What Shall I Write About ?

Hey folks, just to let you know, I am exploring some subjects to write about. I have about 25 posts in draft stage but I don’t feel like finishing any of them right now. I am also very busy, so I’m squeezing writing in between packing and renovating my old house.

I have been wondering, what would you like me to write about ? What could I give you, that might help you in your experience of life or ET contact ? I’ll consider everything and in time will try to address the subjects I feel most resonate with me !

Be well friends, Brighticus. 😉


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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. I’m eagerly waiting for the rest of the Dude interview, as there are questions left that interests me enormously….but take your time Bright & don’t rush it 🙂
    Personally I would like to hear more about contact. I’ve been trying to make contact for a long time unsuccessfully. I’m starting to think maybe I’m not supposed to have contact, it’s not meant to be & I’m not the right person. So I might just quit trying.
    But in the big picture, I know deep inside that after I leave this life I will get to meet other beings & have finally my stupid questions & curiosity answered 🙂
    I would love to hear about the other world that Dude took you to, that his dad showed him first, when you cried, the valley, how did it look like? maybe you can paint a picture?
    Other than that I enjoy your blogg very much & I think you are doing a fascinating job & that it’s all well balanced 😉
    Thanx Bright 🙂

    • Sorry JD that it hasn’t happened. Every day I am so busy, I just haven’t had the time. I thought at first it would only take a week. I promise when it’s done and if I put it into an ebook format – I’ll send you a copy !

      Thanks for your suggestions – they are all on my agenda to write about eventually ! Thanks for your input ! 😉

  2. Hello, i just like to thank you for everything you are doing. I also agree with relax24, i´ll love to make contact and for now i just have one experience. I was meditating in my bed and some floks came around the bed. One of them holded my hand. It felt like burning but no pain. They said to me “We are waiting for you”…. That´s about it. Perhaps i am not ready yet but i truely feel i am ready.
    Once again thanks brightgarlic. Take care

    • Thanks Juan for your gratitude and support !

      Patience Juan (and JD) – things will happen when you are truly ready and when they are meant to. Trust that there are beings with greater wisdom than us humans, who are merely waiting for certain transformations to happen inside of you and then they will reveal themselves.

      Be well, Bright. 😉

  3. Love the words, you guys are beautiful. Bright you already know I have interest in our harrier friends.

    Just now this thought popped in to my head. I think people may enjoy an elaboration or an attempt to clarify what it means to express intent from the “heart.” I see a lot of people who claim contact using this sort of expression, yet to me, do not really make an attempt to explain it. How would you explain expressing intent from the “heart?” Is this from a physical stand point? A feeling that occurs from the location of where the heart is when certain thoughts arise? A metaphorical description? Particular thoughts, which any relative person can decide is associated with the heart? An empty mind? A mix of the above? Something entirely different?

    How would you Bright Garlick, in the best manner that you feel you can, explain “expressing intention from the heart?”

    Thank you for the consideration.

    • That is a brilliant question MN. Yes I have wondered that myself when I have heard others express that sentiment. I can elaborate on that in much more detail with some practical exercises. Consider it on my list to be addressed in the next few months.

      Adios Amigo !

      Brighticus. 😉

  4. I liked the update about the new discovery of a planet that can be what other people think of them. This style of news update about the universe would be awesome. Im sure you probably wont be able to have consistent new information about the universe every week but that would be cool if people from earth got news about the galaxy or even universe.

    • Thanks Daniel. Yes I was equally fascinated by Dude’s discovery and sadly his updates were brief and I have no idea where things are at with it. Perhaps next time I speak with him, I can ask about other celestial events; some kind of news ! He’s just as likely to stick his tongue out at me but it’s worth asking !

      Have an awesome day ! Bright. 😉

  5. Hi Bright , Its funny to think about how these beings materialize into the field, maybe you can talk more about that ? Thanks for you time !!

    • Thanks Victor. Sure I guess I can elaborate on that – there is the ones I can see with my eyes and the ones I can only see with my minds eye but can feel. And they all use different means of materializing – the details of which are beyond me. But I can try to explain what I have experienced.

      Be well, Brighty ! 😉

  6. And the great joy and hopes connecting with the creator races.

  7. That’s a tough one Victor ! It’s beyond words but I can try !

  8. yes , it is somthing when you try to explain what cant be explained that makes the hole idea about contact intresting. It is probably not easy tho 😉 hehe take care !

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