Reconnecting with the Yowie People

Last year I began to seriously try to establish contact with what we humans (here in Australia) call the Yowie. I’d established contact with a female who calls herself Teathar and for want of a better word her partner. They belong to what I guess we’d call a clan that live elsewhere in the mountain range. There are several clans scattered across the mountain range and I’ve been told they number in the low 30’s. I was originally told about the Yowie people by the group of 8 ETs I have regular internal and sometimes external contact with. After my original contacts I began to wonder if it was all in my head, despite physical evidence that something was happening. But it was only after my friend house sat for me for 3 days and heard a persistent growling/calling of my name (or something like it) from dusk till dawn, after I asked for her to visit and promptly forgot and went away to the city; that I became convinced..

So yesterday I went back out into the bush to establish telepathic contact with Teathar. And sure enough she connected with me. Much to my surprise she seemed very happy that I had tried to connect again and has encouraged me to trust what I’m experiencing. You know, sometimes it’s very difficult to trust an experience that’s partly just a voice in your head. For me, it’s only when the physical stuff happens – the vocalizations, the touches, the tree knocks and the taking of gifts that I feel convinced there’s really something going on. But this is exactly how I felt about ET contact in the early days. I doubted my sanity and I did everything I could to rationalize it away. But it kept coming back and then I had shared events and a host of physical anomalies I couldn’t explain.

So Teathar has promised to come visit and I in return have promised to leave gifts and to try to make contact often.

She told me where her clan lives and said that I was welcome to come camp near them. But that part of the mountains has been fairly inaccessible for much of the year. If the fires stay at bay and the Autumn rains are gentle, I might try to trek up there in a few months. It’s very hostile and remote country. Not somewhere you want to get lost or stuck without food or water. But I’m excited about going.

So, I know I don’t need to go anywhere to have contact with the Yowie people. They can come and go as they like anywhere they please. I’ve invited them into my house but I’m not sure if they can fit, as they are extremely tall and wide. I’ve also invited them to visit around my house, as Teathar apparently did last year.

One of the people who has done a good job of documenting his experiences with the Sasquatch is Mike Patterson of Sasquatch Ontario Mike seems to be having legitimate encounters and seems to have developed a relationship with a being called Nefertia. I like Mike but he has plenty of skeptics and debunkers, who are keen to see his entire contact story exposed as a fraud. Chris from Speaking of Sasquatch recently spent time with Mike and documented his experiences. Whilst visiting Mike, Chris also had his own experiences.

Mike’s relationship (and the owner of the property he visits) with the Sasquatch, seems to confirm their interdimensional identity. In other words, the Sasquatch appear to know their true nature and the nature of reality and see all time space as one indivisible whole. Because of this they appear to be able to move through time space with ease.

At some point, it is my wish to learn what the Yowie people call themselves and about their relationship to the ETs. The ETs have explained something of their relationships to the other Hairy Folk inhabiting our planet and their relationship to other Hairy ETs but I’m curious to hear it from the Yowies themselves. It might interest you to know that one of my ET friends told me where most of the Hairy Folk are located on our planet. According to her, there are approximately :

  • 1,800 in the US
  • 3,000 in Canada
  • 1,465 in Australia
  • 3,500 in the Ural Mountains/forest in Russia
  • 1,200 in China
  • 450 in the African continent
  • 250 scattered elsewhere on the Earth.

In total, there are somewhere around 11,000 + individuals and they are extremely long lived. There are slightly more females than males. Previously there were about 2.5 million of them but their numbers have dramatically declined since the evolution of homo sapiens. Significant losses occurred in the 14th-15th centuries, due to the rapid expansion of the human population and subsequent loss of habitat. That seems ironic to me, given that Europe was also ravaged by the plague around the same time. But that’s what I was told.

Even though the Hairy Folk live in specific locations, they appear (like the ETs) to be able to materialize (or phase in and out) of our reality.

Some of the people who have heard about my ET contact experiences, have told me that they couldn’t believe it when I mentioned Yowies. Why I wonder ? I mean really, isn’t it just as likely that there are beings on this planet that remain unknown to us ? So called cryptids abound. Sure, some of them are myths and symbols but surely some of them represent real living beings ? To the people who doubt Yowies and Saquatches and Yetis and the ability to make contact with them but who are interested in ET contact, I say “You are willing to make contact with the unknown “out there” but not “here” ?”. All it takes is an open heart and an open mind. And the same approaches to making contact with ETs seem to work in making contact with the Hairy Folk.

So anyway, yesterday I re-established contact with Teathar. Then just before dawn I woke up and went to the toilet and when I came back to bed, I had an unusual experience. I began to hear a drone through my pillow. I put my head under the pillow and lifted it off the pillow and realized that it seemed to be coming from the ground. The drone than began modulating and pulsing. I sat up several times to see if the motor in my fridge was making a sound but it was making a different sound. I felt like I should go outside and look around but I didn’t because I was tired and I wanted some more sleep. So I lay there listening to it. Trying to determine what it might be. There are few tourists here at the moment and none at all around us, so it couldn’t be a spa or something at 5:30 am. And besides, I know all the sounds of our local area. This I couldn’t recognize. Then after I listened to it for maybe 15 minutes, it suddenly turned off and when it did I could hear my fridge humming in the background.

So that was odd ! I don’t think it had anything to do with Teathar but it may have been ET related. In 2009 just prior to the Sawronde arriving in my back yard, I heard a persistent drone that I couldn’t make sense of. Then when the Teal’hia (and later Sawronde) came in 2011, they created 2 tones (one of them seemed to be was coming from the Earth and one seemed to be coming from the sky) that merged into one unique tone, that I believe they created so that I could remain fully conscious when they took me on board their craft (and later to merge with the light). As of this moment, I have no idea what this mornings sound was but I am open to the possibility that it was ET or maybe Yowie related.


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  1. Amazing. I remember back when I was in high school I wanted to take a road trip around the US in an attempt to meet a big foot (never did). I had the same impression that you do about their species being able to evade the human perception much like the ETs do. Thanks for sharing this, I am really curious about them as well.

  2. I must admit I was never interested in Yowies coz I thought it was in the same category like the Loch Ness Monster & kind of a man made tourist attraction, I guess I was narrow minded 🙂

    But now after reading about your experiences with the Yowies, & that they are interdimensional, know their true nature, can establish telepathic contact, are in contact with ET’s, have their own language etc. I see it in a different way.
    & I’m thinking maybe they have deliberately made space for us humans here on Earth out of compassion & love?….& that they are highly evolved spiritual beings that love to live out in the nature, woods & mountain areas, they don’t need space crafts & technology coz they can travel at their own spiritual way anyway?….just my first & very noobish thoughts about the Yowies, after reading your story & watching some videos for the 1:st time about this subject.
    I’m very curious about the Hairy Folks now ! It would be very interesting to know more about our next door neighbors 🙂
    Thanx Bright for reminding me of the impotence of having an open mind 🙂

    • I felt much like that too Relax – I thought they were a lost hominid or some other primate but something kept nagging away at me the last 10 years “go find out” ! So I did !

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