Dude’s Perspective on What Distinguishes Humans from ETs

I know I have touched on the subject of what distinguishes humans from ETs but I thought it would be good to revisit the subject.

Some of you will recall me saying that Dude once told me that in all of our galaxy, we are the only beings who see faces in objects, where there are no faces. In other words we see what is not there. Et’s on the other hand do not see faces in rocks, trees, clouds and other objects. They see the thing itself. Now this might sound like a small point of no significance but actually it speaks volumes about how we are as sentient beings and how ETs are as sentient beings. We seek familiar patterns in order to entertain ourselves and/or to find meaning. But ETs don’t seek patterns like this. In a way we are projecting one form of reality onto another. And that seems to me like an awfully strange thing to do but we all do it. In a way what we are doing is avoiding the present moment.

Some of you will also recall me saying that the really big problem for our species is that we see separation. We can talk till the cows come home about oneness but we don’t really act like oneness is real. Last week Dude said something very interesting to me in relation to this. He told me that unlike humans, aliens are not compassionate. They don’t need to be. Everything is the same despite its individuality. Aliens don’t see differences. Because they don’t see differences, they don’t need to be compassionate. They are naturally caring because they know that everything is the same. That everything feels. He made the point, a point he wants everyone to know, that from the moment we’re taught to read and write, we’re taught to see things in descriptive terms. Such as the black man, the black and white cow, the drunk, the rapist, the hobo with schizophrenia, the pest, the dirty cockroach, the lazy pig, the Goth, the EMO, the Moslem, the Born Again Christian, the fat hippo, the black cat, the corporation,  the mangy dog, the stuck up rich man, the yuppy, the scraggly tree, the lying politician, Once we start to think in descriptive terms, it taints our entire conditioning. And we’re only a few steps away from ignorance and brutality. Think for example about how advertising lures people into buying what they don’t need – things that are ultimately unsatisfying and impermanent. Think also about how nationalism prepares people for war. Or how our labels – rapist, murderer, schizophrenic, politician, thief, drug addict, nymphomaniac, alcoholic, gambling addict, mental illness, bankruptcy etc., taints people for life and distorts peoples perceptions of them as human beings with the same value and human rights. Dude suggested that this whole approach to our education and our conditioning – teaching children and adults to think in descriptive terms, is holding humanity back.If you really think about it and analyze our language – you’ll see that what he is saying is true. Try thumbing through a newspaper or a novel or a magazine or listen to a song or watch a movie or listen to the news and you’ll see that description (and implicit judgment) is everywhere in human expression.

Let me be clear about one thing. ETs like Dude, do recognize individuality and different ways of functioning. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this post. But fundamentally, they see life and that all life has equal value. You might recall Dude’s comment about materializing in front of me and treading on an ant. It was a joke. He wouldn’t do that. He was irritated with peoples blindness and projections. But in reality Dude and most other ETs would see an ant exactly the same as they would see you. They would see an ant as having the same value as a human being. To give you an example, last year I had a rather strange and lengthy encounter on my farm with 4 ET races. I’ve written just a little about that experience. What I didn’t tell you is that the beings who came to visit me, as a result of my request, spent more time connecting with the spiders and ants and birds that live on our land than they did with me. They recognized that the land held life and that I was only one life form on it. One race, the Chenntrame – who are particularly small relative to us (there’s description again), were smaller than some of the birds on our farm. They are on a different body scale to humans but they didn’t say “You’re much bigger than me and therefor I want nothing to do with you. Or you’re feathered or have 8 legs and I’m only interested in talking to that 2 legged pink skin creature in that big box above the ground.” They saw all life equally, without differences which would cause bias.

For humanity to get to that point when we are truly ready to become space faring, we need to overcome our innate desire to see differences and re-engineer the way we think and perceive. Such that the other, becomes me, despite her individuality.


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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. ahh, the great “Dude,” speaks. Rejoice, rejoice, love and light be to his greatness. Send all of your candy coated fluffy pillows of love to his greatness. In return, he will bless it with his “shits and giggles,” for all to witness. Ok, I had my fun.

    This is one truth that I think needs to be acknowledged by all. With this, the idea of altruism has no meaning and is pointless to even consider. Those that recognize what I mean will understand,…….. that dogs do it doggie style and that Bonobos do it any style.

    • “Altruism or selflessness is the principle or practice of concern for the welfare of others”
      Why do you think that altruism has no meaning and is pointless to even consider? Altruism sounds like a good thing.
      Not criticizing, just want to understand your thought process 🙂

      • Its all good relax. Yes, altruism is a nice idea. What I am meaning relates to what you are concerned about below. Consider the following question, and in doing so try to keep in mind many of the ideas Bright has expressed here. When you perceive that you are injured, what do you do and why?

    • Thanx for answering My Name 🙂
      Depending on the injury, I’ll fix it myself or get medical attention. Because I don’t want to feel pain & I want to get healed.

  2. Alas my friend, you understand ! You brought laughter to a small number of 2 legged creatures in this house ! You are very funny indeed !

    I wonder what style Bonobo’s prefer ?

    Even non doggies like doggie style !


  3. “aliens are not compassionate. They don’t need to be. Everything is the same despite its individuality. Aliens don’t see differences. Because they don’t see differences, they don’t need to be compassionate. They are naturally caring because they know that everything is the same”
    I don’t get this Bright.
    If ET’s are naturally caring, then you can say they are compassionate, can you not? Just because ET’s don’t see differences, why does it mean they don’t need to be compassionate? What’s wrong with being compassionate?
    It goes against what you said before that most ET’s are very compassionate?
    Now I’m very very confused 😦

    • Hey JD – I’m heading away for a week, so I might not be able to answer you for a week. I know I have said they are compassionate but it was Dude that disagreed with me. Good question ! 😉

  4. Wow, that was just so profound. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  5. Hi Bright
    I have been thinking about the humans seeing faces in everything thing.
    If spirits are arounds us and we feel them i always thought that seeings things that are not there is the mind trying to make sense of what the body feels.
    I will see completely different faces in the same bush furniture things in my surroundings over the years.
    Is Dude saying its more of a mind longing for something and making shit up?

    As for what to write about:
    I have been very much enjoying seeing what goes on in your life.
    My main interest is the contact stuff, but also your life progress . If you are pissed your pissed if you are happy you are happy.


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