Dude’s response to the Jesus Question

A little while back I was continuing my interview with Dude and I asked him the question about Jesus “What does Dude say about Jesus, if anything ?”, which I believe was asked by a friend in the Bronx. I was very surprised by Dude’s long answer, which amounted to 16 pages of writing and left me exhausted.

Prior to that I thought Jesus was probably a myth or an amalgam of several historical figures and unlikely to have actually existed. But Dude confirmed that he really had existed. Since I turned my back on Catholicism in 1988, I have had no interest in the Jesus story. But Dude’s retelling of it has sparked a renewed interest – at least in Dude’s version of his life.

After I transcribed that session, I thought long and hard about what Dude had told me and decided that I would not publish his response. Not because it’s so radical but because I don’t want to bear the brunt of some angry nut case years down the track, who didn’t like what Dude had said. Now Dude didn’t seem to think there was any problem but I’m just not comfortable with it.

What I will do though is give you a rough summary of what he said.

Jesus was an avid follower of teachings which came from the traditional spiritualities of his own country, which predate Judaism and teachings which came from ancient Greece and Assyria. In essence he had said “Everyone and everything is a manifestation of God and man can feel Gods love through all things” but the Jews and the Romans interpreted that to mean that he had said “I am God and I am the Messiah”. Jesus lived in a time that was highly unstable socially and politically. The Romans assimilated different cultures and the Jews did the same but in a different way. While Pontious Pilate was not threatened by Jesus, others above and below were. The Jews were also threatened by Jesus, who encouraged people to seek God within. Jesus performed many miracles which are not recorded, including appearing in other places and immobilizing certain authorities. When he was younger he was angrier and used his abilities to demonstrate his power. The story of the money changers in the temple is largely true – except that Jesus really lost his temper and upset the local Jewish hierarchy. But after a kind of spiritual transformation of several years, he put aside his anger, in exchange for love. He continued to perform miracles but took the I out of them. Jesus also raised not 1 but 5 people from the dead and was asked to raise another 6 but was unable to do so, as they had moved beyond.

There were two apostles who betrayed Jesus. Judas’s betrayal was minor and almost incidental. The other betrayal was also minor and not meant to cause Jesus any harm. But there was a third man outside of Jesus’s intimate followers who got close to him and set a situation up between the Romans and the Jews, so that Jesus would be caught in a scandle. He did a good Job at manipulating one of the disciples.

After Jesus was imprisoned the follower John saw the writing on the wall and did everything he could to save Jesus from death. John came from an affluent family, who had many family connections to the north of the country. John greatly loved Jesus and used his family’s wealth to bribe 3 Roman soldiers, who had been assimilated from Turkey and Syria. One was involved in leading out the prisoners and two were directly involved in the crucifixion. There were apparently many Romans who were sympathetic to the teachings of Jesus. Some of them had heard similar teachings before.

Jesus knew nothing about John’s plan so save him but received hints on the day of his supposed execution. On that day there were 6 crucifixions prior to Jesus and Jesus was crucified late in the day. The crowd was dispersed early by one of the bribed soldiers and soldiers who would normally be present were removed. John took the place of the man who would normally spear the prisoners. Jesus was lightly crucified and his feet were not nailed together but one above the other. John speared and killed the other 6 men by spearing them in the heart but he only pierced Jesus lightly through the ribs. Jesus bled profusely but did not die. Jesus was taken down from the cross early and although he looked dead he was alive. He was taken to a cave where he was attended by those who loved him – including Mary his mother, Mary Magdalene and 3 of his followers. It took him two and a half weeks before he could stand again and 6 months before he was fully recovered. During that time he was taken north and lived among those who were sympathetic to his teachings.

When Jesus recovered, he travelled widely – as far as the border of Turkey-Greece in the East to India and the Himalayas in the West. He studied with others and taught widely. There was also another significant woman in his life. He did not settle down for long and lived very humbly. He had changed his name so that he could live incognito out of sight from the Roman and Jewish hierarchy. He originally had 18 close followers, not 12 and at different times he had large followings. He died at age 76, having had a heart attack early one morning, shortly after he had risen and spoken to a friend.

The peculiar thing about Dude’s version of the Jesus story is that the man known as the apostle John is still alive. I suspect he is the same person my ex wife once met in Greece – someone who told her many enigmatic historical things and demonstrated incredible psychic and empathic abilities and is perhaps the very old man in Ben Abba’s Secrets of an Immortal story  (http://benabba.blogspot.com.au/). When I quizzed Dude about that subject, he said a little but was reluctant to go into details for now.

Dude’s account of the life of Jesus and his crucifixion is also mostly at odds with Courtney Brown’s account (work done by Darryl Smith) , as profiled in the Crucifixion Ruse (http://www.amazon.com/The-Crucifixion-Ruse/dp/B007MRQEIG/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8). I like Courtney Brown and what he has done but I don’t always agree with the findings his research team produce or their conclusions.

While Dude has not confirmed this, I suspect he may have actually been there on the day Jesus was crucified or at the very least, been back to see what actually happened. I have also been told that several of the profilers that my Ex wife worked with in her covert work, have also explored this issue but I don’t know anything about what they saw, except that they did not RV the event but bilocated to the actual event.

I leave it to you, what you wish to believe.

Personally Jesus is more appealing to me now, than he was before. He seems to have more in common with Dadaji (http://www.dadaji.info/) and Ramana Maharshi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramana_Maharshi), than the Jesus history has given us.

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  1. Thanx for shearing Bright! much appreciated 😉

  2. Thank you for sharing Bright.

    However, Dude was happy to discuss Jesus openly and you took 16 pages of notes, so I am disappointed that you share so little. Your readers provided the questions but you are unfortunately withholding the answers. A little unfair. 😦

    You state that you did not want to bear the brunt of an angry nutcase, well that could apply to the God Question that you posted.

    I am hoping you will change your mind and post Dude’s full answer.
    Thank you once again. 🙂

  3. Hi Ardent, it is what it is.

    I have shared openly what I can now for more than 6 years. I appreciate the questions people gave me but in all fairness it took far less effort for the making of questions than the recording of answers. I did think of not posting the God answer as well but decided it was too important. And I weighed carefully whether I should or should not post the Jesus answer. So I posted what was important.

    Until you’ve lived with other peoples hatred, you won’t ever understand why I hold back on sharing EVERYTHING. There are crazy people out there who wantg to hurt me, who will not like many things I have said and I need to minimize that risk. It’s not worth appeasing a few to put myself at risk. My post on Jesus will fade from existence one day. If I post a pdf or a book with those details, it will continue to exist somewhere and it only takes one person to wish to hurt me or my son, to make my life uncomfortable. That is unfair. Would you put others at risk ?

    Dude also discusses many things openly with me that I do not publish. I don’t know whether something feels right until the moment is upon me and it didn’t feel right to publish this.


    • Hello Bright,

      Thank you for your reply, I think that you do brilliant work. I often come to this site and read, but have only once left a comment on the Jesus Question, as I yearned for more.

      Your work is inspirational and I gain great contentment and Intellectual enchantment, as I ponder your thoughts and weave them with my thoughts.

      Keep up with your inspiring work. I wish more people were like you. 🙂

      I wish the crazy, small-minded people with only hatred to share … would just … ‘Get Lost’!!!

      Have a great day. 🙂

    • It’s totally understandable Bright! you have your & your’s son’s well being to think of & taking such unnecessary risk, on this subject, is not justified.
      I appreciate the things you reviled about Jesus & that’s enough for me.
      Thanx Bright 😉

  4. Hi Bright,
    My thoughts on Jesus have changed over time. When I was young I was so confused by the teachings of Jesus as contrasted with the Old Testament Jehovah. Even as a kid I thought that Jehovah is surely petty and not all powerful as he claims. That cannot be the real God. I was very confused about Jesus. The sacrifice thing bothered me. Over time I began to think that Jesus was real, but setting an example as if to say ‘Hey kids, try this at home’. I feel being worshipped was farthest thing form his mind, and in fact, the opposite of what he was trying to achieve. I find accounts of his life and death very interesting, but what stays with me is the message of love and the empowering nature of selflessness, NOT necessarily self-sacrifice. With selflessness we stop clinging so desperately to our ego identities and realize, as you have said, we are part of the One. I think you, Bright, have experienced how threatened people are by the very idea of no-self.

    • Thanks Mary for sharing your experiences and how you see things. I agree with the mis-identification with what the real Jesus was probably like and that he would no doubt have resented worship. Yeah, you’re right. Most people cling so desperately to all ideas of self. It’s either fierce duality with me me me or non duality with oneness. And I think life must reflect both aspects of the human being and God.

      Most people seem to miss what Jesus was pointing us towards. Something so obvious. And of course later reformers of the church didn’t want that or didn’t get that and erected the salvationist God model which still reigns supreme.

      Thanks for joining in the conversation ! 😉

  5. Thank you for sharing this at all. Is it possible to ask about The Buddha in your (still ongoing?) questions for Anamika? In one of your blogs, you mentioned that you also considered him a myth. Is it possible to find out if this is true? Thank you Bright!

    • Hi Melaine – that’s a great question ! I am not going to be able to do that interview till much later in the year, as I am moving houses and have several months of getting my house livaable. But it’s a question I’ve always wondered, so I will definetly add it to the list. In the last few years I began to think the Buddha was a myth but perhaps he did exist ! Thanks for asking ? 😉

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