The End of GETCRN

Hey folks, just to let you know that I have decided to kill off GETCRN.

Behind the scenes I have been trying hard to attract attention and interest in the network but hardly anyone has shown interest apart from the few members we currently have. It has felt like a black hole perpetually sucking up all my energy. And as you know, I need to do things that keep my tumours at bay and my body feeling good.

So I have to let it go for my own well being.

My feeling is that this kind of research is really important to the development of the human race but no one is really interested in doing it or listening to what we might learn. While there are other groups now and later who will attempt to do research related to ET contact, my sense is that many of them are/will be driven by egotistic desires and I have no desire to be anything like that.

I have decided I will write a book about Alienology sometime in the future and in it I will discuss my ideas about ET contact research. But for now, this little bird has flown. I shall not pass this way again.

You’ll notice that the GETCRN tab has gone and I will remove all videos about GETCRN from my YT channel.

I don’t think I was really ready to start this network, even though I’d been thinking about the idea for more than a decade. And I don’t think people are really ready for what such a network can teach us about ourselves. But future generations will be.

Sometimes it’s important to cut the ties that bind us without regret and this is another one that I need to free myself from. I made a bad choice. End of story. Let it go and keep moving, always standing still.


About brightgarlick

Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Bright you’ve done so much to help others expand and discover in their own way. We make choices in life and there are times when we need to change our course of direction. Letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose in your life is a great way to leave openings for other things that do. 🙂

  2. Getting healed & making oneself feel good should be of high priority IMHO 🙂
    “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” /Forrest Gump.
    Happy thoughts Bright 😉

  3. Bright we love you. I come here every single day to see if you have had any contact experiences. Your dedication to this field is remarkable. If you ever choose to look into this type of thing again why not CSETI? Im sure you know of it already. Why try to invent the wheel when there is already one out there. Hopefully that wasn’t offensive. Im sure you wont like you said in the post. BTW because of you and Steven Greer I have contact throughout the month with some in my dreams. THANK YOU so much! FUCKING LOVE ETS!

    BTW DOES anyone else have some tips for lucid dreams to have contact in dream state.

  4. G”day Bright I am happy to see that you have saved yourself the misery of wrangling contactees into a group. I attended one meeting of a ACERN group in sydney and was horified at the behaviour of some people. many seem to interpret contact as another reason for agrandizement of their own bloody ego.

    In one three hour meeting I had the other newbie verbally attack me because I said I knew her face from somewheere (turned out to be the six o”clock news) before going on to slander me to all the other members in case I spilled the beans on her. Another member repeatedly abused the days speaker because he decided that the subject was too scary for the rest of us, before walking out and later claiming the woman who was running the meeting was a government spy who was just pumping us for info, then attempted to start a splinter group.
    All this just hours after the organiser had asked for there to be no more dramas as she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and could do without the stress.

    • Thanks David for your consolation and for sharing your own experience. I’ve run lots of issues related groups where self improvement and support was teh key but teh idea of being involved with a group like ACERN repulses me – apart from the fact that I am not a Mary Rodwell fan. There’s something about contactees/or possible contactees that creates a real aversion in me.

      I ended the group for several reasons but mostly because I was trying really hard to make something happen and nothing was happening. No one was interested.

      I see all these other groups forming, with no sense of group dynamics or the real individual reasons people join groups and much of what I see is EGO OUT OF CONTROL. I totally agree with you. And actually I feel a whole lot better having pulled the pin before things did happen.

      It seems to me that it takes a real dollop of self awareness to make any group function effectively. I think MUFON’s abyssmal history is evidence of that.

      Thanks for chipping in ! 😉

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