An Unusual UFO Sighting

Last night I went on my usual evening walk, which took me through the area I call the Contact Area. It’s a circuit about 4 km long. On my return journey, I was walking past the area I call the Little Forest at about 7:30 pm, when I noticed my left calf was wet, which I thought was odd. I stopped a minute and noticed a very strange sound coming from the air above towards the mountains on the other side of the valley. It sounded like something rotating/whirling through a tunnel. I then noticed a very big bird moving in the direction of the cliffs on the other side. I did a quick calculation and realized it was huge – much bigger than anything I’d ever seen. It took about 10 seconds to disappear over the cliffs. I was very curious, so I watched the area intently and then about 30 seconds later, the same object came flying towards the south-east, over the cliff. This time I could see that it was a typical discus shape and it was dark brown/black. It moved at a moderate speed for about 10 seconds and I very quickly realized it might be an ET craft, so I sent out the thought “If you are a visitor, please, will you come over here”. In that very instant, it turned downwards and fell about 50 meters very fast. At that point it suddenly appeared to transform into a red spiraling ribbon that was giving off some kind of reflection or light. It then moved back on a slight angle and seemed to disappear into the bottom of the cliff. I realized that it might not have changed shape but have opened something and what appeared to be a long spiraled ribbon was some kind of energetic opening.

I was really perplexed. I didn’t have a camera with me. I wasn’t thinking about ETs and I was totally unprepared. While it was moving, I measured it as best as I could against the canopies of the trees below and determined that it was maybe 6 or 7 m long – way too big for even a Wedge Tailed Eagle. What I am not ready to tell you however, is what took place next. Suffice to say, that I quickly asked if any beings were able to hear me and asked them who they might be. Something happened at that point and I need to wait a few weeks to see if something unfolds in relation to this.

After I returned to my car I drove up the road a few km’s to see if I could find any rational explanation for what I saw and heard but nothing out of the ordinary turned up. These cliffs are hundreds of meters above the nearest homes and way too high and rugged for any kind of remote aircraft.

Then something happened last night that may or may not be related. I woke up in the night with a sore throat. I didn’t think anything of it, except that I must have been snoring. Then today, I noticed I didn’t actually have a sore throat but 2 localized areas of pain on the outside of my throat. I’d misunderstood this last night. What is peculiar about this, is that it corresponds with a 2 cm white scar that just appeared on my neck one night a few years ago. I felt certain that was a result of some kind of ET follow-up. But I have no recollection of that happening last night or during my walk.

One final thing is worth mentioning. The area where I saw the UFO last night, is the same area where my son and I saw the flashes of light last year before we evacuated because of the bush fires. It’s also the same place I have seen orange flashes of light in the last few months. These mountains are home to what people have called Balls of Light and also there is a doorway in the ranges which is used by the beings I have referred to as the Insectoid Aliens.

I’d be curious to hear if anyone else is aware of craft that have changed like this or dissapeared in a similar fashion into the side of a mountain.

PS. Heading off for 2 days deep into Yowie country ! A whirlwind trip !


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  1. Amazing experience on your walk and during the night. Perhaps your ET friends came back to do a follow up on your throat area. They do seem to know when you are in the contact area and I believe they responded to the thoughts you sent out. If UFO crafts are able to cloak their appearance then why wouldn’t they be able to change shape as well? You live near an area that is very active. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn there were ET races living in those mountains or underground. May the coming days and weeks give you some clarity! 🙂

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