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Here’s a post from my old blog Otherworldly Encounters (2nd November 2011). This is a Stream of Consciousness technique (  I use every few weeks. More frequently when I need to. I thought you might still find it interesting. Grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and let your eyes relax and go slowly !

“Hey Folks – I thought I’d irritate you with another dose of Stream of Consciousness writing. Same rules apply – no grammar and happy chatter direct from the monkey mind. However I can tell you I was exploring the changes that I and our species are currently going through. Hang in there it’s a long one. Move over James Joyce !

There is much that will transform in the time that lies ahead between seasons of what some have called the Baktun and others have said are the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle – such cycles have been playing out across the field of humanity since your species were created for this world you have not known what it is to move beyond your suffering and join those who no longer suffer so many of you are stuck entrenched in the old ways in the ways that cause immeasurable suffering to the mind and the soul the poor body it suffers so much unnecessary pain and your short lives come to their end as if they were nought but a blink in the eye of the cosmos and the garden of god has not yet seen you blossom into what you were created to be for this species this creature that you call man is the sum of many creatures before him and he represents all that is good about them and all that has been weak and frail but above and beyond this he has not reached that which still lay within which is that which was given to him by those who gave life you are unique in your kind in that you know that there is more within this idea of the self and that the soul is something else that is both nothing and all things inclusive into one and yet others have a sense of this but are not able to reconcile that which lies outside of their normal understanding they cannot see that men and women were created to full fill the promise of what was given to them and when they realise fully the true nature of their being they will find at the core of their reality a sense and a deep knowing that god resides within that god is not outside in others much higher than themselves that in fact they resonate with the light of god and that together god speaks in a voice that is their own and each creature speaks with a different voice of god the voice as yet unknown to those who cannot see and cannot feel that they are of and in the same body and that body is the body that you call god when you move past the separation and encompass all that is separate and together the whole without the parts then and only then will the wholeness of god be known and then the spark which each and every being senses as itself can be known as a spark of the divine this union that binds all creatures together even though they are to believe that they are not connected and that their bodies are distinct and separate they cannot see that ultimately there is no separation and what they take to be self is in fact another aspect another way of looking at the all the cosmos the spark of all creation that is what you would call god there is no god other than the all and all beings resonate in the unity that is god and this divine unity is the thing which sings to so many of you and yet when you sense it you recoil with a fear that togetherness will cause you pain for you will have to let go of the sense of separateness to join the whole of which you are already boundbut which you believe yourself to be otherwise when you know this you know what it is to be god incarnate and you know that nothing which transpires is ever separate from anything else for that which is god acts in complete accord with the wholeness and the unity of all life and it is in living that you realise that ll beings sense that there is more than just a single separate self that knows nothing but self indulgence and fear when you move past this as all creatures will eventually do as they move across what you would call the field of evolution then you see that in fact there is no other way for ultimate reality to be traversed for reality must be seen from within the separate self and then slowly the dawning arises that there is unity and the completeness that is the whole that is the body of god knowing this each creature becomes free he sees that everything which takes place in the journey of existence happens within the scope of the life of the body called god the same body of the cosmos which birthed you receives you and from this same place you ultimately return when the journey of existence comes to it’s own end and you will know that it has all been a a pilot for the understanding that being cannot be separated by individual bodies this is only a primitive notion of being but one that is held by man, many species across the universe before they sense the ultimate truth and no matter who none can teach them otherwise for to know otherwise a being must come to it’s own place of recognition this cannot ever be done for you only self must recognise self only self must recognise that there is no self to do so in a different manner is to lose sight of what the true nature is that lies at the core of the questioner only self can see self and no self and yet it is neither and both


To heal you must let go of all those things which have been a hindrance to the love of life which you carry inside of you you must redefine what your life means to you and accept that you have taken the path that you have taken and that this path has led you to your own meaningful understandings and that without each and every detail on the path you would not carry the wisdom that is now yours know that to heal completely from these tumours which you carry you must let go of the fear that you will not survive and feel what it is to live fully and to live as if you were invincible to live with great love for all that life offers even fear but much more than the simple fear which threatens to control you accept all fear and accept all that is small and painful because these things are impenetrable to the heart if the heart is not given ammunition to destroy the barriers which surround themselves around your soul let go of the fear and let live in all that you do whatever course of action your life requires know that it follows the path that was destined for your own well being and for that to unfold you must accept that life is what it is not some other better place than this and even though cancer frightens you you must live fully through this disease and love the living of life no matter what comes up and no matter what threatens to undo you do not find a way to avoid all suffering because suffering is the greatest teacher of all when you let go and accept all that suffering has to bring you there is no real suffering only the temporary suffering of the mind and body but when the soul is tempered with the wisdom that comes from these sufferings and the anguish of uncertainty the soul grows in ways which are unknowable and hard to comprehend no matter what fear arises allow it to take it’s place along side all else that arises and then when the souls is fully nurtured by the twin flames of fear and desire then you will know what it is to be at peace just allow and accept and then all fear subsides into a radiant peace that pervades into the deepest parts of the soul beyond the mental torments of mind and beyond the agonies of the body such pains and sufferings are but temporary compared to a soul that suffers needlessly but you need not be concerned for the lesson is being learnt well that all these things are here for you to learn learn learn take note of all that is experienced and know that in some way all is remembered and in remembrance you move past the separateness that has been holding you out all alone away from those who would love you and those who would see you as you really are that is ok but know that in your pain and suffering you now know what it is to be one with all things and that you have never ever been separate and you have never ever been anything other than the one. This is all that is needed know that you are the one and that there is no you only the illusion that you exist know this and all disease subsides as the mind and body recognise that this is all just a game and that the game has now fallen away and reality has shown it’s face after a very long time of falseness and confusion that reality is now only the face you see even when pain arises and even when you suffer that the only face you see is the reality of oneness


When others see fear and they see frightening events they see what is within themselves one of the things that has remained hidden for so long and now that each man must confront the demons of his species he will see the mirror of his own soul he will see all that is dirty and unglorified inside himself and when he cries out in anguish and says ‘it hurts’ he is at last feeling that which he has denied in himself for you know this to be true and when others see this state arise in the world outside of himself then some and only a very few will see that the condition of the self is now grown beyond and it now manifests as an external shadow of the world within for that world is not separate and distinct from the world within but so few, so very few humans wish to recognise that this is an eternal truth that continues to play out across human time when you find this coming to fruition across a wide range of human endevours and when the barriers that keep you separate start to fall recognise that this is the time of great undoing when all that was solid and stable and all that was said to be fixed and perfect comes apart and all those who sought to oppress are found guilty and the dark shadows from within and cast outwards and man sees his own ugliness for the first time and in seeing others run there are some who will stand back and say ‘no not me, this is not my way’ you will then know that the time has come to forsake this so called new promise of equality and there inside the still small quietness that each carries is a diamond of truth the truth that imperfection is man’s divine state that he is not all that he aspires to be and that for him to move beyond this he must accept his limitations, his weakness and his foibles and not look the other way and to do so is to see that the inner and outer are the same no matter who the oppressor is seen to be this is the path that will lead towards compassion for all beings not the other way round of bringing the oppressor to the foot of justice this is wrong and has always been wrong only equality between inner and outer will smooth the waves between and bring peace to mankind and peace to the Earth.”


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