Dude’s Discovery of a World Like No Other

yyOn the 24th May, 2014 Dude came to my house really excited and told my son and I that he had discovered a new planet and a new humanoid race like no other that was known to exist. I shared a few details of Dude’s initial discovery with my friends on Facebook but wasn’t ready to share what Dude told me, with a wider audience. So now, after learning a great deal more about Dude’s discovery, I feel it’s the right time for me to share a little of what Dude has shared with us.

Some of you might recall that Dude is one of 9 ETs who over see the welfare of this planet, behind the human alien I call Number 1. In some ways, you might that Dude is like Number 2. Dude’s race – the Muajra, are ancient and live in what we would consider to be multiple universes. They are a people who travel extensively and can move through what we think of as time, as easily as we breath. Dude is one of those individuals who has an incredible love of live. He is endlessly fascinated with the cosmos and as such spends a great deal of his time looking for new worlds and new life forms.

As far as has been explained to me, the many different Creator Races share most of what they learn about the cosmos with their own people and each other. Dude explained to me that they know of places so far distant in our universe, that our perception of what constitutes the edge (which is a fiction anyway), is like a baby’s perception of the world. We seem to be looking at the breaking waves of the ocean and mistaking that for the whole of the worlds oceans. I am not really sure that any metaphor or allegory accurately describes how little we know in comparison to the Creator Races. So when Dude told me about his new discovery, he did it in a gentle way, that made it easy for me to understand, given my limited perceptions, without making me feel like he was being condescending.

The Creator Races know of life forms that would make our minds boggle and they have created the vast majority of them. But occasionally they make discoveries that even they cannot fully explain. What I am about to tell you about Dude’s discovery, was conveyed to me in the first day after it was made and continued over another 3 sessions which spanned about a month. I haven’t spoken to Dude about his discovery since then, so I have no idea how much more he and his people have learned or come to understand.

So, to his discovery ! Dude found a planet that was not previously known to exist in a particular region of space. A region that is way beyond even the region captured in the Hubble Deep Field Images of distant galaxies in the darkest region of Earth seen space (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hubble_Deep_Field / http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Deep_Fields / http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hubble_Ultra-Deep_Field). After Dude made the discovery, the Muajra observed the planet for a couple of days and then a small party of them went down with he and Number 1, to visit the planet incognito, disguised like the local people. The initial observations suggested that the planet was so interesting, that Number 1 cast aside his responsibilities to the collective, so he could be one of the first ET people to set eyes on the place. I don’t think he was disappointed !

Those who were aware of Dude’s discovery, were very concerned about having any impact on the planets resident humanoids. This is a common issue that the Creator Races deal with and so there are strict protocols about how interactions should or should not proceed. But in this case, it seemed that the people of this planet had never had any interactions with beings from other worlds and might be especially susceptible to them, even incognito. So Dude’s people were especially concerned about getting it right !

Initially they went down for a day and then for several weeks. This planet yyzrepresents a significant discovery to the collective, because for the first time ever, a people have been found, who are affected by the perceptions that others have of them. To give you a simple example. If you were walking down the street opposite someone walking the other way and you thought they were an aggressive looking person, they would suddenly become aggressive – even if that was not their natural tendency. They would have no recollection of being otherwise and nor would anyone else. No one would have any recollection of how a person was before they changed. It didn’t seem to matter if they had no eye contact but they did seem to need to be in some kind of close contact. When something bad happened, they thought that God meant it to happen and that it was supposed to happen. They accepted everything that happened, good or bad. No praying to God for things to be otherwise, as humans do. As far as the largest collective knows, there is no sentient race like this anywhere in the Cosmos. The entire planet is also covered by vegetation that is ONLY GREEN. It is a vibrant green with many different shades – that were new even to the Muajra. The collective has never seen such a planet. Unlike Earth, the vegetation does not have any other colours – no browns, no whites, no blues, no pinks, nothing else. The Muajra quickly discovered that their own people had no effect on the local peoples reactions. Which seemed to suggest that their strange reaction to others perceptions of them, has something to do with their own consciousness. When they investigated the peoples history, they discovered that they had never had a war because even though they seemed to have moved towards war, the minute someone thought about how frightened they were or considered surrendering or running away, everyone else reacted the same way. So they developed a kind of diffused stalemate, where major conflicts sort of dissolved away before they turned into anything. The Muajra were not sure if this strange relationship between perception and thoughts, feelings and behaviour, arises from the individual consciousness or a kind of collective consciousness. They also discovered that the peoples perceptions had no impact on the planets animals. So it’s something that seems to be particular to them.

Strangely the people of this planet have difficulty making decisions and often have other people make decisions for them. When they were asked questions, they often went into a timid withdrawn state, which was also seen when their own people asked questions. Yet somehow, these people had developed an advanced peaceful civilisation, with manufacturing and industry. They also had electronics for manufacturing. But they had no equivalent to television, computers or the internet. No kind of electronics for personal use or communication. Their civilisation seems to my mind, to be brimming with contradictions.

The Muajra discovered that the planet, it’s moon and sun (which only has one planet) are artificial (mechanical). It is a solar system without a galaxy and not even remotely close to one. So they suspect that the entire solar system and it’s life forms were created by an ancient race that is known to the collective but may now be extinct or no longer exists in form. They cannot however figure out how the solar system has appeared, where once there was nothing.

Dude has suggested that the planet will probably be named according to what the humanoids who live there call it. But as far as his people can tell, it is only referred to as Our Place (his interpretation).

The last I heard about this planet was ten months ago. I know that Dude has had many more excursions there and there has been an ongoing interaction with the people and the planet in a very sensitive kind of way. I can only imagine what else they have discovered ! Dude was so excited when he first told me. He was like a little kid in a toy store – totally gobsmacked with the entire discovery ! But he has a very busy life and is making discoveries all the time. I was really fascinated when he first told us and I’m really keen myself to understand more about his discovery. I suppose my sense is that the collective sees this solar system and it’s inhabitants, kind of like how we would see an endangered species and are doing everything possible to ensure their survival, without getting in the way of their existence.

I spent 2-3 months thinking about everything Dude told me – especially the bizarre way that the perception of others affects the people and the strange vegetation. I wondered about possible links between the energy/consciousness of the people and the energy/consciousness of the vegetation and even how the planet may have been engineered to effect their consciousness in this way.

It seems to me that for all its strangeness, this is a civilisation that lives in harmony with itself and it’s planet. Almost, in a similar way, how (I believe) Aboriginal people in Australia once lived by THE LAW – a set of rigorous rules that dictated everything in society and was controlled with brutal punishments. Something which I believe was given to them by certain ETs. Somehow both groups of people found a way of sustaining their civilisation for vast lengths of time. Albeit that the people at the centre of Dude’s discovery, function in a way that is almost beyond our imagination.


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  1. Yes, I remember you talking about this before & I thought what a peculiar folks & I couldn’t comprehend the perception thing at all & I still can’t…..as you said “almost beyond our imagination” & I think it’s true for me at least. It’s very interesting & very confusing at the same time.
    Thanx for shearing Bright 🙂
    I would love to hear what Dude have to say about other worlds in your interview with him(last question 19) 😉

    • Thanks JD – yeah it is as confusing as it is interesting. I was perplexed as he was explaining it. Yeah I still have to finish the final questions with Dude. I’ve been so busy, it was just put on the back burner. But will try to finish soon. I’m keen to hear his answer on that question too ! 😉

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