Angels of Light

I feel like someone needs me to write this post, at this present time…

When my mother attended her own mothers funeral in 1962, she claims to have heard angels singing and playing heavenly music. I never really knew what to make of her story but I assumed it was probably a product of her grief. In 1994 I wrote a vicious tongue in cheek article for an underground magazine debunking the entire mythology of flying angels. And to be honest, I’ve always thought the entire subject of angels, was a complete load of crap !

So it is with some hesitation that I now share with you something very intimate. Something I refrained from sharing up until now because it was both very personal and because I didn’t want to be cooped up with all the other New Age losers (a term I think Dude would endorse !). I’ve been a vicious critic of the New Age movement and yet people have accused me of spouting New Age dribble – which is an idea I find really amusing. Although what follows may resonate in New Age circles.

Alas, I no longer care what people think of me.

So let me be clear. I don’t believe in angels with wings or angels that come down to Earth to escort the newly departed or angels who walk among the living to heal their wounds. Dead humans are not angels. And angels with wings don’t exist. I believe in dead humans but I don’t believe in angels as most people would think of them.

But in the late 90’s – I can’t remember exactly when, I had an experience that marked a dramatic transformation in how I saw reality. I was still passing through an incredibly dark period of my life, a period that began when I was 11 and ended in my early 30’s, shortly after the birth of my son. A dark period which was at its most intense between the ages of 19-25. I had come very close to taking my life again, on an impulse, as a result of a very turbulent argument with my ex wife. Things settled down and the next day I went and lay down in our largest field. I closed my eyes and with all the feeling I could muster, I called out to any beings who could help me. Much to my surprise two things happened. I was met by an indigenous North American who walked around me performing some kind of ceremony and I was met by a white woman and a black woman, each wearing a white flowing dress. They were both exceedingly beautiful. They introduced themselves as Angels of Light and gave me their names. I asked them who they were and why they responded to me and they furnished me with answers that satisfied me. I didn’t know what to believe for certain but I could see them in my mind very clearly and feel a palpable sense of their presence and a strong sense of love as they sat with me and touched my body. For the rest of the year I met with them now and then and we spoke about all manner of things. And in my relationship with them, I found great comfort. But from time to time I was troubled by doubt and I dismissed the whole thing as  product of my imagination. One day I asked them again, to explain who they are and why they help me and this is what they said :

“We call ourselves Angels of Light. We are not angels as you would think of them. We are highly evolved beings. Our essence is not form – it is light but not light as you would know it. We are pure consciousness. In this we consider ourselves to be like light – not light as you would know it Bright. Light in its purest form is consciousness. With this comes awareness. There are many conscious beings who are beyond form as you would know it – who are formless.

Q : Are there many of your kind ?

Yes Bright, there are as many of us as there are of your kind – physical life forms. We are countless.

Q : Why do you take the form of angels – female angels – black and white ?

We do not carry wings, we simply call ourselves angels. It is the symbol of the angel we relate to – angels are here to protect and to gude and to provide comfort. That is how we see ourselves. We choose this form – female – because we know it comforts you. We feel this (pointing to their black and white bodies) provides great strength to you. We understand that both of these colours appeals to you,  resonates with you. For this reason we have chosen to appear as we do – to provide comfort in a form you are most comfortable with.

Q : Do you realize that your form is highly sexually arousing to me ?

We are aware of this but that is not our intention. If it provides you with this, we are happy for you to see us this way but we would remind you to remember that we are not the form that you see.

Q : Are you offended ?

No, we are not offended.

Q : Are you part of me/aspects of me ?

We are aspects in the sense that we connect with parts of you but we are not separate entities within you. We are separate entities apart from you. We are outside of you. We connect with you.

Q : Are you evil in any way ?

We mean you no harm Bright. We have no wish to hurt you in any way.

Q : Why do you help me ?

We help you because we recognize that you need additional support in your life to achieve the things you wish to achieve, to become what you wish to become, to understand the universe and the world that you live in. We are here to give what we can, so that you might reach all these things and move forward and grow as a human being. We see that you need this. We give because we wish to see you free of your pain and grow as a human being.

Q : How do I know that you are what you say that you are ?

We can never prove that to you Bright. You must allow us to be in your life and in time you will see that we are here to help you. We mean you no harm, only to help you. In time you will begin to trust us. It is only in time that you will see that we are what we say we are.”

Later that session I asked them all about meditation and this is what they said :

“Those meditations which will provide the greatest value are those which you feel greatest power when you practice them. By this we mean, when you practice you feel re-charged, re-energized, as you sit down and your body feels elevated. If after your meditation you remain this way, this is a good meditation for you. If however during the meditation you feel a great loss of energy and you become exhausted after the meditation, this is not necessarily a good meditation for you. When you meditate, remember that the meditation is an aspect of your growth as a person. More importantly is your understanding of how the meditation has provided you with something that you did not have before. And if you understand the meditation, you will recognize how to transform yourself beyond the meditation. This is the most important thing you must know.”

They then took me through a series of meditations I had been practicing and finally said :

“You are recharging the life force by being aware of it. Gathering it in.

Q : How often should I practice ?

Whenever you need to. Whenever your body is low on energy. The greater the energy, the greater the awareness.

Be clear of your own reasons for meditating. Do not be concerned what others think, only what you think. Kanatek’s suggestions are for you to honour yourself, not him.”

This explanation of meditation transformed how I saw meditation as a mental practice to a practice of harmonizing the energy of the body and the activity of the mind.

Finally in that session I asked them about this particular time period. Here is an extract of what they said :

“Year x (my words) is not a single event. Nor is it just about transformation. It is about a shift in the life force and consciousness of the planet. The very energy of the planet and the species upon the planet will change and this will have a dramatic impact on consciousness and awareness. You must remember Bright that energy effects consciousness. The greater the energy flow into the body of an organism, the greater its consciousness and it’s capacity to be more aware. This is very important for you to remember. Year x (my words) is simply a period of change. The Earth will become highly energized and as a result, all beings on the planet will experience changes in their own energy and consciousness. Some beings will subsequently become more aware than they were before.”

Another day I asked them how I could encourage more conscious ET encounters and they responded in this way :

“Be yourself. Drop expectation. Feel what it is you want and know that by feeling you allow what you want. You create the opening in your consciousness, that will connect with the conscious intentions of your alien friends. See what you want and allow the feelings to come naturally. See the image in its entirety with clarity. Allow the image to create feelings in you. These are feelings generated by the experience. If you allow these feelings to come, you open up a doorway in the universe of possibilities. If you do not have the feeling, you have nothing and the doorway remains closed.”

About spiritual evolution they said :

“You have all that you wish to be, already inside of you. You cannot evolve beyond this. To experience this, be aware – know that this is true. No need to do anything. Simply become aware. When you are aware, everything reveals itself as it is. There is no need to be anything other than what you are. Be aware and be a fully realized human being.”

And on the issue of experiencing more joy in my life, they made it very clear :

“You must be true to who you are. Do not compromise who you are. When you do this, you will honour who you are and what is within you. Take yourself outside of your comfort zone and find out who you are. Do not be afraid to experiment. Let down your hair a little (I had short hair then !). Get out of your shell and experiment, explore, be adventurous. Let things come to you by chance. Enjoy every new opportunity that comes to you. Enjoy your life – simple Bright. Enjoy your life. Enjoy what is in your life – the people, the places, the choices, the opportunities, the things, the journeys, the ones you love.”

Later, after I was diagnosed with my fat tumour in 2007, I returned to them for comfort and love and they gave continuously. I have found them to be everything they said they were and have often turned to them in times of greatest difficulty. I believe these beings are what they say they are. They are not light opposing dark. They are light representing pure consciousness and pure unadulterated awareness. The idea that they are angels is just a convenient symbol for communication. It has little to do with what they actually are. Could they be symbolic representations of my own mind ? Archetypes ? I can’t rule that out. But they sure know a lot about everything and about time past, present and future. Could they be symbolic representations of the greater self ? Yes, that’s possible. God expressing itself infinitely within and without ?

In 1987 I was involved in what could have been a fatal near head on accident and felt that something saved me from becoming a projectile and being killed. It literally cushioned me against being thrown out of the car or pulverized. I don’t know if it was a guide on the other side or an Angel of Light. But I feel very strongly, that the Angels of Light are always with me, ready to help in the moment of a heart beat. I am certain that the universe is teeming with countless beings – some that have form and some that are formless. All that is required to connect with them is an open heart and a willingness to say “What if ? ” . There is absolutely nothing to fear because God and the love of God, is at the core of all things. If only we allow it to come shining through.


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  1. Howdy Bright,

    As always, I enjoy reading such great writing of your experiences as a most gifted and enlightened human! I take GREAT comfort in your writings and videos. Just wonderful stuff.

    A few examples from my end of the planet which to me indicate how others beyond this physical realm have accessed my “consciousness” [and how thoughts and feelings expressed by others (and by me in this physical body] “connect”; figuratively grasping for words here)–

    1. My significant other passed from this realm in October 2008. He had a fairly difficult journey while embodied on this Earth, although he was a gifted nurse and a talented artist he had a hard time “getting with the modern program”. Suffice to say he passed quickly. A month after his passing I had come out of a deep sleep (the zone of almost awake but comfortably ensconced) and I heard his voice in my head say, “Move over sugar beet I’m coming in” (he would always say this to me as he got into bed every night, although at the time of his passing I was stricken with such grief that the idea of “sugar beet” was the last thing on my mind). I knew then that he was letting me know, “Hey, man, I AM OKAY”.

    2. Last year a good friend and I decided to consult with a local medium who is well respected in our community. Without prompting the medium told me that “you have been alone since the age of 5” (I had been telling myself this very phrase both aloud and in my head several months before the reading with the medium; the ability of whomever to access thoughts “after the fact” is a marvel to me). The medium also indicated that my “spirit guides” were available to help me, which I took (AND TAKE) great comfort in. The “guides” also knew about my male friend’s passing and of his difficulties while on this Earth.

    If I had to sum it all up I’d say I’ve always known from a young age (5) that my “consciousness” was a little different from some other people’s and that I bear witness and have awareness of other aspects of human consciousness.

    Thanks for reading. Hope you are enjoying the Aussie fall!

    Best regards,
    Lisa from the Eastern U.S.

  2. I agree with most of what you wrote but I think angels can still come in any time of need with wings if we need them too. Have you heard about Andrew Bartzis and his Galactic History series. He explains a lot of ET stuff. We have a link on our blog, Love and light C and Scott.

  3. Spiritual discernment is good; always ask if they are of Christ Jesus because there is counterfeit light that would deceive. “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are of God” 1 John 4:1
    Also, the kingdom of God is found within; don’t be deceived by an external coming in the sky. Jesus said there would be no external “Lo, there” or “Lo, here”. Seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all will be given to you!
    Also, the fruit of the encounter lets us know if it is of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, bearing good and evil fruit, some good some bad stuff happening; or if it is the ascended Living One, the Holy One of God, the true Light that enlightens, the ascended Jesus, the tree of life in which the fruit in your life will be only Good, only Light, only perfect Love that casts out all fear, perfect peace that surpasses all understanding, fullness of Joy, gentleness, goodness, kindness, patience, faithfulness, and self-control. May you be blessed!

  4. Thank you Bright for shearing this intimate story about your life, it takes courage!
    You are lucky to have had such help during the darkest moments.
    Some very insightful answers from the Angels.
    If you have time can you explain the meditation you do?
    Thanx Bright 😉

  5. I really enjoyed reading that.
    I just started listening to all the posts on here again using this software ” natural reader” that way I can do something and listen to stuff that interests me and catch things I may have missed. It works really good.
    The only thing is Bright has an american accent which is a bit weird..
    Namaste bro

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