Scalearity and the size of ETs

I’d like to say something about the size of ETs and the subject of Scalearity.

A few years ago I made this lame video on Scalearity …



I made 4 videos that day, which was a bad idea, so I was knackered by then ! But I think it will give you a good introduction to the subject. I also wrote this post on the same subject :

I have always been a fan of ants. I love ants and find them absolutely fascinating. We have an ant here that is under 1 mm long and another one that is almost 30 mm (over 1 inch) long. The most aggressive ants are some of the small ones, about 2-3 mm long. But most of the ants get along pretty well. I’ve seen highly toxic ants like the Jumping Jack (the most dangerous ant in the world) who are about 10-12 mm long, get out of the way for tiny black ants that were only 2-3 mm long – as if they were afraid of getting attacked. So even in my own neighbourhood, there is a huge difference in the size of ants. Most probably fall in the 5 – 10 mm range.  So I think you could say that if you were to map the distribution of ant sizes, it would probably fit a normal distribution curve  ( with few ants who are really small or really big and most clustered somewhere around the middle. I think if we were to look at most animals or plants you would also discover that there is a kind of normal distribution in size (whether it’s height, length, girth or weight). Thinking about birds for example, at one end we have Ostriches, Emus, Emperor Penguins, Greater Rhea and Cassowaries, while at the other end you have some of the tiny finches and the Bee Humingbird.  Among primates, we have the Gorilla at one end and the largest humans and at the other end the Marmoset Monkey and Madam Berthe’s Mouse Lemur (at a mere 9.2 cm long).

So with this subject in mind, I’d like to say something about the size of ETs from my own experience of contact with 30 plus ET races. I have stated before that we have to be careful in applying the well-known Hermetic Creed “As Above, So Below” or more correctly “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.” , to the entire cosmos ( But when it comes to the sizes of organisms, I would say that this is a reasonable way of thinking. What we see on Earth, accurately reflects what is true throughout the cosmos. Life does exist on all scales.

So let me give you some examples from my experiences :

  • The Teal’hia (Brownies) are roughly 3.5-4 feet tall
  • The Sawronde (Tall Aliens) are between 10-15 feet tall
  • The Warbell are about 9 feet tall
  • The Haenty are between 2-3 feet tall
  • The Chenntrame are all less than 12 inches
  • The Nalptnto (Hoofy Foots) are between 3-4 feet tall
  • The Sarpalxn are between 5-6 feet tall
  • The Muajra are between 4-4.5 feet tall
  • The Harlcha are between 17-19 feet tall
  • The Talegy are between 4.5-6 feet tall.

I have been told about a race of beings who are about 30 feet tall and I know of a race of shape shifting beings (who look like a black amorphous gel in their natural form) who can take on any size they like (I’m not sure what the limits on that are).

So from my own experience, there does seem to be a natural distribution in size that fits a kind of normal curve – with fewer small and tall races. Most ETs visiting Earth, that I know of, are between 3-6 feet tall. Most are also very thin but I know of one race who we would say is obese. They carry their abdomens in a kind of wheeled cart. A larger abdomen, is a kind of sign of status or humility. There are some tall ETs who are very thin and others who are very broad and heavy.

I do not know what the upper and lower limits are on ET sizes but I suspect there maybe space faring races who are ant size and others well beyond even our imaginations.

What I can tell you for absolute certain, is that size is irrelevant when it comes to the nature of ET relationships. I have seen a 6 inch Chenntrame getting along perfectly with a 5 feet Talegy and seen the Sawronde be very loving and respectful to the Teal’hia and another very tall race that they had on board their craft. Dude and Dude’s race have diplomatic relationships and very close relationships with ETs that span the entire spectrum. I’ve seen Dude talking with very small ETs and ETs 3 times his height. He treats them all the same. Size has nothing to do with the quality of relationships. Where as among humans, we voluntarily or involuntarily discriminate on the basis of size. You’re too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short etc etc. It is a non-existent issue among the space faring ETs. Now among the planet bound species like us, it might be a completely different issue.

The only issue I have seen between races of different sizes, is that it can be difficult to fully communicate. I have seen the Harlcha and Sawronde bend right over or sit down and bend over to communicate with smaller races. Some small races also have the capacity to change the size of their craft, their crafts inner world or the size of visitors, to overcome the difficulty of interacting and communicating. Think about Dr Who’s Tardis and you’ll get it !

Perhaps the hall-mark of a truly mature race, is that they can bridge superficial differences such as size and appearance. I have heard some humans describe certain ETs as ugly and I can’t help wondering “Have you looked in the mirror recently ?”. Our outer appearance is irrelevant to how well we can connect ! But among humans, it has been a source of discord, since our species first evolved. If we want to be welcomed into the greater collectives and allowed to become a space faring race, we need to get over such superficial differences and start celebrating and enjoying all the diversity that exists on our own planet !

Some more reading here :




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