A viewing of an undersea anomaly and 2 lucid dreams about plane crashes

Yesterday I totally forgot that last week I had 2 lucid dreams about plane crashes. Two to three times a year I have plane crash dreams and sometimes they seem to be precognitive. But at other times they are clearly symbolic. I think I have plane crash dreams because my Dad was a flight engineer and I spent so much time as a child/adolescent around aircraft. Planes and plane crashes seem to resonate with some kind of archetype and provide me with unconscious knowledge that I seem to need. But I am not sure why I actually see plane crashes sometimes before they happen.

I had the first dream on Monday the 22nd December and it followed a viewing session, in which I was looking at an undersea anomaly. So let me tell you about that first. This was the second time I’d looked at this particular anomaly. The first session was almost a year ago.

I was looking at how this particular anomaly came to be in its current position. My intention was to go back prior to its arrival but I didn’t get around to doing that fully because I was still tired and sick with the Flu. So I was looking at its current locale and examining the surrounding features of the landscape. 2 remarkable features where that this object appeared to bisect an undersea mountain range before coming to rest. Where it impacted, was a large semi circular gauge at the rear. In front of the mountain it gouged out a huge scar before coming to rest. Looking at the surface of the structure, I noticed it had 2 primary grooves. One near the center and a smaller one to the right. There was another smaller groove on the left. After looking at the exterior surface of the object, I looked inside the object. I noticed that several areas of the object (a craft) had been breached and were full of water. But there were other areas of the craft that were still water tight and relatively intact. I looked through the craft and found several sites where their were the remains of entities. One of these appeared to be a kind of control room, where the entities were apparently thrust against one side of the room,  by the impact of the crash.

After looking inside the craft, I went back and tracked it coming down. It appeared to have lost control just after it entered our atmosphere but it may have been having problems before then. At this point I was too tired and had to wind things up.

I’m keen to go back and explore this anomaly in more depth. I was merely curious and wanted to follow up on my initial viewing.

I had previously been shown 2 apparent undersea colonies (bases ?) belonging to two different races. But prior to the first viewing session, I had never looked at these kinds of anomalies. I’m not sure about the accuracy of what I saw. And there are details I haven’t mentioned here. So, I’ll just be keeping an eye out for what comes into our collective attention.

So after this viewing session,  as I lay on the bed resting, I suddenly felt overwhelmed and tired and was unexpectedly overcome by sleep. It was then I had teh first lucid dream. So I’ll quote now directly from my dream journal :

 I was watching the clouds with Toa and taking photos with my iPod or something like that. After a while, something appeared in the clouds. It came out and it was huge – a large shiny metallic, purple, ovoid structure (bug like), that then developed vibrant green eyes (like a green-fly). It began moving downwards and then there were two of them and one developed a cat’s face.

Then suddenly I was flying up into the sky. I could see a small cloud and then a UFO came out. A purple craft with swept back wings. It flew out and then hovered and I could see (or I knew) that 2 planes had exploded and bodies began falling from the sky. I couldn’t see wreckage, only bodies. I looked and several km away I saw a dozen or so white bodies falling downwards into the sea. Then suddenly my eyes notice someone falling in a plane seat and my vision rapidly moves closer to about 500 m away and I see them helpless and unmoving, falling towards the sea. The dream ends abruptly. 

I remember that the dream had quite an impact on me. Despite the symbolic comical elements early on, it felt very profound. At first I thought maybe it was a plane crash and then I thought that maybe it was related to what I had been viewing and then I changed my mind back again. I’m still unclear about which elements of the dream are symbolic and which maybe something else. Typically when I have a precognitive dream, it has a powerful feeling associated with it and it leaves me troubled. This was one of those dreams. 

Then on the 23rd of December I had another lucid dream. From my dream journal :

I’m inside a jet plane with lots of Asian passengers and the passengers are all trying to look out of the windows on the left. There is a small twin engine plane flying up wards towards them. It’s right engine is on fire. Have the blades been bent back or twisted ? Then suddenly the pilot, tries to turn right but the small plane hits it and both planes explode. Then the scene shifts and I am watching the small plane – something happens – something hits it and it has a fire in the right engine. Now I am inside the plane. There are 4 passengers on the right hand side (2 +2) and 2 passengers on the left hand side (1+1).  The pilot is having trouble controlling the plane. He yells out something and the guy sitting at the front on the left comes up and takes the pilot’s seat, while the pilot goes back to look at the engine. He looks very distressed. He then goes back to the front and the other guy sits on his right. He puts on his headset and the two of them are talking frantically. It seems like he’s lost control of the plane and it’s heading upwards – maybe on a slight angle. Then suddenly I see the jet out the right window. The passengers see it and scream. But it’s too late it hits the undercarriage and both planes explode. Now I am outside about 50-100 m just below the jet. It is climbing upwards. Suddenly the twin-engine plane appears and rises uncontrollably. The jet turns sharp to the right and the small plane collides with its underbelly. Both planes explode. Bodies are falling into the sea. I am looking down and see lots of white. Clothing ? Wreckage ? The dream ends suddenly. 

I remember being quite shaken by this dream. The feeling was strong once again. It was early in the morning and images from it kept lingering in my mind throughout the day. 

So what do I make of these dreams ? I don’t honestly know. They both had the quality of being precognitive but their were symbolic elements in them too. In both cases something happened to a plane (two planes) over the ocean and bodies fell into the sea. In both cases I saw white/white bodies. I wonder if they were Islamic women ?

Was I seeing Air Asia flight QZ8501 ? I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything about a second small plane being involved and surely it would have showed up on radar ? So I post this here just as a record, in case something correlates with my dream at some future time.

I was also sick at this time with the Flu, so perhaps it was all about my own inner state. My body was the landscape in which the symbolic planes exploded. But who really knows ?


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  1. I also have had many air disasters dreams, due to my interest in aviation, but none of them were precognitive. They are the most powerful dreams I have & when they happen it’s very chocking for me!
    What other precognitive dreams have you had about air crashes Bright? any big accident?

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