Human ETs

As I was growing up, I had a strong conviction that if ETs exist, they must look alien. I was sure that the morphology of every ET had to reflect its own unique adaptation to it’s own planet and the local celestial environment. And for that reason alone, I didn’t believe that an ET could look anything but non-human. Then one night in 1989 I was at a pub with an acquaintance and we were talking about science fiction ideas and the possible nature of ETs. Quinny turned to me and said “Larry Niven’s Ring World series is pretty good – his ETs are well adapted to their planet !” I had a number of Larry Niven’s novels on my book shelf but I’d read none of them. Although I had a half decent Sci Fi collection, I wasn’t really a big Sci Fi fan. I’d enjoyed Robert Heinlin but found most science fiction writers dull and boring. So I sat there listening to Quinny babble on about all these weird aliens, when suddenly he said “I think one day we’ll meet other humans in space.”. I suddenly took notice of what he was saying. I considered what he said for a minute and then went on to suggest why it would never happen. But Quinny was determined and he presented some interesting arguments. One of them being the idea that Earth was just one planet that humans had evolved on. We talked and drank long into the night and in the morning my hang over reminded me not to go out late with Quinny and drink and talk bullshit into the wee small hours. Quinny was a pot head and a bullshit artist and because of this I rarely took much notice of what he said. He had a great intellect but only ever thought about himself. He constantly lied through his teeth and ripped people off left right and centre. I promptly cast aside Quinny’s belief that we would meet other human ETs in space. Then one day, many years later, his idea bubbled up into my consciousness. I was talking to my then partner about her earlier contact experiences, when she mentioned that she had had contact with human ETs. I asked her a few questions about them but she refused to entertain me. And that was how it was with her. She’d drop a few hints, tell me a few things and then tighten her lips. Mostly she shut shop because I asked too many questions and I pushed too hard. It was a lesson I learned the hard way and something I’ve learned to suppress.

As I was growing up I had this sense that there were “people” who were my friends but I could never see them. But I heard their voices, always on the fringe of sleep or when I was tired. I’d have fleeting images that I felt were memories of faces and bodies and kind words from else where. Later I wondered if these experiences were real. Maybe they were related to ghosts but there was always this feeling that they were related to something else.

Then sometimes after 2000, I began to remember contact experiences in which I saw humans who were not human. I then became aware of the human ET that I now refer to as Number One. You may recall, that Number One is the man who leads the structure I have called The Architecture. You can read more about him in the post I wrote about him. The Architecture is the structure that the ETs set up with certain Earth based humans, to care for the welfare of the planet. The upper arms of TA are benevolent in nature and the lower arms of TA are primarily self centred. TA has been established here for a long time – at least 5,500 years and has taken on different structures and functions to suit the needs of any given time period. So Number One works with this very large structure and the small number of ETs who care about the welfare of our planet – in particular the 9 ETs who represent key races associated with the welfare of Earth and our solar system. Dude is one of those 9 and might be thought of as Number Two. Incidentally many have suggested that Dude take on Number One’s role when he is ready to step down but Dude has stated that he has no interest at all in filling Number One’s shoes.

Now, Number One’s role is far reaching. Earth’s welfare is just one of many of his responsibilities. If I told you how far his responsibilities extend, you would not believe me. But suffice to say that he is respected EVERYWHERE. The extent of his role and the extent of the assemblage of the great collective he leads, was one of the GREATEST surprises of my life !

You may recall me telling you that Number One, left Earth long, long ago. His people were born here and many of them went out into space over a vast period of time. They appear to have spread from our planet into the Milky Way and beyond. And they now seem to inhabit multiple worlds in multiple galaxies.

One thing that was explained to me was that Number One and his people, while spiritually and physically advanced compared to our species, are not able to create reality as the Creator Races are and do the things that beings such as Dude can do. In fact, from my experience with Number One, he is very much like us and bears none of the surreal and otherworldly qualities of Dude or his people the Muajra. He is however deeply caring, very wise, very old and able to do things that we cannot do.

You might recall that Dude and Number One also work with about 40 ETs who work covertly in various governments and about 40 ETs who work with Earth doorways (the Doorway Keepers), which connect Earth to many places in the cosmos. Most of these ETs are Human ETs and come from several different star systems – both in our galaxy and beyond. It seems to me, that their relatively human like appearance, makes it easy for them to blend into the population. Most of them are superficially different to us in the most subtle of ways – things like slightly different bone/cartilage structures, which are more pronounced in the face and head; different eye structure and colour; different length digits etc.

In addition to the official ETs on Earth, who are part of The Architecture, there are about 1,500 ETs living on the planet at any one time (some of you might recal this figure from the movie Men In Black !). It is my suspicion that a good proportion of these are Human ETs.

Some of you will recall me talking about one of the Internal Worlds contact methods that I use. During these experiences I met several human ETs, some of which I was also to meet during my face to face contacts. One of these human ETs is a being called Kaolon. Kaolon and her people come from one of our local star systems. Kaolon is a very tall, beautiful woman, with yellow fiery hair. She usually wears a white one piece body suit and moves very gently and graciously. Kaolon has been a wonderfully wise and encouraging teacher and when I am in her presence, it’s as if I have done this with her before – in other lives. When she is among the non human ETs, she is equal to their presence and yet she responds to my needs and questions, only when she is the most appropriate person to guide me.

I don’t like inaccurate labels and I know I’m being deliberately vague here (there’s a legitimate reason for that) but there are some labels that others have used that might superficially describe Kaolon. One of these is the Nordic label. But Kaolon is not Nordic. She has nothing to do with the so called Nordics (or Scandinavia for that matter) but she has a similar appearance to some who are described as Nordics. I am uncertain because I have never asked the question but I do not know if Kaolon’s people are the ancestors or descendants of those humans who left Earth long ago or ancestors or descendants of humans from elsewhere.

Over the last 15 years, I discovered that there are human ETs who superficially resemble all the races that we are familiar with on Earth. In general terms, there are human ETs who are dark skinned, light skinned, yellow skinned & red skinned. ETs who look Mongoloid, Caucasian, Australasian, etc. These human ETs may look like many of the races we have on Earth but they do not have the localised differences that reflect the subtle differences that are reflected in our own nationalities. Differences such as language, cultural idiosyncrasies, dietary preferences etc. They don’t represent differences such as Taiwanese and Chinese, Australian Aboriginal and Tiwi Islander, Papaun and Micronesian, Bolivian and Chilean, Siberian and Mongolian. But superficially they look like all the people of Earth that we know.

Herein is where I would like to present you with some ideas worth considering about human ETs. I have learned that there are human ETs who did not originate from Earth and I am not so sure that humans of Earth (past and present) originated here. So, here are some possibilities to explain how things seem to be :

  • Humans originated on Earth, spread out into space, inhabited other planets and became their own unique species and races.
  • Humans were seeded and modified by the Creator Races on Earth and then spread out into space, inhabited other planets and became their their own unique species and races.
  • Humans originated from a common ancestor somewhere in space and spread out and colonised new worlds, including Earth.
  • Humans originated from a common ancestor somewhere in space and were seeded onto new world, including Earth.
  • Humans originated from a common ancestor somewhere in another universe and spread out and colonised new worlds, including Earth.
  • Humans originated from a common ancestor somewhere in another universe and were seeded onto new worlds, including Earth.
  • The human form has arisen throughout the cosmos as a result of a kind of convergent evolution (, in which similar environments trigger the development of similar genotypes and phenotypes/morphology – in what one would assume to be Carbon only life forms.

It has occurred to me over the years, that these are the most obvious choices likely to explain how things seem to be.

But one day when I was talking to my former partner (who had worked with Dude in England) she said something very peculiar to me. I was talking to her about this subject when she said to me “You know that might seem like the most likely reason why they look like us but it’s not. Many of them choose to look that way.” When I heard that I was blown away ! I realised that it was a mistake to assume that these people are what I think they are and that they’re origin follows a logical taxonomic pathway !

So now when I consider the issue of human ETs throughout the cosmos, I am not so sure what it means. I am pretty sure that they are not non human ETs taking on a human form but I am not sure why human ETs would take on different human forms. I suppose, it’s ultimately a matter of choice. Perhaps they feel comfortable in certain bodies with certain appearances. Most of them have a highly developed understanding of the nature of reality and physical reality, so perhaps they have the ability to alter their bodies at will. I know Dude can do that completely, transforming into any body he likes. I was told that the humans can’t do that. But perhaps they can modify their human body to appear however they wish, using an awareness of reality or through some kind of gene or tissue engineering. You may recall me talking about light templates previously. Maybe some of these human ETs can use light templates to create new bodies or modify old bodies. Whatever the case, I remain uncertain how and why they take on the appearances that they do. I also think that its possible that many of them can be explained by the logical taxonomic explanations I explained above. But maybe in addition to this, they choose to modify their appearances.

Two things however are very clear to me. The idea of a human is a current Earth human idea. Maybe these human ETs are not human at all but we all share some form of ancient lineage. And what we take to be human, is an ancient form that likely pre-dates the origin of life on our planet. For all we know Earth humans are the new kids on the block and just another version in an almost endless lineage of human like entities that span the entire cosmos.

Perhaps its possible that there are many species on Earth that have been recreated again, in an almost endless lineage of similar organisms that span the cosmos.

I used to think that every single species on Earth is unique to Earth but now I am not so sure. What I have called Light Templates, provide the Creator Races with the opportunity to replicate the specific life forms or variations on specific life forms, wherever they please. I know that some of the Creator Races feel a special connection between specific planets and their life forms and see those particular planets as a kind of sacred space, in which the life forms on that planet, will only be allowed to exist on that planet. But perhaps other Creator Races approach the creation of life differently. Perhaps there are also rules dictating what can and cannot happen.

I sometimes wonder if perhaps, humans are a wonderful creation for seeding developing worlds and for bringing sentience to the cosmos.


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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. So true bright .. Why wait for world disclosure when it can happen in your backyard.
    Have an awesome day 😉 !!

  2. Thanx for shearing Bright 🙂

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