Interacting with Dude’s craft

Some of you will remember me telling you that the ET I refer to as Dude, came and visited me twice on the same day on September 20th  last year ( I talked a little about that first visit, when Dude took me forward up to 20 years into my own future and the future of several relatives and back over 2,000 years to see the birth of the Boab Tree we were visiting. But I haven’t talked about the second visit, which occurred later that evening. I’m not going to talk about that experience until I am truly ready because what took place really was almost beyond words and I’m still processing the experience. What I want to tell you however is about my time on Dude’s craft during a little of that experience. Dude had told me that he came to me for the first visit to test if I was up to going away with him and so that he could answer some of my questions. I seemed to be able to handle that first experience but Dude seemed to be altering my body in some way to make it easier for me. In the second visit, he took me to another world, that was a favourite of his – a place his own father had taken him many times, when he was a child.

Remember, I had just over 24 hours with him, maybe 21 hours during that second journey – so a lot happened. I want to convey some things to you about my experience with his craft.

This is a very big craft. I honestly don’t know how big it is, at least at this point in my memory of the event, but I remember walking through many different areas of the craft and seeing and meeting many different individuals. And what’s odd, is that when we see a UFO, we have the impression that it usually has a kind of symmetry. Well Dude’s craft doesn’t seem to be symmetrical. I remember, I entered in a small round room after he came and held my hand, walked down a hall, spent time talking with the individual I call Number 1, in a large bubble shaped room with what we would think of as windows, then came to a fork and we went right down a long hall, past a very large meeting room and then down to the left where we came to this bubble shape that was just hanging out on the corner. That ended up being my room. By the time I arrived in the room, I was dumbfounded as to the shape of the craft because it seemed to go every which way !

So Dude and I are in the room and tells me he has to go and attend to something (the craft later informs me that he’s helping with some negotiations of sorts between two races). I am in the room and then the craft begins speaking out loud to me. This craft was made for Dude and it was given to him to help him in the work that he does. The craft is essentially bonded to him and he has given it a very simple but sweet name based on an experience he had on Earth. But the craft informs me that it asks different individuals to call it different names – names that it gives them, that have some significance to that person or something the craft wants them to know. There are others, including Dude’s own people, who call Dude’s craft the same name he calls it. So, I’m having this conversation with the craft out loud and it gives me a name to call it – a name that relates to an ancient people who once lived on Earth, that once spent time on the craft. People it was actually very fond of. It asks me if I’m hungry and I am and it makes me some fried chicken drumsticks. The craft has created a room that exactly reflects what I would want because it knows my preferences. Dude had also done something funny, at least he thought it was funny. He had the craft create a couch that had a movable footrest. When he came back in the room later, he was showing off on it, teasing me with  “So you like it ?”, while he’s putting his feet out and kicking the footrest. There was also a beautiful minimalist bed facing a very large curved window. The craft dissolved the food and plates when I was finished and then we had a long discussion about where we were. Dude came in and then the craft created a very clear 3 dimensional map I could walk through and asked me what kind of format I would like to see our journey in. I was a bit baffled by that comment, so I asked him just to show me something I’m familiar with. So he showed me what we would interpret as our galaxy but it looked nothing like the galaxy we think we know. He mapped out where we were and where we were going and poked fun at me saying we were going “sloooooowwwwww”, so that I could enjoy sthe view. Then he told me about the planet we were going to visit and why we were going to visit it and as he was talking, the craft proceeded to show me two of the key races who lived on the planet, in different profiles. Dude gave me the chance to ask a few questions, which the craft visualized answers to and then he took me into the bathroom and gave me a quick demonstration about how to use the everything that was in there. Because I’d had experiences in communicating with sentient craft before, he didn’t take long. But this time, rather than encouraging me to touch the craft, as different entities usually do, he mostly encouraged me to talk to the craft. You have to understand that these craft interact with thousands of life forms and understand the preferences of individual species and individual beings – so it knows what you probably need for you to go to the toilet or freshen up and what kind of food you like to eat. But it gives you complete choice. You can choose whatever facility you want for toileting or bathing or showering. It’s up to you ! It’s no fuss to the craft. Dude even had it make a spa for me, because he knows we don’t have a bath anymore and I love spas ! There was also a shower in there and one thing that amazed me was that the steam just disappeared. Dude made a joke before hand that I could use as much water as I want because “There’s plenty more where that came from !”.

So when you’re onboard, you see things that defy our understanding of reality and how our world normally works but you do get used to it. These craft are sentient and connected to so much. They create matter from – well I don’t know what to call it. But they create matter, as it’s required. So you want to eat and they’ll make you a meal and the plates and cutlery and cups and table if you want and then they’ll take it away and break down all the matter and reabsorbs it back to wherever it came from. You do get used to it but it is pretty wierd. I mean I was sitting on a long comfy recliner couch eating fried chicken looking at these planets we were going past and this craft is having a conversations with me and then when I’m done, I put the plate down on my left with the chicken bones I didn’t finish chewing (I’m a chewer from way back !) and then everything just dissolves into thin air. It’s freaky at first but you grow accustomed to it !

When I go to bed I never listen to music but as kid I loved listening to music when I went to sleep. So Dude was clowning around, joking about the speakers that were in the bed head and when I had a nap the craft played this beautiful music to help me sleep.

At one point I was concerned that my enjoying the view and having a wash and a nap would hold us up and then the craft told me not to worry, it could speed up as much as was required.

At one point I asked it about the other craft of its kind and it told me something I had never heard before – at least not in this way. It said that the Muajra craft are created in what we would kind of think of as families – large groups of craft that are related in some way. What that means, I’m not really sure. And there are craft that spend much of their time outside of what we think of as this universe and others that are more local and others like this individual, who move through many different universes or realities. But all of them are connected. They are in constant dialogue with one another. They know what each craft is experiencing and have a kind of collective memory that helps to educate one another. So whatever one experiences becomes an education for all the others. So if they encounter similar situations or go to new places, they will have access to these shared memories, which will guide them in their new experiences. And because the Muajra can commune with the consciousness of the craft, they too share in the collective memories.

A small side note. This is a craft that has been with Dude for a long time. Dude plays a key role in the affairs of this planet and because he does, his craft does as well. So keep in mind the things I said about what this craft can know and do. And when you hear people talking about malevolent ETs planning to take over Earth and the Galactic Federation of Light fighting the Galactic Federation of Dark, just remember that one of the Muajra craft are enough to immobilize any foreign threat to Earth, no matter where it comes from. There is no threat, only the threat we dream up in our imaginations. And when you hear about people talking about how the Powers that Be are planning on taking down the ETs or back engineering there craft, ask yourself what they could possibly do against a craft like this and how they could possibly reverse engineer something so absolutely alien. It would be like taking your iPad back to the stone age and saying “figure it out !”. There are those in power that want something like a Muajra or Teal’hia or a Sawronde craft but if they had it, they wouldn’t have a clue.

One final thing. This craft and others like it, know everything they are allowed to know about you, including your memories – those that you are conscious of and those you are not. It values your story as much as any other sentient being it has ever encountered. And all that a Muajra would have to do to understand you, is to sit and spend a little time communing with one of it’s craft or touching your mind at a distance. When you can know something that intimately, you don’t need to do many of the popular ideas that pass for ET contact.


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  1. Very nice read Bright. One day I hope to connect with Dude and have him pass a message to you from me. Though a simple request it would be so cool. The message would be simple and short and you would know that it came from me. I have been thinking about this idea for over a year now. Again very nice read Bright.

  2. Awesome dude. How cool it would be to have a friend such as dudes transporter.

  3. Very interesting Bright!
    I’m wondering about the food & especially the chicken drumsticks. Did you felt & tasted it was real chicken or maybe something artificial ?
    Would Dude’s craft give you real chicken? given the fact what Dude said about how precious every life on Earth is ? & that we humans live on behalf of other species….this statement has got me thinking going vegetarian 🙂
    The ET’s you know of don’t eat meet right?
    Thanx Bright 🙂

    • Or maybe the craft can manufacture chicken on a molecule level without it being real, just to satisfy human needs ?

      • Hey JD – the food is as natural as our food but its created from fundamental matter. It tastes just like real chicken. Yes Dude’s people don’t eat meat but they know that others do, so they respect that.

        All teh food they create is a recreation of what people eat on their own worlds. It’s created to your particualr palate ! As you would cook it. Mine was nice and flavoured with spices and had a texture exactly how I like it. Honestly it was so good, I didn’t want it to end. But I wasn’t there just to eat, so I only had a small portion.

        You’d think that because it wasn’t a real chicken it wouldn’t taste the same but it did. The only difference is that something didn’t die to feed my hunger ! 😉

    • Thanx for clarifying Bright. That’s what I thought 😉 Wonderful & amazing insights to how their crafts work 🙂

  4. Thats awesome man what an experience! Would love to know more about the ancient people that once lived here on earth? If at all possible.

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