A potential map for the future of official ET disclosure and Human-ET initiated contact

As most of my regular readers know, I have little interest in the subject of official disclosure and think the whole idea is a bit of a farce. I mean really, people expect those with signnificant power to just cough up and spill the beans after 125 years of secrecy. The whole idea is laughable ! And besides which, the ETs have maintained The Architecture for 5,500 years, for a damned good reason. Because, contrary to what people think, we can’t handle the truth !

Anyway, it’s none of my business if certain people want to devote a lifetime to head butting secrecy and miss out on the opportunity to have their own face to face ET contact.

So, from time to time, I’ve thought a little bit about this subject and so what follows below is a general timeline, describing how I believe some sort of official disclosure and ongoing human-ET contact will take place. This is only speculation, based on what I see taking place on this planet.

One thing I would like to stress, is that we humans have an over active imagination. We’ve written about space travel and ET contact for a very long time and science fiction writers have been predicting we’d be doing all kinds of amazing things, that simply haven’t come to pass and look a long way from ever happening. I remember a NASA prediction in about 1982 in I think OMNI magazine or something like that, suggesting that we’d have colonies on Mars in 1995. Of course it just didn’t happen.

So, while most people in the disclosure movement are pushing NASA and the other government space groups to cough up the truth, certain private enterprises are forging ahead with their own plans to go into space, while certain community interest groups are working hard to establish face to face ET contact and share their own disclosures. At some point, I believe that these two groups will cross over and privately funded space exploration groups, will establish open ET contact. Of course, even if that happens, it’s still unclear what the lower arms of The Architecture will do when it comes to spilling the beans.

Ultimately, if people can initiate their own face to face ET contact, does it matter what secrets NASA and other groups with ties to the lower arms of The Architecture have ? I don’t think it does. And by initiating ET contact and developing our own relationships with the ETs, all that secrecy becomes obsolete !

1960-2040 :

7 humans who have been chosen from the period between 1960-1995 take on selected roles of moderation, mediation and influence.

2015-2025 :

ET initiated conscious human (face to face) contact increases 5 fold.

2015-2025 :

Human initiated ET contact (non face to face) increases 100 fold.

2020 :

French government releases most classified ET contact files.

2025 :

Specific ET groups begin revealing to authentic experiencers their place of origin.

English government releases most classified UFO files.

Australian government releases most classified UFO files.

New Zealand government releases most classified UFO files.

South African government releases most classified UFO files.

2030 :

US government releases most classified UFO files.

English government releases most classified ET contact files.

Australian government releases most classified ET contact files.

New Zealand government releases most classified ET contact files.

First human colonies on the moon (under ET supervision).

ET craft landings increase worldwide 2 fold.

2040 :

First human space station in orbit around the moon (with ET initiated face to face contact).

South African government releases most classified ET contact files.

2050 :

US government releases most classified ET contact files.

7 humans who have been chosen between 2000-2050 take on selected key roles of mediation moderation & influence.

ET craft landings increase worldwide 4 fold.

ET colonies under the ocean (between Australia and Antarctica and in the Indian Ocean recorded visually and mapped – basic levels of information disclosed to the public).

First human colony established on Earth’s moon.

ETs reveal their presence on the moon to some lunar colonists.

First human space station in orbit around Mars (with ET initiated face to face contact).

First international groups devoted to Internal Worlds forms of ET contact established.

2060 :

First human born on Mars.

2070 :

First human colony on Mars (under ET supervision).

7 humans who have been chosen between 2040-2070 take on selected roles of moderation, mediation and influence.

ETs initiate regular off world visits to other worlds for small number of ET contact experiencers.

ETs take a small number of ET contact experiencers through human accessible doorways on Earth, connecting them to other worlds and dominions.

2080 :

English government releases information about its earliest most classified ET related projects.

ET craft landings increase worldwide 8 fold.

Human looking ETs on Earth begin demonstrating their presence discretely.

2100 :

English government releases information about its later most classified ET related projects, in particular projects related to ET technologies & retrieval & disposal of ETs out of jurisdiction or unknown (Biblical name related projects).

ET craft landings worldwide increase 10 fold (compared to those in 2015).

2150 :

ET contact methods taught around the globe.

First human space station around Saturn’s moons Titan and Enceladus.

First human space station around Jupiter’s moons Callisto and Ganymede.

First human robots land on Titan, Enceladus, Callisto and Ganymede.

2175 :

ET contact methods taught in schools and universities.

2200 :

Open contact between ETs and some humans.

First human colonies on Titan, Enceladus and Callisto.

2250 :

ET contact assistance technology utilised by some ET contact groups, to create holographic spaces for shared contact.

All formerly classified ET related material released by all Earth governments.

2300 :

First open, publicised interview with representatives of an ET race.

2450 :

First non patented superluminal (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faster-than-lightengines) developed for space travel. (Such technologies are already being used).

2500 :

Regulated open human interstellar space travel permitted and nurtured by ETs.

Major modifications made to the lower arms of The Architecture.

3000 :

Establishment of the first human colonies on an inter-stellar world.

The Architecture restructured to take into account the establishment of human off world colonies.

Anyway, that’s just a rough idea and I think I was overly optimistic about quite a few things but I think it gives you some idea of what could happen. Let me know how you see things developing !


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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. I was quite pessimistic about “Worldwide ET contact” since I always had in mind what you said here : https://etandi.wordpress.com/2014/10/13/an-interview-with-dude/comment-page-1/#comment-149
    “I can answer that now Viktor. Yes. Human nature doesn’t change. The next 9,000 years see many of the same behaviours continue but not to the extremes we see now.
    Sorry to be a heart breaker ! ;-)”
    So, I thought gosh another 9,000 years of BS 😦 And also in general by reading your blogg I thought that your thoughts on “Worldwide ET contact” were much much further away in a very far distant future.
    Also when somebody asked about a picture of an ET you said “It just ain’t going to happen, they won’t allow anybody to take a pic”.
    You always encouraged ET contact on a personal level but was skeptical of collective ET contacts i.e (Steven Greer).
    I might be wrong but that’s how I perceived it.

    But now I’m being ultra hyper optimistic man! not just for “Worldwide ET contact” but for the whole mankind 🙂 🙂 🙂 Wow jippie !!! Oh my day’s !
    Your thoughts now, are so opposite to before , has anything special happen that changed you mind ????
    I think your rough idea is WONDERFUL! Is it optimistic? I dunno! but I sure like it allot & I think that’s what mankind needs right now, some hope for the future!

    Thanx Bright & be well 😉

    • Thanks JD. Context is important. I was writing this outside in teh twilight after a scorcher of a day, so the brain was a little fried. I still feel collective contact is a long, long way away but I was trying to be oprimistic, thinking about how we could grow more significantly. Space exploration and ground based contact will go hand in hand and develop together. Stay optimistic though – because someone like you will have contact when they think you’re ready ! 😉

      I am still skeptical of group contact but for some people, it’s the only way it will happen … so as a movement, whether I like it or not, it still has value.

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