of people have ever touched on them. So I have felt that I needed to offer an antidote to this ignorance and stupidity and to be a kind of torch bearer into the darkness. I want people to know the truth – an informed truth.

Thirdly, I have had experiences with beings I have come to call the Creator Races and I want people to know who they are and what they are like. I want them to know that there are beings who imagine souls and create entire universes and galaxies and solar systems and planets and planetoids and who even have the means to create life itself. These beings seed entire worlds and nurture life in all its forms. Some of them create souls and connect themselves with certain individuals throughout ALL of their lives and through the periods after the life of the body. They understand the nature of God and know that God is the light that fills all matter. These ideas that I have tried to propagate, have come from my experiences with these beings and not from my imagination. As ideas, they are at odds with mainstream ideas about nasty aliens – ideas that dumb you down, that arouse your fear, so that you believe you are a prisoner at the mercy of evil forces. Nothing is further from the truth. You are free and have always been free. There is no Federation of Light versus a Federation of Darkness. Reality is not Star Wars.



Finally, as result of my relationship with my ex-wife and my relationship with her friend Dude; I have learned about the power structure I call The Architecture. This is a name I feel accurately describes how it functions but no one has yet asked me about that. It has another name, that those in the know refer to it as. But even within The Architecture, little is known about it’s structure. I want people to know that The Architecture has been here for 5, 500 years and was set up by the ETs because they knew humans could not cope with the truth. They tried that before and it didn’t work ! On most other planets they come out in the open and have a transparent presence but here on Earth that’s not possible because of who were are. As I have described elsewhere on this blog, The Architecture has two different arms – one ET and one human and there is a middle section composed of humans and ETs. The human arms of The Architecture are primarily composed of people in government, military and corporations and represent the insidious aspect of the power structure. But despite it’s insidiousness, it is under complete control of the ETs. Long after the insidious aspects are gone, the ETs will still be here caring for the welfare of Earth and it’s species.

The individual who currently leads this structure is the man that I and others refer to as Number One (who I have written about elsewhere here). Number One was born more than 180,000 years ago in the region we now call northern Turkey and came from a previous human civilization who became space faring and who now populate many planets throughout our universe. He is a deeply compassionate and a caring man, who does his best to ensure that Earth develops a healthy time line and that the biosphere survives the current wave of challenges. Number One also has responsibilities that extend way beyond our solar system.

The being I have referred to as Dude of the Muajra race, is also sometimes referred to by humans in the know, as Number One but mostly he’s referred to as Number Two, because he effectively takes that role behind Number One. Dude works with the 8 ETs who represent the races who care intimately for the welfare of Earth and the many different ET and human groups within The Architecture. Dude also loves life and loves to collect leaves. Last we spoke about it, he had collected 98 % of all plant species on Earth. You can only imagine the kinds of experiences that leaf collecting has given him and how much he has learnt about Earth.



Some of you will also know that I began interviewing Dude a while back and have been posting his answers to the 19 questions you gave me, as I finish editing them. Although I never really intended on interviewing Dude, when he finally consented to being interviewed, I realized that it would be an opportunity to help people understand what ETs are really like. Dude has a very sharp wit and finds many humans irritating but he cares immensely for our planet and our people. Dude gave me the impression that he influenced the writers of the movie Paul, so that a little of his personality came through.




Dude can take whatever form he likes. Sometimes he appears in his natural form as a small, thin, creamy green humanoid and sometimes he takes the form of a human. But he can also take on other forms, depending on which race he is working with and what is required.

I have heard a lot of people talk about The Powers That Be and I wanted to offer another alternative based on the truth that I know, from Dude himself and from my ex wife, who worked with a specific project as a profiler/compositor tracking down and saving and killing ETs who were, sort of, out of jurisdiction. I have met the two individuals who sit at the pinnacle of The Architecture and I want people to know that they care immensely for us. I get annoyed when I hear people talk about all these insidious powers that rule our planet. There are insidious groups involved in ruling our planet but within them and above them, there are ETs who care for all life and Earth’s long term well being. The world is not ruled by the Trialteral Commission, or The Bilderberg Group or Zionists or any number of Elite nobodies. The world is filled by greedy people who manufacture wars and who profit off the suffering of others. Many of whom fill the lower arms of The Architecture. Get rid of any number of corrupt leaders and a million more will fill their place. The world is ruled by you. Ordinary people, who sometimes forget who they are and give their power away. And I want people to know that. YOU ARE BOTH HUMAN AND DIVINE ! Don’t believe that you are being oppressed by anyone, when you are always free to choose, no matter how much others control you. Most of the control of humanity, happens by controlling perception. We humans need to see that we are free to choose how to perceive. That is the difference between us and most space faring ETs. They know how to perceive and how perception shapes reality.

So, I think I share because it’s helping me and you ! I know that much of what I have to share is unheard or falls on deaf ears and I’m OK with that. And lots of people disagree with me. And I’m OK with that too. But I know that in time, some of the things I have had to say, will cast ripples out through time and space and influence particular people, who will become catalysts for the greater good. And that pleases me immensely ! Already, I have had contact with several individuals who are beginning to really think for themselves and to embrace my ideas with their own insights and it’s these people who will carry the torch when I am gone. And maybe I won’t die as a result of my tumours and I will live to be an old man but I will die eventually and it’s these people and those they inspire, who will hold up the fire of awareness that I am trying to ignite.

To do what I am doing, I’ve had to use a certain amount of ego. But I try to have an aware ego. None of us can be free of ego but we can function with an aware ego. Ego has helped me to have the courage to stand up and say “This is my experience and this is what I believe !”. And lets face it, in this world of hyperconnection and egotistical maniacs, screaming at you through their own Personal Ego Brand, it’s hard to be heard.

I don’t know know if I heal completely from my tumours, how long I’ll be sharing all this stuff about my ET experiences and what I have learned. But I have a sense that it has an expiry date, that is not too far down the track ! Because I have other things I want to do – books I want to write, a son I want to enjoy, trees I want to plant, places I want to see and people I want to meet. And because I only have a certain amount of energy for doing this kind of thing.

I’ve met some wonderful people on this journey of sharing ! I confess that when I started, I didn’t expect to have people interested in what I wanted to share, let alone have people who wanted to connect with me. I’ve only ever met one of my readers face to face and she has become what I would consider a very dear friend. All the same, I feel deeply connected to many of you.  I wish you were only a stones throw away and we could catch up for a cuppa and a chin wag whenever we felt like it ! But alas, you are here, there and everywhere.



I have only ever had one great friend and much of my life has been spent alone. And I’m OK with that. I like solitude. It feeds me and sustains me. I’m like Henry David Thoreau and Walt Whitman and William Henry Hudson and people like that, who need space and silence. I like my own company and the company of the natural world. And people irritate the hell out of me ! I’ve tried very hard all my life to fit in but no matter what I do, I always feel like I am on the outside. But I will admit, that having distant friends, many of whom remain faceless to me,  has enriched my life in ways that many of you may never understand. I’ve learned things I didn’t know; I’ve been directed towards spiritual paths I hadn’t known existed; I’ve received love and prayers; and when I’ve needed financial help, you’ve sent me your money.

I don’t honestly know what I have given anyone who has encountered my words. But if I can wish for one thing, it would be this – that my words help my fellow mankind to SEE. To see how we are separate and how we are one. To see how everything is connected. To see how love and kindness can transform life. To see how we are always free to choose. To see how everyone of us shape the path of our life. To see that we are Earth. To see the darkness within and without. To see that perception is everything. To see the roots of our conditioning. To see that we are all just trying to do our best, no matter how maladaptive our behaviours become. To see that there is good throughout the cosmos. TO SEE THE LIGHT WITHIN AND THE LIGHT WITHOUT !

People often ask me how to make contact with ET’s. And I’ve tried many times to explain how, as best as I can.



I didn’t choose to have contact. Contact chose me. And I think the reason for that is because I love life. I love my life and I love other life forms. So if you want to know how to have contact, try to love life. Because when you feel genuine love for life, you are unconsciously sending a message throughout the cosmos that says “My heart is open.” Contact doesn’t have to be hard. But start with the things closest to you. Try to love and connect with the things around you – your self, your family, your friends, your pets, trees, plants, ants, birds, insects, animals. Cultivate love in the places that are ignored by others. For when you become comfortable with cultivating love with the things around you, its easy to radiate your desire for contact with beings from other worlds. And in time, with a great deal of patience, fortitude, determination and trust; you will have face to face contact. Contact might start slowly but in time it will develop into that which you wish to experience. But be sure to drop all of your expectation. Expectation is about control and contact is about relationship, not control. Let relationships develop with all the time they need. So when you are ready, ask with pure intention to have contact and slowly you will begin to have contact. Having already laid the foundation with your love of life, all that remains is to pay attention. That is where it becomes important to develop self awareness. Learn about you. Learn about how you think, how you feel, how you behave, what you say – how your mind works. And discover through all of this what you are. Eventually you will discover that your true nature is movement. You are stillness and silence and activity and noise. You move from one to the other constantly. You are the pure awareness that permeates the body and that permeates all of reality. In time you will discover that the self is this thing which perceives separation and the thing that perceives unity. You will know how your entity, your totality functions. AND WHEN YOU MAKE CONTACT WITH ET, YOU WILL BE MAKING CONTACT WITH THE OTHER AND WITH YOUR TRUE SELF. You will be making contact with individuals, who like you may live and die and others who will live and live and live. Yet all of them will have an aspect that is never born and will never die. And if you are lucky, they will remind you of that and they will remind you, that you are the same. For when you meet ET on equal terms, without any fear or expectation, they will help you to see that we are all the same; we are all god expressing and experiencing itself.

For some reason, lots of people have me type cast as a peace loving hippy. Must be the god damned long hair ! As I keep telling people, my hair is receding down my neck ! 😉 Apparently a desire to think originally, a love of heavy metal and noise and a disdain of all things New Age, still qualifies me as a hippy ! Anyway that’s other peoples problem.






But seriously, it’s OK to be angry. Anger is a healthy emotion. It’s what we do with anger that matters. And in my eyes, we all need a certain kind of anger to transform this world, from a place where rampant self idolization and psychological separation from each other, our planet and other life forms, is the root cause of all of our problems. Collectively, we can funnel so much anger into creativity and creative transformation. But anger without self awareness is stupidity. So lets overcome our own stupidity first !

Some of you know that recently I had an epiphany about contact, which I wrote about here : https://etandi.wordpress.com/2015/11/23/an-epiphany-about-contact/.  I think sometimes it’s important to share our epihanies – especially the deeply personal ones. Because our epiphanies provide others with the fodder to chew over their own thoughts in a different way and can inspire others to have their own epiphanies. And honestly, I think our epiphanies have a profound impact on how we see life and on the development of our species.  Through my own recent epiphany, I came to see a purpose for my actions that I had not seen before. And I realized that by trying to have contact with all manner of things – be they ETs or dead people or trees or whatever; I’m showing others what’s possible and opening myself up to life. One of my guides once told me that the Earth has sacred knowledge that it will share it with you, when it is ready and I didn’t really understand what he was saying. But in the last 5 years, the penny has really dropped and I get it ! When we open ourselves up to life completely and we open ourselves up to the natural world in complete submission and when we try to live in harmony with the will of nature rather than by controlling nature, we connect with the consciousness that exists in all things. And some of those “things” have a consciousness that perceives reality very different to us. When we’re open to it, we can learn from beings that are vastly different to us. Sometimes they will make direct contact and appear before us and sometimes they will speak to us consciously and unconsciously. They may present themselves in the waking world or in the world of dreams. But if we remain open to such contacts, we will have the opportunity to perceive reality in a way that we never knew existed and to see the cosmos within and without – to see the totality of existence, through a myriad of life forms.

When we meet an ET, they don’t give us any more than we can handle. But when we’re ready, they give us experiences that blow everything in our perception wide open. And it’s exactly the same with the truly sacred knowledge of our world – knowledge that is embedded in nature. After such experiences, we are never the same.

I think for me, having a life threatening (or should I say enriching) illness, is all about growing up. I’m learning things I did not know was possible to learn and I’m understanding that THE LIGHT IS WITHIN. My illness, is kind of like a preparation for COMING HOME. And if I am fortunate and I grow enough, I will no longer have a need for my tumours (who in an almost vain effort, are trying to wake me up) and I’ll begin to live, fully aware that THE LIGHT WITHIN AND THE LIGHT WITHOUT ARE ONE.




Whatever happens, everything is OK as it is. Life is unfolding as the Creator wishes it to unfold. And one day, as my ET friends told me, I will go HOME. The one place where everyone belongs. The one place where there is no birth and no death and no separation. Where all that we have been and all that we have experienced is valued and is within the whole of existence.

This sharing has always been a dialogue and it’s a dialogue that I’ve enjoyed and disliked. It’s been hard and easy. It’s been painful and rewarding. It’s brought responses that I expected and lots of surprises that I didn’t see coming. It’s helped me to make friends and to be disliked and hated by even more people. And most importantly, it’s helped me to understand people and to plant a few seeds, that I am optimistic will grow into something good. I wouldn’t wish what I have experienced through sharing on anyone. Because some of it’s been really hard. But I am glad that I’ve done it, even though it came with many arguments with the people who care about me.

This blog and my videos, are I suppose, a feint reflection of who I am. This is only an aspect of my life – just one small window. But through this window I have tried to be honest and kind and to lift the veil of ignorance. So many people seem to be looking for something, seeking answers to the great questions of life. And I would like to tell some of you to “LOOK WITHIN”. And when you’ve had a good look within and you’ve looked honestly at everything that’s inside, stop looking because you will have found everything worth finding. What you will have found inside of you, is the same as what you will find outside of you.



So get on with the business of living and enjoy your life ! Life was meant to be lived and to be enjoyed ! EACH OF US ARE A UNIQUE EXPRESSION OF GOD, THAT WILL ONLY EVER EXIST ONCE IN ALL OF EXISTENCE, SO MAKE IT COUNT !

Thanks for sharing the ride with me ! With any luck, the ride will continue !

Love and goodwill to all of you,

Bright. 🙂 ❤


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  1. Thanks Bright for giving me this awesome opportunity to connect with alien beings. It has truly been an honour !!

  2. i’ve enjoyed the ride:) Like Being said, thanks for this awesome opportunity!

    Take care!

    • Thanks Marcus. The pleasure has been all mine ! Happy to have provided a little curiosity and comfort along the way ! Thanks for all your kind words, support and encouragement.

      Have an awesome life !

      Bright. 😉

  3. You never know. If you dropped a hint or two between the lines. You may end up having a cuppa. Every time I drive to Melbourne, I wonder, is he up that road? Is he up that road?

  4. You never know. If you dropped a hint or two between the lines. You may end up having a cuppa. Every time I drive to Melbourne, I wonder, is he up that road? Is he up that road?
    You are the most interesting thing I have found on the net.
    Just think of all that porn your competing with. ; )

    • Poor you Dave, stuck with that affliction ! A part of me is everywhere !

      I thought the porn may have been a more interesting alternative !!!

      Oh well, one more soul saved from the ravages of naked humans going like bunnies !


  5. I will always feel privileged for this relationship

  6. I hope we can still keep in contact Bright. You will be missed.

  7. I hope this early farewell is much much to early Bright 🙂

    I wish you all the best health & healing 😉

  8. Thanks for everything you have shared Bright 🙂

    The contact methods you are sharing works.
    I have had contact a few times this year, and even yesterday when i was out I saw a ball of light going down really fast.

    I wish you well! And all the best health.

  9. Thank you so much for everything you have shared Bright 🙂

    The contact methods works.
    I have had contact a few times this year, and even yesterday when i was outside in the evening I saw a ball of light going down fast.

    I wish you good and the best health.


  11. You have a big space in my heart, It is and has been a privileged to know you …one of those rare things that happens in my life…. oh and “KNOW” that you’re not going anywhere anytime soon, you are very much needed on this planet, so take a front seat cupcake, enjoy the ride and continue to enlighten us with your knowledge, we’ll be here…always !!!!!!!! much love XOXO

    • Thanks Jules, you know how I feel about you and your kind heart ! You’re one of a kind !

      Oh, I have the cupcake – it’s a rubber cupcake with handle ! Had to buy them when I saw them, so now I can enjoy my cupcakes Tea style !

      Much love and peace to you !

      Bright. 😉

  12. Get well soon. Thank you for everything you’ve shared!
    I have observed something a few times this year. and on November 28 I observed one ball of light, which suddenly came down and saw it disappear 🙂

  13. Dear Bright, as always your wisdom and extraordinary knowledge and ability are SUCH a DELIGHT to behold as I read your writing! Truly extraordinary. I treasure having the ability to read your written work and view your videos. You are one amazing critter. Boy would I love to have several cuppas with you (I know, I know, I can at least fantasize about it!!!). All the best moving forward. Many of us are offering up our love to you, for you dear sir, are a treasure. I will continue to donate when I can. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

    P.S. I have been astrally projecting lately; many people don’t believe that such a phenomenon is possible. ‘Course I don’t know what’s really happening, but all I can tell you is my “third eye pulses” and my consciousness leaves my bio-unit and goes elsewhere (I know that I’m “out”). It’s fun!!!

    Lisa from the East Coast of Yankeeland

  14. Bright I hope something positive comes to you for your health! I didn’t realize you were still battling your tumors! I didn’t catch up on everything thru your website about your health until yesterday as I was reading your recent blogs!I had no idea! Like I recently said on your comment page, after looking up your old videos I used to watch!I thought you progressed since then! I truly wish you peace and I hope you will be on a positive path recovering with your illness! You are a passionate being that has touched my heart thru your videos and all your writing! Your helping me break down the barriers in my perceptions! So much fear is in the world and confusion its so wonderful to experience you thru your writings! I can look at my life and appreciate so much thru my heart thru your heart!You truly are an inspiration to me! Thank you! I wish some of us had your courage and humble attitude!You have given me so much to think about! Thank you for letting me hear your personel experiences thru your writing! You made it very easy to understand! Be well Bright and stronger for your constant loving presence on this crazy planet is needed! What would we ever do if we didn’t have forerunners such as you to break the misinformation that’s blinded us for so long! I get so emotional when I see suffering and hatred around me and all I can think of is I know there is so much more out there and one day there will be disclosure to a presence of love alot of us have never known before or have forgotten! I get ridiculed quite often for believing in information that has been supressed!I know not thru face to face contact but what I feel thru my intuition.There was a door opening thru dreams that started my path! I didnt understand it and was so caught up in not trusting anything I didnt know what I was experiencing and since then I been on a search for the truth and I question everything! I was even starting to believe there was a war between E.ts!That information I should of been rediculed over!Good vs. Evil kind of thing! Now I feel in my heart the truth!The only Evil is greed by humans! So many layers I have found thru the journey of my awareness! I’m aware of things I never imagined! Be well Bright! Universal Peace!

  15. Hi Bright,
    I just wanted to convey to you my heartfelt love and appreciation for the time you spent in sharing with us your wonderful and unique journey. Thank you for being you!
    The insights you have gained through the experiences you have had are of great value and I love knowing that there are others of like mind scattered throughout this world.
    I wish you all the best, now and always.
    Warmest regards and much love~ :)))

  16. Hi bright this is Bonnie from Perth here. This blog post is amazing! I’ve been watching heaps of your YouTube videos. I believe you, Aliens are probably real, I haven’t had any contact experiences I would be really amazed if I could. I don’t think I ever will but I appreciate you trying to share with me how to do it. Maybe aliens don’t come to Perth. Like you say connecting with nature helps, I would go to the park late at night and meditate and pray to spirits of plants and aliens and see if they come, I need your help because I want to know if I do this and really really appeal to the aliens to visit me( I would pray ) would they object to visiting me? Are they busy and have more important stuff to do? I would like to contact aliens because they might be real and I would be happy if I could. Can aliens cure diseases? You should ask them if they would. I really love your work and thanks for sharing

    • Hey Bonnie – I get asked this a lot. Trust and patience are the keys and a kind heart. Just ask with a pure intention and drop all expectations. Yes they can cure anything – if they feel it is in your best interests to do so ! Go well in your contact ! Bright. 😉

  17. Hi Bright, Jo from Tasmania here. Thanks you for all your words, stories and wisdom. I really appreciate the peaceful and thoughtful way you put your videos and blogs together, you’re a fresh, calm voice in a sea of confusion. Thank you too, for your “bad day” video, that must have been really difficult for you. I’m thinking of you and praying for your body to be well again. Lots of love. 💛 🌠

  18. hello Bright,

    I remember this time where I was scarred I can’t read you anymore… and the evening during my relaxation time, I was thinking about you regularly… always whith a white shirt…
    and today after TSM120… I went back to read again this post… and found a nice definition of the self…
    You make me think about many things ( sort of awake ) and I’m really thanksfull

    you also awake my ego, so you really gave a lot, and I’m still deeply impacted by the discovery of your blog.
    Additionaly I’m thinking about doing something good for this planet… I love nature, i respect it… and it make me crazy to find “litter” in the forest… or on the beach…

    Thanks for this gift and all the best… so nice to read you again.
    ps: if the TSM is dedicated to me… my real name is ”Frédéric” (french origin)
    Please take care and all the best.
    ps2 : can I ask you to give a “warm hug” and a friendly “ciao” to Anamika and Dude ?

    • Frédéric if there are two things you have given me that makes all my TSMs worthwhile, it’s that another human being is trying to be a better human being and cares about our Earth ! 😉 These alone change the entire planet !

  19. Dear Eye Bright

    Thanks for sharing your struggle and fortunes.

    As a doppleganger I can assure Ya that I can exist outside and completely separate to my limited physical body existence. And if this applies to me, then it probably applies to thee… and she… and he… and we.


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