Why I don’t report my UFO sightings or ET contacts

Twice in my life I have attempted to report UFO sightings and on both occasions, no one returned my call. But regardless of this, over the years I have developed this sense that these are MY EXPERIENCES. I don’t need to tell someone else what I’ve seen and have them come out and document my experience. What would I gain from that ? People don’t have researchers document their sightings of angels or ghosts or hearing the voice of God or something invisible call their name do they ? Maybe they do and my head is just out of the loop ! ET contact is very personal to me. I am happy to share my experiences but the last thing I want is someone to come point a science stick in my face and compile a report of my UFO sighting or ET contact ! I suppose there is the argument of doing it to benefit humanity but is it necessary to document what a person saw or experienced for a network of people who wish they were having their own experiences or feel alone because they are having experiences ? I’m not really sure that I see value in groups like MUFON, that seem to be dominated by egotistic personalities and hijacked by the ideas of popular culture and what’s hot and what’s not !

So now I’ll say something you may see as a contradiction.

I have decided that I will pursue the Global ET Contact Research Network because I think it’s important that we discover more about what ET contact teaches us about who we are. I can learn nothing through this network about the ETs. I don’t really see a personal benefit in this network, which is one of the reasons I almost dropped the whole thing. I learn through my contact experiences. But I can learn about people through looking at their experiences. And I think that’s the information that has greatest value to humanity and that’s the information that is most lacking. John Mack was the only person to get close to that approach to researching this subject. If along the way, the masses learn more about the ETs and the truth of our cosmic family, all well in good. But it’s the human element that matters most to me.

So do I think that reporting a UFO or a contact experience has any value at all ? I’m not sure but I can see value in knowing that a certain place has had sightings or contacts. One of the things I did many years ago, was cross-reference places in Australia where crop circles had been reported and places in Australia where UFOs or ET contacts had been reported. It helped me to map certain suspicions I had and to validate those suspicions. But do I think every person who witnesses these phenomenon ought to make a report ? No, of course not. It is up to them to decide how personal the experience feels to them. Each person ought to ask themselves, “Why do I need to report this ?” and decide whether it’s in their best interests first. Bugger humanity, think about your own needs first.

Is my attitude contradictory ? Yes. But it’s OK to have contradictions ! I’m human after all !


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  1. Is there value in reporting UFO sightings. The answer is yes and no. From personal experience with MUFON here is what happened to me. I seen a classic flying disc at night and it was close enough that I could make out some details on the bottom of it. If you go to my website look for my MUFON report. The link is broken to the sketch but I’ll fix that soon just use the case number for now to search it. This is what The investigation entailed from my report. They got me to fill out a questionnaire and that was it. I didn’t persue it as I have no faith in them. Pardon the cussin Bright but MUFON can straight up go fuck them selves. I know for a fact that they are corrupt and can’t be trusted and I can prove it but do to the legality of it I can’t say a dam thing. Frustrating as hell. Some people are realizing what MUFON is like and waking up. I will no longer report anything to them. All I do now is document and share my experiences on my website. So back to the question its a good idea to report sightings to a database that can be shared with other experiencers so that they can engage each other in conversations so the answer is Yes to report but no to MUFON. I would like nothing better than to blow MUFON out of the water and sit back and watch them squirm. Ok my rant is over Bright pardon the cussing and you may edit or remove my post. Cowaa Bunga Dude!

  2. Personally I don’t see the value of reporting to any formal agency. Sharing experiences with those you feel close to is one thing but having a group of investigators show up at your door with their own set of rules and judgments doesn’t bring value to the whole thing. The experiencer knows what they saw, heard, etc and I don’t believe they need an official stamp of approval to make it so. I agree with Bright that it’s a personal thing. Our ET friends work with certain people for specific reasons. I don’t feel the need to officially report any experiences but I do enjoy sharing some of my experiences with other like minded people.

  3. Whats you’r toughts on the sighting on this video? ( asking any body 🙂 )

    It was in sweeden but don’t know exactly where.

    The reflections on the metalic looking disc I think looks very real and it fits the environment.

  4. This was allegedly reviewed by a professions that had his voice disguised in the clip which I found odd. The alleged proffesional that we don’t know who he is is calling the clip legit. On the other hand a well known professional that I know out of California that worked on special effects for several Hollywood movies is calling it a hoax. I tend to lean towards my friend in California on this one. Though it is a very cool clip for sure.

    • I have looked at it before. but now when i’m Looking at it again each frame I noticed something i haven’t before that i thought was weird. but i kon’t know, it’s so blury.

      Maybe I might try to make a fake video myself he he. I’m curious if it would work as good.
      Have done something similar before. i recorded one video clip and made a 3D model of a truck then animated it and when i was done I had a video of a truck flying in the air 🙂

      • If i finnish the video, I may add a title to the video saying its fake. Not going to use it to fool anybody 🙂

      • Go for it. May you enjoy your creation Falkesolberg and may it be better than my recent hoax of strange creatures in front of the sun ! Technically they were but in a plastic container ! Have fun ! 😉

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