ET Factoid 16

Many ET races have been here from the birth of our planet and through the evolution of our species. Most of them have used ways of studying and understanding us, that they have used for eons. They have approached us with methods that have proved effective across countless other races. We may want them to interact with us differently and more openly but they are doing what they know works.

One thing that some races (such as the Muajra, Teal’hia, Sawronde and Sarpalxn) do, is they study us from the inside. They look at us from our conception and examine our futures and our pasts. They see all time at once and see the expression of our individual spirits throughout its existence across lifetimes. And from this perspective they SEE who we truly are. They learn about the idiosyncrasies of each unique spirit  – it strengths, weaknesses, foibles, character qualities and dispositions. And as we live they sense our existence from within. They sense the contents of our minds and the feelings of our hearts. And where possible, they nurture skills and inclinations and talents that each of us brings into existence. I know love and how to write and how to take risks and how to heal people and Earth and my ET friends have nurtured these things all my life. The direction of my own spirit is one that weaves great love and great healing and I do it in part by great suffering and by being given perspectives to see much more than my own small life.

In other people, the ETs encourage curiosity, design, ideas, creativity, care for people, care for Earth, great love, the ability to see NOW and into PAST and FUTURE. They encourage what they think is needed for the growth of that species and the nurturing of that world. But they do this while encouraging the growth of each individual spirit.

Some ETs create opportunities in our life for lessons to be learned and sometimes we create those lessons. But ultimately all our lessons are created by the one ultimate intelligence that some if us call God. The ETs interact with us as our spirit requires. Sometimes working gradually and subtlety and sometimes working swiftly with sudden jolts and kicks in the guts. And they do the same for our species. Giving us what we need, with the eyes of God, cast into the endless pools of time, with infinite patience. As they work among our species incognito, sometimes they allow suffering for a future with less suffering. Everything with an awareness of the overall picture of any given race of beings.

When we pray to God, many ETs hear us and respond. But few of us know they are here helping us.

ET intervention has many faces but we must change the way we see.


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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Very insightful!
    Thanx Bright 😉

  2. Yes indeed!

  3. Bright,
    It’s Darci from Texas. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a comment but I have been following you closely. I really appreciate your experience and willingness to share.
    I have a somewhat strange question. Here goes… do grey aliens or any of the alien species have checkerboard eyes? When they turn their head and you see a glare on the surface of their eyes can you tell that there is a pattern to the cornea? Kind of like a fly but not as obvious. I do not mean any disrespect comparing the observation to a fly. It just happens to be similar. Have you noticed this?
    Thanks Bright,

    • Bright,
      I do apologize if it was inappropriate to ask this question in this forum. I know it was unrelated to your factoid 16. It is a pressing question on my mind and I would greatly appreciate any response you or any of the others might have to offer. It is very important for me to know if my observations were a dream or truly an experience. Please answer. It would settle an area of discourse in my heart.

      Thank you so very much for your knowledge and experience. I know you are the only one that would know if my observation is has any truth.


  4. Thank you Bright.
    There is a wonderful peacefulness about what you have written.
    I now see blinkers and lights. I also have had a few experiences where they come and beam an amazing bright light and then slowly go dim. I get an amazing feeling when they do this. I am hoping this will progress to full contact that I can remember. I don’t quite know what to do next for the next level of contact. I will patiently wait.

    Thanks again Bright
    All the best

  5. If you feel good Madge and are really ready to contact them on the ground. It will happen automatically ! Thats why they dont come down at first , because WE arent in the mood for some contact at that night.

  6. Bright,
    We have a big problem! This is Darci. I DID NOT SEND THAT RESPONSE TO YOU SEPT 17TH AT 9:07. That really upsets me. I don’t know what happened. Can you check to see what email address it was sent from? I, or you have been hacked. It seems like someone else is very interested in my question. Please do not answer it. We can find another way to communicate.


  7. Hello Bright,
    I just wanted to ask if you had finished the interview with dude? I am asking because I was really curious to know what he would answer to some of the last questions? (the one that has to do with music especially) I can’t seem to find the written interview anymore. Thank you for those factoids by the way, I love them! very interesting!

    Love & Light to you Bright 🙂

    • Hi Silver – thanks ! Short answer to your question is no. I’ve been in transition and without Internet for 60 plus days. When my accomodation is secure and house renovated and internet connected I’ll finish the interview and do the other one with Anakika. I didn’t plan not to finish it, life just got in the way !!! But it will be done at some point !
      Be well, Bright.

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