Light Templates and the Creation of Matter – Part 1

Some of you might recall me talking about my experience of being taken on January 19th, 2011, to merge with the Light, which I came to know as God, which exists in everything. One of the difficulties associated with that experience, is that as an individual who in a relative way is separate and unable to experience an absolute unification with everything, I can no longer remember or experience what it was to be everything. I can open some memories and experience a type of unification but it’s different to the actual experience. One thing I remember very clearly from the experience is a kind of simple understanding of how matter is created.

My sense of this now, 4 ½ years down the track, is that all matter arises from a fundamental form of energy that has the appearance of light. I mean, I experienced merging with the light and even though the light had a profound visual quality to it, I’m not sure that it was light as you and I normally think of light. It was pure awareness, pure consciousness but I don’t have a way to explain what that is either. I can only tell you that I remember having a profound experience of light. There was no I, only everything, without time or space, and an all-pervading light. But I knew that this light was in everything – because I (in an absolute sense) was also everything and experienced the awareness of everything.

You may also recall that the two Teal’hia and one Sawronde took me into the light to become the light so that I could experience my true nature and that by doing so I became aware that they create souls and that they and I are God and that God is creating souls. My sense when I came back is that I could not hold the experience of ALL because if I did, I would not be able to function. I could not breath or walk without fearing I would kill a bug or a microbe and cause suffering. So in coming back, I came back to an awareness of separation but with an awareness of the One – but not total awareness.

While I was with the light/was the light, I experienced forms being created and then saw how these forms became life. I saw other forms that became other types of matter. So I’ve pondered this for a long time and really struggle to make sense of what I experienced. I think what I have come to understand is this. All matter, starting with the most fundamental structures, arise from pre-designed templates of light – Light Templates. These templates some how encode structure and instructions for movement. The ETs are able to imagine these Light Templates and to translate them into form. Unfortunately I only have metaphors to work with, so I can’t describe this factually, but only in the context of it being like something else. Perhaps one way to visualise this is to imagine someone sketching a frame-work for a dog on a piece of glass sheet and then to imagine that the light in the glass then projects the dog into form. But this is an elementary form – like a ghost dog, form without flesh. In a secondary step, imagine a secondary form is created, in which the ghost dog is then projected into flesh. I think the ETs use Light Templates like this but my understanding of how they do this is rudimentary – something like a preschoolers understanding of String Theory. The ETs can imagine all kinds of arrangements and assemblages for matter and they seem to be able to create elementary forms and then secondary forms. Not only do they seem to understand the nature of light and energy but they seem to be able to understand the nature of thought and feeling and how these create reality.

As far as I am aware, some of the Creator Races have Light Templates for every individual life and every type of life form, that has ever existed. And they are creating new ones perpetually.

You might recall me saying that some sentient ET craft, particularly those of the advanced Creator Races, are able to create internal and external spaces on any scale, from the smallest structures, to entire universes. In addition, these craft can create anything out of matter that is required by those on-board. The create it from nothing and absorb it back to where it came from, just as readily. It appears to us like magic but it’s something that the ETs understood and mastered eons ago.

Imagine how matter creation (the subject of a future post) will utterly transform our entire civilization when it eventually arrives. This is one technology that will be kept from humans until we have transcended our fundamental problems. But when it arrives, everything and I mean absolutely everything, will be equal – no money, no war, no haves and have-nots – only equality.

On one level I’d like to suggest that Light Templates work with the fundamental principles of light in different spectrum’s and frequencies but on another level I don’t think that’s true. Remember that I said this energy has the appearance of light but may not be light. So on that level I think Light Templates work with mind and imagination. It’s one of these subjects that depends utterly on the nuances of language. I can only convey this to you in language that you know. We have an unsaid shared agreement (which is the nature of all codes), that says “we agree on what certain words mean and how they are used”. But this idea I am trying to convey to you transcends any language we have to conceive of it or to transmit it. I can only give you an approximation of what I have experienced.

Some of you may have read how Russian scientists found a way to copy DNA by shining light onto it and projecting it via electromagnetic waves into Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) medium – imprinting with phantom DNA. It suggests to me that we seem to be on the brink of making some significant breakthroughs in our understanding of how light and matter interact to create form and the creation of a new science – Bioengineering With Light (BEWL). Of course lots of people are talking about The Holographic Universe and I think that’s good to think about (how inference patterns create some sort of form) but it’s too limiting a concept. And of course we also have lots of people talking about Tulpas and how thought and imagination can be used to create life forms. I think this is fascinating but most discussions about the subject, even from Buddhists, lack any comprehension of the mechanisms and any insights into the nature of reality and how mind functions.

You might recall me talking about one form of Internal Worlds ET contact methods. A method that few people seem to be willing to try but what for me has turned out to be the most powerful method for making and sustaining long-term ET contact. Dude explained to me that by connecting with the ETs and asking to create a shared world, both they and I are able to merge consciousness and subsequently our imaginations and create a place in which to interact, which in some way is real, and is every bit as real as our ordinary waking reality. In a way I guess we’re using a Light Template to create reality – perhaps some sort of primary form. But Dude took things one step further. He told me to go wild and then to bring that into this world. I think that what he was saying is that fundamentally the inner and outer world are not separate but are one and that by creating internally, I create externally. And certainly in the experience I had with him of being taken to the future and the past and to other places, it seems that this is true. In one sense for Dude, everything is within him, because he knows his absolute aspect but in another sense he creates everything outside of him too. Somehow he’s being trying to teach me that mind creates reality and light creates matter. The biggest challenge for me, has been to let go of concepts I know and to embrace concepts beyond the limitations of language and contemporary thinking.

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  1. Thanks Bright, very intresting to read !

  2. Hi again. Some people on the internett have spoken about dimensional tryptamine i dont know if you are familiar with it. It is intresting because it exist in every living organism and when people take it they go to these bisarre places.

    Some even said they have contacted intelligence mutch greater then theyr comprehension. Also that the dimension these people are experiencing is more proufound and in some sense more real then this conscious reality they say.

    It have to some degree made me think about what if they are contacting other beings in higher realms, then the light experience is also a kind of higher realm.

    What is your go on it Bright, do you think these dimensions are real ?

  3. Dimethyltryptamine ** for who think that could be intresting to read about, go ahead ! 🙂

  4. Thank You Bright. I remember when I first read about this profound experience. I can grasp how the mind creates reality but the idea of light creating matter is something I never heard of before. So much to think about. You are so right to say that this matter creating technology needs to be kept from humans until we are ready to move past and conquer all the basic problems that have held us back so far. Thanks for sharing an update on your thoughts regarding this experience 4 1/2 years later. 🙂

  5. Hey Bright 🙂
    I’m working with Internal Worlds, & since you said to go wild in them, I’ve done that…just say’n.
    Peace to all 😉


    Its a little ignorant to call this a drug because your brain produces it every night when you sleep. Check it up people , i think this is very related to contact and reality !!

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