Some Little Stories About Dude

Those of you who know about my little friend Dude from MuajrH36 (, will know that he’s highly unpredictable and far from what you’d think a being from another world might be like. Every time he visits, he continues to surprise me. Yesterday he visited my ex wife and later she called me up and said “Dude was wondering if he shouldn’t just materialize right in front of you and crush an ant ! He wants people to know that all this love and light aliens stuff is bullshit !” So that caught me a little off  guard. I’ve actually seen Dude communing with ants, bent over talking to them and I know he really loves ants and is fascinated by them. So he just wouldn’t kill an ant for the hell of it. But he could do it if he wanted to. So I suppose the point he was trying to make is that some humans project all over ETs and turn them into a homogeneous blob, where everyone is the same. Sure there are many ETs, like the Teal’hia who are deeply compassionate and loving but others like Dude (and some others in his race), who can be cruel to be kind. They don’t practice the love and light approach, they practice the “this is how it is” approach. That doesn’t make them any less compassionate. They just have a different path for expressing compassion. And Dude is often like that. Honestly, I never  know what to expect from him. In one sense he is a lot like Paul from the movie of the same name. He’s deeply profound,  wise and caring but he’s also capable of great sarcasm, criticism, humour and of inflicting punishment on individual humans he feels deserve it. I feel blessed to have him in my life, even though it means he knows everything about me and I can have no secrets – nothing hidden, that is all my own. But Dude is also deeply respectful and he understands the value of privacy and individuality. And if there’s one thing I’ve got from him, it’s that life is so brief, we have to stop fucking around and wallowing in our sorrow and get on with making the most of it. Remember his comment “You’re hanging from a gossamer thread and have moments to live !” From his perspective of 8.000 years (remembering that his people die when they want to), human life is so very fragile and brief.

Dude has become a kind of mentor to me, a kind of guide and another expression of God (God knowing itself). Even though I have my own close ET (Anamika), I feel Dude is critical to my future. I can’t imagine life now without his presence. And it’s strange that he also takes an interest in my son and his well-being. After my ex-wife and I split, he could have said “Fuck you. You’re a pain in the ass and I’m having nothing to do with you !” But he didn’t. In fact he’s now more a part of my life than ever. Just why he chooses to watch out for me and to interact with me, I have no idea. I asked him last year when we were on board and he just gave me a funny look.

So, here’s just a few little stories about Dude that you may or may not have heard before. Let’s start recently. On the weekend I was back on my old farm, the place where I’m planning to move back to next month. I had been cleaning the lounge room walls with my son, preparing to paint them. I sat down that evening by the fire and my son and I had a turbulent argument about his electronics addiction and then I heard Dude’s voice in my head say “I’m just checking the stumps for termites.” He knew that I was concerned about any possible termite damage. He didn’t need to check the stumps but I think he was doing it for a reason. I could hear the stumps being hit but my son didn’t notice because he was angry. Then suddenly there was a bang on the floor under where we were sitting and my son nearly crapped himself ! Later, when I was sleeping in the tent I’d set up in the bedroom, he appeared just outside the tent and began shaking his arse and dancing, like Paul in the movie. Because he knows I like that movie, he’s always sending it up !

A few years ago my ex-wife was in a very difficult situation doing some work she hated. She fell over in a puddle of water and began crying. Dude suddenly appeared and grabbed her by the feet and dragged her through the puddle like a mop. He turned to her and said “This is reality. Get over it !” and disappeared. Although it seemed a very cruel thing to do, he was trying to bring her mind into the present moment and away from the thoughts that were bothering her.

Every few months Dude gives me an update on things that are happening in my son’s life. In the last two years my son has had lots of dramas with girls. he has a bad habit of falling a million miles an hour into very obsessive relationships with girls that think he’s perfect. He’s made a lot of mistakes that are causing him a lot of pain and Dude recognizes this and so he gives me little insights into what;s happening, so that I can try to guide my son. Without his insights, my son may have stumbled into some very damaging situations. In this context Dude is acting a little like a Big Brother or a Grandfather, keeping an eye on my son in ways that I cannot. My son absolutely hates it because between his mother and I, he has no secrets at all and we always know what’s happening in his life.

Once when my son and I went away for 4 days, Dude came to our house one night and invited several of the human looking ETs I have described as a Door Keepers, to come over for a movie marathon. They sat in our lounge room and had beer and pizza and popcorn, while watching the Predator and Aliens series. You’ll remember that Dude loves Horror and bad Science Fiction movies !  While he was in our house, one of my cats pissed on my sons bed, so Dude threw pop corn at it and kicked it up the bum. He then fed pizza to the cats because he doesn’t like cats and thought they might like pizza. They apparently ate it, which is a first for our cats ! I have never met any of the Doorway Keepers (though I apparently walked past one in a local KFC) and was so pissed off when Dude told me they were i our house ! When we got back there was pop corn on the floor and the cats looked very happy !

Many years ago when Dude first introduced himself to Rachel when she was 4 or 5, he did so by walking out of the bracken near where she was playing in her backyard. Dude used to visit her quite often and it seems he was keeping a very close eye on her. Her mum was a heavy alcoholic and Dude would often have to help her deal with the consequences of her moms drinking. Once when he mum fell down blind drunk and cut her arm on a broken bottle, she began bleeding profusely and Dude appeared in the lounge room and stopped her bleeding and wrapped her wound up, so that it would appear that Rachel saved her. Later after another drinking orgy, her mother nearly beat her to death, breaking her jaw and her skull. Rachel had forgotten the incident where Dude saved her moms life until only a few years ago. It seems that Dude knows everything about her life – what was and will be. And that even though he could have let her die and prevented the beating that Rachel believes caused her brain tumour, he didn’t. I think it was meant to happen and although Dude could have prevented it, he knew it had a role to play in her life.

On the first day that Rachel met Dude, he took her to Africa to meet lions. When Rachel was 5 or 6 he taught her to bilocate and began tutoring her in many of the skills that would later be recognized as critical to the covert group she would one day work for.

Once when Dude came to visit Rachel they played snakes and ladders and when he began losing he produced a rule snake – a huge python that began winding around Dude’s arm, until Rachel screamed and Dude sent the snake away. But not before he could ask “Do you wanna see a big ladder ?”.

Once when Rachel was talking to Dude about existence and God, he said that the answer to everything is 2.

When Rachel was in her early twenties, Dude brought his most recent child to visit her. The child was about 10 years old by our standards and still very much in a learning phase. Rachel was the first human she had ever met. Later she would meet other humans.The child was much shorter than Dude and very excited. She was wearing lots of things she had collected while she was out with her father – leaves and twigs and feathers and that sort of thing.  She began approaching Rachel at a distance and sat down at various intervals, moving slowly towards her, stopping and sitting, till eventually she worked up the courage to come up and touch her. As she touched Rachel arm, she turned to her father and said “Oh it’s warm !”. There began her first relationship with a human being.

Last September when Dude came to visit me and then took me on board his craft, he began by introducing me to the Number 1 (the ET in charge of the structure I call The Architecture). As soon as he introduced me, he just walked off. No pleasantries, nothing. Later when he came to take me to my room, he took me inside and one of the first things he showed me was the couch the craft had made, complete with recliner and pop out foot rest . He bounced a round like an excited child and kept making a big deal about how cool it was. Which it really was ! Later I saw him greeting several beings whose race I did not recognize and coordinating a meeting between they and another race I did not recognize. It is such a shock to be with Dude on his craft. he can be both a larrikin, your best and someone deadly serious who commands absolute respect.

That was my first conscious encounter on Dude’s craft. As I have said before, it was made specifically for him. And it’s absolutely huge. It doesn’t have a fixed number of rooms. Rooms are created as required. But when I was there I saw a number of personal rooms (similar to my own), meetings rooms, open meeting areas and rooms that fulfilled purposes that are beyond my comprehension. Dude has an intimate relationship with his craft. He gave it a name after a specific small event he had on Earth, that the craft responded to. But when most people addresses the craft, they will do so, according to the name that the craft gives them. It is always something deeply meaningful to the individual. Dude would protect his craft with his life because it is another living, feeling, sentient being.

During that same trip last year Dude took me to a very beautiful place on a world that his own father had taken him to as a child. When I was there I cried and Dude did something to cheer me up. As I sat there looking over this incredibly vibrant and majestic valley, Dude sat with me, feeling everything that I was feeling and for a short while I felt closer to him, then I have ever felt with another living being. By giving me that journey and the previous journey into the past and future, he gave me something that he didn’t have to give me. He did it because he wanted to and because he cares.

To be continued … eventually …


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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Bright,
    I’ve been thinking a lot about Dude here lately and really appreciate more insight into his personality. Thank you so much for taking the time to give us more to chew on. Meeting Dude would definitely change a person’s life!

    Lots of love to you!

    • Thanks Darci ! 😉 Dude has changed my life significantly and if I can impart a little of his unique insight and wisdom into the human world, I think it will help ease a little suffering and help others to see how to enjoy the human experience and trust our ET friends and overcome our own projections. Thanks for taking the time to get to know Dude !

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