Dude at Melbourne Comic Con and How ETs Blend in on Planet Earth

Dude and AlexWell, not everyone is going to believe this. But you may recall in my earlier post of a few days ago that Dude told me that he was going to go to Comic Con to mix with the plebes and to keep an eye on my son. Well, my son found him dressed as he told us he would, as you guessed it – Predator; his favourite character from his favourite film ! My son reckons that there was only one Predator there and he looked pretty damned convincing ! I haven’t checked with Dude but I’m pretty sure it’s him.

In the pic above Dude is in human form dressed as Predator at Melbourne Comic Con with my son dressed as Kirito (from the animation – Sword Art Online) with a very bad wig !!! My son is about 6 ”, so Dude was about 6″5 as Predator. In his native form, he’s about 4” – up to my nipples ! So it’s pretty funny to me imagining him pretending to be big ! It seems that Dude was accompanied by a nerd minder. I just don’t know if he was human or also ET.

Nerd plus Predator at Comic Con = perfect disguise for an ET who likes games and studying humans !

So think about this for a minute. At any moment there are about 1,500 aliens on the planet, who live here or are visiting pred2for extended periods of time (Strangely that number was also hinted at in the original Men in Black movie) – which includes the 80-90 Doorway Keepers and aliens in governments. Many of them are fascinated by our culture and by our entertainment. Hence Dude’s fascination with bad Science Fiction and Horror movies. Dude once told me that many of them love to go to fairs and carnivals and food festivals and multicultural festivals and conventions etc – because it’s an opportunity to enjoy the diversity and uniqueness of human culture, in a way that they can’t off world. Dude said that he knows of quite a few resident aliens, who go to Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions, like Comic Con, because it’s a chance to blend in ad study people and enjoy themselves. Chances are, if you’ve been to a Comic Con event or a Star Trek convention, you’ve walked right passed a real alien and you didn’t have a clue. Many of the aliens who are on Earth look human, with only slight differences. It doesn’t take much for them to modify their appearance to blend in. Others, like Dude, look very Pred3different and they can use consciousness and or technology to alter their appearance to look human. That’s how Dude does much of his work here. And if they want to go to an event with lots of people dressing up, all they need to do is pick a costume and no one will have a clue ! Think about that carefully – you dress up for Comic Con or Cosplay event and you stare people who are dressed up as their favourite characters and you have no idea what’s really underneath the mask and the costume. And even if they look human, they might not be ! Such events provide the perfect camouflage for our resident ETs.

A few hundred years ago I suspect that many of them went to masquerade balls and before that they dressed up in costumes relevant to the age and the place !

Here’s some videos of some of the great costumes from this years MCC event and other Comic Con events.


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  1. Oh that is so awesome that Alex was able to find Dude (or maybe it was Dude that found him?) and we have a photo of them together !!! I love the whole idea of ET’s walking and living among us. What they must think of us crazy humans. 😉 To them Earth must be like one huge “reality” show. How fun would it be to walk among people observing them unnoticed. The costumes you see at these Comic Cons are amazing. People really get into it !! Thanks so much for sharing the photo of your son with Dude. Love Alex’s costume !!

    • Yeah I think they found one another, like Dude was waiting for him. I’m sure if you asked him, he would have said he was just some guy that lives in the city – total denial !

      I think it is like a reality show, except the only way to really experience it, is to be here with real humans on a real Earth !

      My son is totally won over with Cosplay and Comic Con now Jan. He’s volunteered at 4 of them and this was his first dress up ! He loved it !

      It’s a pity we can’t just walk around wearing whatever we feel like but people get killed for wearing skin in some countries and lynched for baggy jeans in another ! Any kind of show of uniqueness or difference = judgement and persecution ! 😉

      But not at Comic Con !

  2. Wow that is hilarious.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And your son looks just like you!!

  3. If that’s Dude, then he’s on the 2:nd video at 0:54.

    • I looked before but I didn’t see him, so I’ll check that out ! Must have gone too fast ! It’s funny he said he had to look more human and more suit like but my son reckons he looked pretty good ! 😉

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