TSM 62 : The Misnomer of Outer Body Experiences, Developmental Thresholds for Civilizations & Categories for Classifying Civilizations

Here’s today’s TSM, in which I speculate about how popular ideas about Outer Body Experiences are all wrong and put forward some Developmental Thresholds for Civilizations (how we know we’re ready to become space faring and join the collectives) and some possible Categories for Classifying Civilizations.

These are topics I’ve been panning to write about but just haven’t found the time.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts !

Enjoy ! 😉


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  1. damn that was a really good monologue. Carrying over the abilities from OBE’s. Is this how people can change form?I have herd of someone from youtube “TruthMeFree” and he has a very interesting story who also had a near death experience. He spoke of a man that was a toltec shaman and could become multiple different animals. Even a dragon? /watch?v=0TTs4Su-dNo. Video here @ 36:45. Also this stuff is interesting but lucid dreams are hard to achieve and I dont think people can do it that easy as dude explains it.
    Also Why does dude not think there is a god? He is spiritually developed obviously. Is it a more of belief of self that would kinda take a couple thousand of years to get… or was the light something made by the teal’hia?

    • Thanks Daniel for taking the time to listen. I ‘ll check the video when I have time. In essence when you know your true nature, form is malleable. Not that I have that full experience – unlike Dude. I think Dude does believe there is a god but the whole concept is really one of definitions and he’s not limited in knowing that he and God are indistinguishable from one another. He doesn’t use the term and often refers to oblivion in a joking kind of way.

    • Thanks for sharing Daniel. The light was on a Sawronde craft and involved 2 Teal’hia and 1 Sawronde but they both have the same understanding. It’s like whatever they created in the craft, opened a gap in perception and took me beyond the confines of a separate body. There may have been technology that acted as a catalyst but it didn’t create a false sort of holographic experience. The technology may have also taken care of my body in some way, while they did all the rest. But as the light I knew I was everything – just like people who have had deep kind of NDE’s. The ETs didn’t make a fuss about their real nature, they just recognized it and accepted it. And I think that’s what Dude does but he doesn’t give it a name – even for my benefit or refer to it as God. But he understands the same thing as the other two races.

  2. I can relate to your OBE interpretation. Me personally, I have experienced something that can be considered an alternative perception from what I am currently used to with this body, and every time it happens it seems very guided. As far as I know this persona has never directly initiated it, and it always occurs in the night hours. Most of the time it happens after the whole vibration thing, but I believe I have had a time where I did not vibrate. That one particular time was very curious, it was as if I was being shown particular places, and as soon as I tried to control the perception I was immediately brought back to my current perception as though I were being sucked through a straw and then my visual kind of blacked out pixel by pixel (best I can describe it). I have never seen this silver string thing that people talk about, and another curious thing is that when I look at my bed I don’t see my body, so I am not sure if I am experiencing the same thing as others.

    Also, I like your analysis on the level of societies stuff, very reasonable.

    • I suspect MN, that you are at a point when you can also sense that awareness is just awareness and doesn’t need form. If you are being guided, it’s probably towards a greater sense of perception and a greater sense of who you are – with or without form. Enjoy the process and trust in those who seem to know what you need.

      Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hey Daniel thanks for your input. You might find some of the answers to your questions pertaining to Dude here, https://app.box.com/s/rokiv8591f3yf1hytz7j2q2gjb4293yu .

  4. Thank you Bright for responding! I read all your stuff. You are basically my go to when it comes E.Ts. Yeah the guy on the video has heard the voice of god. Or hears his understanding and imagination of god I guess. hah Dudes an interesting cat. I love how this guy just works all freaking day but can crack jokes with you about that kind of stuff. And dang they can open of some type of rift on a craft! Thats insane man. Much love Bright thanks.

  5. Thanks my name I just re-read that bad boy which cleared up some stuff that I didnt understand… Like how god is real idk I guess at the time I read what I wanted to hear. trying to make my self depressed haha im lame sometimes. Thanks for link hope contact is going good for you.

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