Intention in ET Contact

Recently when I asked you “What should I write about ?”, one of my readers – My Name, asked me what I thought was a very interesting question, “How would you Bright Garlick, in the best manner that you feel you can, explain “expressing intention from the heart?””.

I’ve talked several times about how I make contact and I’ve talked regularly about using intention but I’ve never really discussed what intention is and how to apply it to contact. My Name was right – many people do talk about intention, without really elaborating on what it means. I suppose the critic in me would go so far as to say that intention is one of these new fangled words, like paradigm (I prefer para digem), which has been bastardised to mean whatever people want it to mean. So this post, will be an honest effort to address the subject of intention in general and how it applies to contact. This post will focus more on intention than expression but I think through this, you’ll understand what My name was looking for.

So how might we define intention ? Normally I’d give you a dictionary definition to start with but I am currently in my near empty farm house and don’t have a a dictionary on hand. Perhaps intention could be defined as :

  • The desire for something to be a certain way or the desire for something to happen.
  • The will to bring something to fruition.
  • The expectation to control a specific outcome.
  • The expectation to control the unfolding of an idea.

Normally we use intention as a precursor to actually doing something. My intention to get up in the morning, usually helps me to get up in the morning. My intention to fix this old farm house, will help me to be able to live here. My intention to see an old friend, will help me to overcome and anxiety I might have about reconnecting with them and help rekindle our relationship. My intention to teach others how to make ET contact, will give you the skills to enable you to have your own contact. My intention to look after my body, will help me to live a healthy, long life. Your intention to get out of the rat race, will help you to make choices about your work-life balance, that will help you to reshape your life. Our collective intention to bring justice and equality to various different situations on our world, will drive a shift in attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and actions.

Intention is ultimately the driving force behind all creative endeavours. Sometimes we are aware (conscious) of our intention/intentions and sometimes we are unaware (unconscious) of our intention/intentions. When we are unconscious of our intention, we can be driven by forces that remain beyond the scope of our mental awareness, beyond our control and beyond who we think we are. Only by bringing what is unconscious into consciousness, can we see what really drives us.

Intention can be used for one’s self or regarding others. Usually in day to day life, we don’t think about having intention to do things but it’s there, even if we don’t actively recognise its presence in our thoughts. We use it to do what we need to do for ourselves and for others and we use it to reshape the behaviour of people around us – be they family, work colleagues, or ordinary citizens. An architect conceives of a beautiful building in her imagination and then driven by intention, creates a sketch and then a blue print and then a computer model and 3D model of the building. They sell their idea and realised conception to others and then others create the building. The image from their imagination becomes a tangible, physical object, through the power of intention. My intention to fully heal through my tumours, causes me to address the root causes of my tumours and to make subsequent adjustments in my thoughts, feelings, behaviours, beliefs and lifestyle. At some point my intention to heal fully heal will come to fruition, when I allow myself to feel what I wish to feel. Without the power of intention, I might cruise along indefinitely, ignoring the signals of my body, until my tumours eventually kill me. The War Machine has a very clear intention for self preservation, so that it can continue to create profit and employ millions of people and give power and control to those who seek power and control. Without clear intention, which is frequently defined in vision statements and lengthy strategic plans and secret memos and correspondences, the War Machine would dissolve into oblivion or fracture into many different competing and non competing forms. The Gulf War veteran who has lost the use of his legs may have a very clear intention to walk again. He imagines what it is like to walk again and all the things he can do with his new found legs. He imagines all the steps necessary to rehabilitate himself and then designs a recovery program that suits his personality and lifestyle. Slowly, through the power of intention, he embarks on his journey of recovery, until he eventually he reaches a point of satisfaction. Along the way he will encounter anticipated and unanticipated challenges and it is only his intention to continue his efforts, which will see him succeed. Hardcore devotees to the revegetation/conservation/biodiversity movement (myself among them), imagine a landscape returned to it’s former glory and using the power of intention, set about to systematically plant trees, shrubs and grasses, eliminate weeds and feral pests, democratise ecological knowledge and plant Earth-centric thinking in the minds of anyone who will listen. Without a clear intention which stirs up a strong emotional response, little would be achieved and landscapes would remain barren and continue to degrade and biodiversity would continue to decline. As it is only a strong intention to heal the Earth’s biosphere, will be enough to turn around the greatest extinction of all time.

So, how might we apply intention to ET contact ? I suppose we apply intention the same way we apply it to anything else. The critical thing about intention is that desire, will and expectation can only function when connected with emotion. Without emotion, there is no desire, will or expectation. And emotion is intimately linked with the feelings of the body, in particular feelings in the brain and the heart.

You’ll notice that as I have talked about intention, I have frequently referred to expectation. Our intentions are often fuelled by the expectation that what we wish to achieve will come to fruition. Many people set goals and have plans in order to achieve something. But goals and plans can change and are frequently met with disappointment and the realisation that much of reality cannot be controlled. Things often unfold in their own way and no amount of expectation and apparent management of time, will force them to happen the way that we wish them to happen. When I was a young man I was very driven to succeed. I had very clear short term and long term goals. But ultimately very few of them were realised. Not because I was lazy but because I couldn’t control many of the variables associated with them and because my goals were out of touch with reality and with my deeper needs. Such needs were the fuel behind my unconscious intentions. In my working life, I set out to be a scientist and instead wound up a hobby farmer and then a social worker and then a therapist and a project manager and an environmental manager and along the way worked for myself and was unemployed several times. Now I think of myself as a writer – albeit an unpaid one. I stopped thinking about goals and expectations and tried to attend to the desires of my heart and the needs of my spirit. I abandoned all sense of expectation and have come to recognise what I can control and what I cannot. My intention now, is to do many things in my life and writing is just one of them. When I am ready I will begin publishing my books. But its only the power of my intention to write that has kept me writing since 1987. Despite all the people half my age who are well established writers, I continue to write because I have a clear intention to write and a clear set of intentions associated with my writing. At the same time, I work carefully to control my own expectations.

Expectation shouldn’t be a dirty word. If I break my leg, it’s reasonable to expect that if I go to a hospital, that my leg will be assessed and treated and that with proper treatment it will heal. But there are other things in life, where expectation of an outcome, gets in the way of an outcome. Expecting your girlfriend to have sex with you when she’s having a really hard time emotionally, is only going to make her resent you and push her away from you. And ET contact is no different. When we try to make contact, it’s useful to have the intention to make contact without expectation of a specific outcome. We can ask for it but we shouldn’t expect it. Why shouldn’t we expect it ? Because just like your girlfriend (or boy friend or husband or wife), ETs have their own lives, with their own activities to attend to, their own needs, their own roles, their own capacities to respond and an understanding of how giving you what you want whenever you want it, will have a positive or negative impact on your own life/time line.

So, here’s how I recommend you apply intention to ET contact :

1. Create a clear intention for ET contact – that crystallises as a thought like “I wish to make contact with beings from other worlds”.
2. Ensure that you intention is driven by pure motivations and is not tainted with selfish motivations – such as “I’m going to study their technology and reverse engineer something to get rich” or “If I can only get them to come down low, I can film them and make heaps of money off Youtube”. A pure motivation might be something like “I wish to make contact with beings from other worlds, so that I can commune with them and learn about the nature of God” or “I wish to make contact with ETs, so that I can learn how to heal animals and children” or “I wish to make contact with ETs, so that I can learn about people from elsewhere and the nature of the cosmos”. Pure motivations advance spiritual development and impure selfish motivations hinder spiritual development. You have to know why you want contact ! You have to know because contact will utterly transform your life and because contact involves sentient beings, who have feelings and who make choices. You have to present them with reasons that make it worth their time and effort to connect with you. There’s a reason they don’t connect with many of the worlds leaders and many of the worlds scientists and politicians. They don’t bother with people driven by ego !
3. Your intention should be free of all expectation, which means that it should be free of “it must happen”, “it must happen this way or not at all” and all imagined (visualised) scenarios which suggest how you’d like it to happen.
4. A clear intention will always evoke a strong emotional feeling, which may span many different types of emotions but at it’s core it will evoke love. As a result, these emotions will evoke strong feelings in the body – typically in the heart. Sometimes with a clear intention, you will feel strong love and a range of physical sensations in the heart – including warmth, tingling, prickles, contractions, palpitations, stabbing etc.. Sometimes when my intention has been matched with strong feelings of love, I’ve felt almost overwhelmed with emotion and when the ETs have arrived, I have instantly sensed it with my heart as a very strong physical sensation that is almost unbearable. If you cultivate a clear intention and it evokes strong emotional and physical feelings, you should never in any way try to fake it till you make it. Let it be authentic. What arises is what arises ! And if no feelings arises, that maybe the experience. So long as your intention was clear and pure, a connection of some sort will be created with the ETs.
5. Whilst suggesting that intention should be free of expectation, you have to remember that intention does reflect desire and will. And you really want to have ET contact, you need to use that desire and will to good effect. If you practice patience, with a strong desire and a strong will, eventually you’ll create contact. Just because nothing appears to happen for a whole month, doesn’t mean that nothing happened or isn’t continuing to happen. Perhaps it’s just that you expect contact to look a certain way. You may well have made contact but you just can’t recognise it. It you maintain a resilient attitude, your efforts will eventually be rewarded. You may be rewarded with contact, as you thought/expected it might happen or you may feel the desire to change how you perceive contact and subsequently recognise that it’s happening in a different form. Your ability to enjoy the experience of trying to make contact – no matter what happens; is what will actually bring your intentions to full realisation.
6. Create a clear intention for contact but also create a clear set of intentions for contact. For example, without expectation about how contact should look, set an intention to make contact from within your home and an intention to make contact outside of your home; set an intention to make contact in your back yard and an intention to make contact in a remote location; set an intention to make contact using an external contact method (see my posts on the subject) and an intention to make contact using an internal contact method (see my posts on the subject; and finally set an intention to make contact all alone and another to make contact with at least one other person. Feel free to set your own set of intentions. Your intentions are really variables/variations over which you do have control. You can control location, the method you use and whether you make contact alone or in company. So experiment. Have a pure intention for contact, no matter what variations you add and then create some variations. And see which variations feel most comfortable and which variations produce the most regular contact. Once again, don’t forget desire, will, patience and a resilient attitude !

A few parting thoughts about applying intention to ET contact. Always reflect on your processes and reflect on your intention/intentions. Try to discover what is conscious within your intention and what is unconscious within your intention. If you are honest with yourself, you’ll find that you’ll create an honest and pure intention for contact that will be recognised instantly by the ETs. Your ability to self reflect will, help you to understand what it is that you are truly seeking through ET contact and in the other relationships in your life. Remember that ET contact is really just another way of saying creating a relationship with a being from somewhere else. What works in creating good human relationships, is equally true for what works in creating good ET relationships. But the first step in honest self reflection. Know who you are and what drives you to seek contact. And finally, the ETs are you and you are they. We are connected as the one great being of the ALL. The most pure intention arises from a recognition that we all expressions of the one great being, without separation.

My intention for this post has been to demystify the meaning of intention in ET contact. Let me know if I hit the mark or if the issue is still a little hazy. I wish you all clear and pure intentions for ET contact ! Thanks My Name for throwing another spanner in the works !


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  1. Love it. I think you approached the question very appropriately. Thank you for sharing the insight.

  2. Very nice post Bright. In a nutshell plant the seed and wait and let it grow. Though I have not had face to face contact my intention is to have face to face contact but contact may not come as expected. The only reason I am in this UFO business is curiosity at the beginning of my first sighting over 30 years ago. It is amazing to see these craft in many forms. But my intentions now are seeking medical help for my very sick wife. Am I selfish for asking for this type of help from ET? Couldn’t really give a rip. My intentions and expectations are high for being as desperate as I am. Stress is an understatement for me yet I plant the seed and wait for it to grow no matter how long it takes. It can be frustrating at times. Over 30 years ago I seen something mind blowing and brain dumped it shortly after it happened. I wasn’t a believer until that day but tossed the memory in the fire and let it kindle for over 30 years now until my second siting and this is why I am here now and why I made contact with you Bright. Seeing is believing in a way with me but not always. I truly believe in these craft that I have seen. Who is flying these things and does ET exist? I want to believe and in some way I do believe but I need to see it for myself to at least get some closure. Time is running out and we all have to part this world someday. Time to go tend to the garden now. Beautiful weather here in Nova Scotia.

  3. Thank you for the question and a really edifying post. The explanations and instructions are simple, clear and well thought out, particularly the examples of ‘pure motivation’. Methinks that this post is best understood with the heart.

    • Thanks Melaine – I wasn’t sure if I hit the mark, writing this late at night, after a very long day working on my house. Thank you for the encouraging feedback ! 😉

  4. You definitely hit the mark Bright !

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