ET Factoid 15

Hey friends, how’s life ???

Well, I don’t yet have access to the Internet but we’re waiting on a technician to come and build us a whole new line, stretching about 200 m (thanks to My Name for his generous support to make that happen). Once that’s done it’s going to be a gamble as to whether we can get reliable internet (until the National Broadband Network kicks in, sometime next year). So until then, I’ll begin writing again via the local library (which is one hour from where I live) and via my sons iPhone (when he’s in a generous mood – he’s a bit touchy about his usage volume).

So here we go again !

Some ETs have such a well developed understanding of the Self, that they can trans-form into what we would recognise as light. In my own experiences by myself and with my son, I’ve seen the Sarpalxn change form completely and the Teal’hia seemingly emerge from balls of light and re-enter or become balls of light.

I’ve thought a lot about this subject over the years and I am no closer to understanding it.

What seems to be an ET changing form, represents several things. First, I think some ETs do change form – seemingly moving freely into a primal form of consciousness/energy (the Buddhist notion of the Ground Luminosity is relevant here) and then into other physical forms as required (this is something that Dude and the Muajra do at will). The Teal’hia and the Sawronde also showed the ability to stay in this primal form and merge with one another and me during my ‘merging with the light’ encounter. Second, I think some ETs also use light as a vector or a vehicle to move through space. Third, some ETs seem to use light to permeate and move through the fabric of space. And finally, maybe not everything is what it appears to be. Perhaps what we see as ETs transforming into balls of light or moving in and out of balls of light, is only our perception. A perception limited by human visual perception and distortion a in human consciousness that results when humans are in the presence of ETs.

While it’s tempting to suggest that one thing maybe more likely to be true than the others, I think that perhaps all of these things reflect the underlying reality and that they occur in different variations. I also think that it’s possible that some ETs choose these forms because they are universally unthreatening. Light can also be used as a remote tool for sensing over vast distances.

What I am absolutely certain about, is that these balls of light or fields of light, know no physical limit. They can take on whatever radiance, luminosity, felt quality or size is required. A small field of light can quickly grow house size and then return to pea size. Balls of light can create different felt experiences for different purposes and be used to affect perception in many different ways.

What all this implies, I am not sure but I think it relates to both the nature of the relationship between the ET and other life forms and the energy requirements of a given place in space or situation.

I think this is my second ETF on this subject and it won’t be my last.

Here’s a little thought experiment. Using the Creating an Internal Space method I shared previously, see what you experience when :

  1. You move through your world in your human body.
  2. You move through your world with no body.
  3. You move through your world as a ball of light or an amorphous field of light.
  4. You try to perceive your world with and without form.

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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Very cool ! will donate soon. i havent had that good economicsk latley !

    C ya

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