An epiphany about contact

Hey friends, it is my wish that you are all well !

I little while ago I had a very profound epiphany, in which I came to see very clearly what many of the strands of my life are all about. I want to share it with you because it will help you understand what I’m all about and I believe, it will help you to understand what contact is really all about.

But first, let me tell you about the kind of little boy I used to be. One of my earliest memories, goes back to when I was just a babe in the crib and my family lived in Penang in Malaysia. I remember watching the geckos climbing over the walls and coming up to me in the crib. I would try to speak to them and touch them. I have another memory from about age 5, standing next to a friends above ground pool and being mesmerized by teh Water Boatmen that were swimming in the pool. In my mind, they were the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen. Later as a 9, 10 and 11 year old, I would take all kinds of crazy risks to catch lizards and snakes. I remember once I climbed over the sharp razor fence around an electrical substation to catch a Bearded Dragon. A little while later, I hid a venomous Brown Snake in my pocket, so my father wouldn’t find it. Then about a year later, while living in Hong Kong, I pulled a spitting Cobra out of some jungle creepers and threw it down near a friend and proceeded to play dodgems with it, as it spat poison at me. Needless to say my friend took off in a hurry (returning with his mum in their red ’65 MGB, trying to run over it !). Back then I craved contact with the natural world in all of it’s forms.

And to be honest who I was as a 7 year old, is the same as who I am now. You know the old adage “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man !”. In my case, it is categorically true.

Today it is my love of the natural world and my connection with it that sustains me. I cannot go a day without being connected to the natural world in some small way. And I believe that all of the things that I have done with my life, reflect the same need for connection.

I have spent the last 28 years of my life trying to write and I think that my life as a writer, has been in some way an effort on my part to connect with my fellow human beings. My life as a therapist, has also been an effort on my part to connect with my fellow human beings. And all of the fringe activities that I have brought into my life, have been in a similar way, an effort to connect with something else. To have communion with the other and to feel bound together in some small way.

I have been thinking, feeling and doing, all of these activities now for a very long time; as like discrete little projects, little parcels that were separate from one another. And the epiphany that came to me, was that they are all the same thing – an effort to connect and to feel connected. After my being taken to Merge with the Light in 2011, I began to feel very different about my life and my place with Earth. I began to see how all division is but an illusion and how all division is just a perception of division from the whole. I had experienced the whole and I think, as a result I have been trying to understand and to experience more of the whole again. Which I suppose is something that I have been doing for my entire life.

A couple of years ago, I was reminded how I had had other experiences with the light, one at the beginning of my existence and others at various intervals. And so my experience in 2011, was a kind of reminder. A reminder that has ignited a real desire to awaken to the entirety of my being. I suppose in some way, all of these fringe experiences, are an expression of that. It’s something I have always done but it’s been pushed in a particular direction.

I think it will make more sense then, when  I tell you that the following list, contains a series of activities that represent my urge to remember the Light and awaken to the entirety of my being :

  • Connect with people from all walks of life
  • Help to heal people
  • Connect with ETs both physically and internally
  • Connect with animals – particularly birds, ants, whales and reptiles
  • Plant thousands of trees to help heal Earth
  • Connect with trees (see my previous TSM on that subject)
  • Connect with the Spirits of Earth (consciousness of plants, rocks, soil/sand, mountains, water, air/wind & Earth)
  • Connect with Beings of Light/Balls of Light
  • Visit individuals in the past and future
  • Connect with those who have passed beyond physical life
  • Connect with the myriad aspects of the Self
  • Connect with God
  • Connect with the Hairy Folk (Yowies)
  • Connect with the beings that maybe the so called Bat Squatch
  • Connect with the beings I call Pig Squealing (who I think are ETs but I am not absolutely sure)
  • Connect with events, people and places through internal and external symbols (inner and outer are one)
  • Connect with beings that identify themselves as  Angels of Light (see my previous post on this/they were not actually angels)
  • Connect with other entities – both with form and formless.

I suppose another aspect of my epiphany, has been that having life threatening/life affirming tumours, has taken me spiritually to a point where I see that life is truly only a dream. But a dream that we share with an infinite number of life forms. That together, are all expressions of The Light. That is the web that binds us. It is only through illness and confronting death, that I have seen clearly and experienced the fullness of life and understood experientially the Buddhas first two Noble Truth : Life is Dukkha/suffering and that suffering is caused by attachment and aversion. So when I connect with other beings, I understand this from a different perspective and that deepens my love of existence and of God and my appreciation for ALL of OUR SUFFERING and ALL of OUR STRUGGLE.

I don’t know if what I am trying to tell you makes any sense at all. It’s almost too hard to express. But this epiphany hasn’t just happened in one go. It continues to unfold sporadically and through its revelation, I am beginning to see value in everything – both good and bad. So it’s with that understanding that I can continue to connect with anything, no matter how frightening. Because every relationship, every creature, every being, every insight, every exchange between us; has value and has a purpose.

If one person can ignite a torch and be a torch bearer, others can see and others can follow. I’m not saying I am the first person to be like this but I am me. And if by being a torch bearer, I can illuminate the way, then I think, that is a good thing. But all torch bearers must ultimately pass on the torch. So perhaps, my sharing, is a way of passing on the torch and saying to you “Have courage. Enter the window of your fear and see what you find on the other side. For what you find, might just set fire to your life and remind you of what you truly are ! For you are The Light, remembering its way back home !”.




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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. well, you have definitely put a fire on my life for sure. And btw contact is going really well, it is more enjoyable then before and winter is here and the stars shine brighter then usual

    Bye 🙂

  2. it makes a lot of sense to me. it’s funny because i’ve had the same gradualy unfolding epiphany this year. thanks a lot for sharing:)

    Take care /Marcus

    • Thanks Marcus ! I suspect there are others like us who have had similar realizations of how their life is unfolding ! 😉

      • hello,

        listeneing to your TSM and always something new to discover… this morning in the car it was TSM 33 and you spoke about an alien type ( atypical eyes, one red and one blue, head ovoid shape, tall and white… and I didn’t find anything in your blog as you have mentioned). In your TSM there are much more information than in your article because they are longer…
        And these TSM are really awaking many things, basic questions related to me, to my life, to love, to freedom
        For now I’m able only to be happy ( and is not just a little things ) and I’m looking much more the sky, I listen much more emotions and what my body is telling me.
        And when I go in my ISS and my ICS strange things happens, is difficult for me to put a clear label on that because is new, I see things, I hear things ( but is all silence ) in the way that I receive message… and to do not control this make me crazy… I still have to fine tune myself with that new space.
        Thanks because is the best place I saw, and it was inside me from long time… sleeping.
        The best past part is that is free and I receive many so many things…
        I continue to practice becuase there are so many things that are close to me, but not yet enough to be “touched” …

        ps: what about your long hairs, sitll long, still there ? and what about your books ?

        Last but not least : what about you and your treatment ?
        Take care and … saludos desde Barcelona

      • Thanks Frédéric ! Yes still have long hair, although its come close to having the big chop ! Not far away I suspect !

        Your internal spaces are vitally important to helping you connect with your own wisdom and freedom – so trust what you experience and learn there ! And go wild, let your imagination roam free ! 😉

  3. haha yea i guess so. Life’s funny:)

  4. Just when feeling down and fed up with so much confusion in the world, I find your YouTube videos and now your website. I love your philosophy and from what I have read here, I can see that there is hope! Thank you for such good feelings of brotherly love for the world and those who are watching over it. What you are saying about ‘value’ and ‘light’ reminds me a little bit of myself. I have a great deal to learn, but I feel good about things once again. Thank you so much. Regards Gordon

    • Thanks Gordon, I don’t know how to be anything but myself. There is too much confusion and too many confused people saying how the world is. It’s important to me to pierce the veil of stupidity and ignorance and talk about the reality of how things are.

      Wishing you well on your journey ! Bright. 😉

  5. Shirley C.......

    I just recently had the strangest dream that a huge pickup truck pulled into my driveway and tall skinny people got out of the truck and they were abt 16 ft tall and in this dream I knew that they were aliens. I remember having to look up at them. The one I notced the most had long hair and looked like a twin of yours. I was watching my usual cooking vids yesterday and your vid just popped out of nowhere and I recognized you from my dream and started to watch your video and was so shocked to find that my dream of these tall skinny people was true Im just totally blown away so of course I subscribed and will be watching your videos because I have been known to have dreams that send me messages of things that are true.

    • Well Shirley that’s pretty strange and remarkable !!!! Thank you for sharing with us ! I might have a drawing of the Sar’won’dee in a few months to show you – that should be pretty accurate. They are the only race I know that are 14-15 feet (maybe 16 feet ?). The Harlcha are 18 feet or so but not so skinny !

      I wonder why this dream has presented itself to you and why someone like me was in it ?

      I wonder if cooking and aliens are somehow related as either symbols or in real life ?

      What do you think/feel this dream is all about ?

      Thanks for reaching out !

      Bright. 😉

  6. A few days ago I was trying to make contact at around 6 o’clock but nothing happend strangely, but around 9 o’clock when I was driving I saw a craft moving fast, and laiter I had a dream were thier was a craft In a spot that I’ve never seen before were the sky was a strange colour. Is thier a connection

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