ET Conversations 1

It just occurred to me that now and then I might post some snippets of conversations that I have had with my ET friends during face to face contact, internal worlds contact or tel-empathic contact. Let me know if this idea has any value to you.

Here’s one that I had during an internal worlds contact session, on the 3rd April, 2015, with a male ET of the Sawronde race called Taehelrs :
“It is better to choose healthy desires. But if you make a bad choice, it is not a bad thing. All choices, all desires; will create consequences and from each consequence you will learn something that will help your life.

Without making mistakes, you do not understand what it is you have done wrong. If you have the wrong desires, you will learn from this experience.
The full experience of life is to have desires that are healthy and unhealthy. Each type of desire will create its own consequence. Some good, some bad but each an opportunity for learning.

When you are experiencing your life and you have the opportunity to choose one desire or another, it is not necessary for you to always make the best decision. Sometimes you will make a decision that has bad consequences. These consequences will cause you suffering. But in suffering, you will grow and learn how to choose well. And sometimes you will make a good decision that has limited gain or benefit. You will not learn anything substantial from this decision – it will not contribute to the long term well being of your life. In such situations, it is sometimes better to make a bad decision. To have given into the unhealthy desire.”


“The small self must exist, in order for you to experience anything else. You cannot experience the greater self without first of all experiencing the small self. The entirety of your existence, is anchored in your experience as a separate identity. Without this experience, you are everything, without an experience of separateness.

If it wasn’t for all these desires, all of these attachments; you would have no conception of what it is to be a separate identity. You would be all and that would be the entirety of your existence.”


In reference to great spiritual masters :

“We wish to reassure you, in every possible way, these people did have separate identities. Outwardly they may have spoken as if they did not have separate identities but inwardly they did have. It may have been interpreted by each of them, that they had transcended their separateness but that was merely a projection. Because they had individual bodies, they were still very much driven by desires and attachments. No human being can be free of these things. All living entities require them because they sustain life. It is not possible to exist in this life without them.”


Perhaps next time I’ll give you a little more context for the conversation.

Adios friends, Bright.  😉


About brightgarlick

Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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