The Summoner of What ?

I have previously expressed support for Robert Bingham, the man who calls himself The UFO Summoner. I never liked the way that Robert uses that phrase because we don’t summon the ETs, we ask them to come and they respond using their own free will. I liked the way that Robert encouraged others to ask for contact with the heart and the ETs appeared to respond.

Since then I have watched a lot more of Robert’s videos and I am no longer convinced that Robert is seeing and filming what he claims. I asked my psychic ex wife to look at them and she took one look at his videos and said “crap !”. I’ve always trusted her psychic abilities to discern the truth. Which is why others have used her skills in an official capacity. So, I am looking at Robert’s videos and I can’t help thinking, that despite the fact that ET craft can morph and can transform into any shape the ETs desire, it looks for all the world like Robert is filming balloons. I don’t know how he does it, but it wouldn’t take much effort to have a second person release balloons at your command or at a set time. ET craft don’t have tethers, lines, feathers or string attached to them. I’m sure that’s a very common complaint that Robert is familiar with but I think there is good reason for that.

It seems that Robert does film a real UFO from time to time but they are the minority of his videos. I think he mixes truth with half truth. Perhaps he started out seeing them and then decided to set up a hoax. I’m not sure. When you listen carefully to how Robert speaks about what he is experiencing and filming, there’s a naivety and an ignorance there and a lot of assumptions. I was really quite moron for taking him seriously !

Perhaps if Robert had something atypical to say about his contacts with the ETs, something other than the Californian Model of ET, I might feel different about him.

I’ve made up my mind, after initially thinking he was the real deal. See what you think !


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  1. Actually I stopped to subscribe to his channel some months ago, as I felt the same as you. The 1:st 4 videos are balloons IMO the 5:th could be real…but he’s credibility is very low, also he organizes ufo sightings summits & charges money for it…& money can make people do stupid things!
    What about this man: ?
    The reporter seas “We picked the date, time & place” but was that known to the man in advance…say 1h, is enough to bring an “accomplice”, or was he taken there directly?

    • Yeah I’ve seen him many times before. He’s an interesting character. I think like Ted Owens (PK Man), he probably is making contact but doesn’t really understand how it happens apart from prayer – which I suppose is not so different to asking ETs to come. People seem to have different interpretations of what they do. The whole summon thing is a bit uncomfortable for me. Thanks JD.

      • This have just appeared on facebook: (from Spirit Science on FB) what’s your thoughts Bright?

      • Sorry for my “rush posting” Bright! I should have read the Whole message & think what you’ve been saying about this subject, before I posted it!
        I think I already know your answer Bright 🙂
        Maybe it’s part of some deception or just 1 mans eager to get attention.
        My thoughts after reading it….well it’s BS! coz the ET’s are asking us to spread the message (surely they would have the means to do it themselves?) & the underling tone at the end “you have a free will to chose…but if you say no then…suite yourselves, things gonna go bad”
        PS. You can delete the message if you want Bright:)

  2. Bingham has taught so many people how to make contact. Even if you don’t like the word summoning it is a real form to make contact and they do appear with practice and peaceful intent. I have also seen them mimic all kinds of objects. Eventually it will be discovered that anomalies are flying all over our skies, mostly invisible to our eyes in the infrared spectrum, and that these anomalies can transform there shape into almost anything with precise detail. Much like under water creatures that use camouflage. Many ufo researchers are now putting forth this theory. At least for some of the sightings that are being recorded regularly.

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