Interview with an ancient alien (questions 1-6)

Hey folks, please find attached the first installment of the interview with Dude – answers to questions 1-6 : . I still have several questions to ask Dude but both of us have been busy and unable to find time when we are both free to sit down and complete the interview. It’s also been a much longer process than I thought it would be. Dude has not (so far) been physically present for the interview, unlike when he just pops in unexpected or when he came to take me away for a day last year. I had to sit in a very quiet environment and transcribe everything he said to me, as fast as I could. As a result, there were lots and lots of typos and grammatical errors. I then had to sit down to proof read the entire document and have been slowly editing it and putting it into a readable format. Dude wss very patient with me as I transcribed what he said but I still made lots of mistakes, hit the wrong key here and there, hit caps lock a few times etc. Anyway, I’ve now edited half of the interview and am going to try to ask Dude the final questions later this week.

If you have never heard of Dude, it would heed you well to read all about his race the Muajra here : and all about Dude here : and here : .

If Dude is foreign to you, here’s a brief primer on him :

  • Dude is over 8,000 years old and Dude is not his real name.
  • His people are the Muajra and come from a distant galaxy.
  • Dude is one of 9 aliens who represent the upper structure of what I call The Architecture.
  • The Architecture has been part of our planet, in various different forms for about 5,500 years.
  • Dude works closely with a human ET I publicly call Number 1.
  • Dude is very close to my ex wife, who once worked in a covert project with Earth based ETs. He chose to connect with me, after she told me about him. He is her confidant/best friend/guide, not mine. But he tolerates me and is kind to me and watches out for our son.
  • Dude likes to swear and has a very acidic tongue.
  • Dude is a lot like the ET Paul in the movie of the same name and I sometimes think he may have influenced the two British writers (and main actors) of the film, as there are numerous parallels and some things that are exactly identical.
  • Dude is unlike members of his own race, who for the most part, are very gentle and kindly spoken.
  • Dude uses sarcasm for a reason.
  • Dude can change physical form at will. I am not sure if he merely does it with will or uses technology to assist. He wears a small device on his wrist at all times.
  • Dude can move readily though what we think of time and space.
  • When working on Earth, Dude lives in a specific country in a house and looks like a human to those who see him, unless he reveals what he really looks like.
  • Dude regularly interacts with the 40-50 ET doorway keepers and 40-50 ETs who work in world governments.
  • Dude has embarrassed and terrified some of the worlds most powerful people. and he likes doing it !
  • Dude is a creamy light green in colour and comes exactly up to my nipples (which I think is about 4 feet – I can’t quite remember but I did measure it once).
  • Dude can know what anyone is thinking or feeling at any time, if he wants to. Dude knows my most intimate secrets and even my most fleeting thoughts, when he wishes to.

I think that paints a good picture of what Dude is like. At least it will give you some idea of who he is and his character.

There are some details in the Dude interview that are relatively specific. I have not checked them to the nth degree, although others may. I have merely taken what Dude said to me as fact.

As you read Dude’s answers to your questions (and my questions), you will notice that he talks a certain way. Dude does speak a certain way and in the interview he explains why he does that. But also, he speaks to me a certain way and I have heard him speak differently to other humans and have been told that he speaks very different to other ETs and to his own race. He is able to adapt his personality to the needs of specific cultures and individuals. Dud spoke to me in a way that I would understand and I had the decided impression, that there were times when he had to dumb things down. I know from my time away with him, that sometimes he has to do that, so that I can understand what he wishes to explain to me. It’s not that he looks down on me but he’s trying to connect in the best way possible. So, as you read his answers, don’t think he’s looking down on you, he’s trying to connect with you. As I have said before, he’s no love and light alien; he pulls no punches ! And while you may think, that Dude looks down on humanity and thinks very little of us, from the way that he talks, that’s not true at all. He chose to come here and he stays here because he cares for Earth and for individual people. He may not care much for humanity. i don’t honestly know. But he cares immensely for certain people and many of teh other life forms that inhabit our planet. he is however, not a fan of cats. He once spent time in our home while we were away, with another ET who you might think of as a doorway keeper. The two of them watched horror movies and at popcorn with a couple of other individuals. While they were here, they fed our 3 cats Pizza and bemused themselves, as one of our cats pissed on my sons bed. Dude made sure the cats had Pizza and cat food but he made no effort to show them any affection. He even hissed at the one that pissed on my son’s bed.

Dude is a funny person. You really would like him ! But he is also very sarcastic, very serious, very responsible, cares immensely for Earth, has been caring for us for a very long time and yet, has very little tolerance for many humans.

Dude consented to this interview, long after I initially asked him and without my prompting for an answer. He did so, I think, because he wants humans to know that there are beings from other worlds, who do care about them and who love this planet very much. I think he also consented because he wants you to know that many of them are nothing like our popular culture would have us believe. Dude is truly one of a kind and through him, I think I am learning to know more of what it is to be human. But I am also learning about the nature of reality itself.

It is my wish, that through my dialogues with him, that you too will learn more about the nature of reality and come to know more about what it is to be human. Ultimately, it’s not what Dude has to say that matters but the impact his responses have on your perceptions.

Any errors in the interview are mine alone, so please let me know if there are any glaring errors. And feel free to continue sending me your questions for Anamika.

Grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and relax and enjoy the first part of the interview !


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  1. Thank you so much Bright for sharing the first part of Dude’s answers to the questions. Great questions and fascinating responses from Dude. I especially appreciated the response he gave to his encounters with human suffering. It’s clear that humans have a very long way to go and a great deal to learn. I like the point Dude made when he told you that humans aren’t the only earthlings inhabiting the planet. All life forms here are earthlings. Thank you Bright and Thank You Dude! 🙂

  2. Thank you very much Bright & Dude! I can just only imagine how time consuming this interview has been for you….you are a grate interviewer Bright & I really enjoy it 🙂
    I was curiously awaiting for this & at the same time I was a little fearful of Dude’s answers (expectations & control eh), given all the warnings you have told us about Dude. I was expecting much worse, but on the contrary I feel he’s kind & caring. I found his answers quite gentle, compassionate, easily understandable & exact 🙂
    I have to say that I’m surprised how blind I was to the fact that we humans put us in the center of the Earth! when there is so much more then “only us” here!
    I’m very much looking forward to the rest!
    Thanx again Bright & Dude for this wonderful insight to Dude’s world 😉 🙂

  3. Wow thanks bright this is amazing! I want to thank dude also for providing his time to inspire all of us. Im not sure if its just me but i just wanna do better in every aspect of my life after this. Makes me feel as if we were connected to the universe like all the other planets. Which is awsome thanks you!!!

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