Solar Catastrophes and Consciousness

From OWE (August 26th, 2012). I no longer agree with everything I wrote in this post but most of it still resonates.

My long-term readers will know that in many of my older posts I talked a little about the link between solar storms and consciousness and the period surrounding the solar catastrophe. I’m please to see that in the last year or so, many more people are talking about the link between solar activity and consciousness. My friend Stace Tussel has talked a little about it on her blog Inter Intelligence Communications (

I want to say a little about the subject but rather than going into great detail and quoting lengthy, almost abstract reports (one of my habits in some of my other activities/and there are plenty of reports hinting at this), I’d like to present a couple fo ideas in the following summary :

  • If we think about our human history, our ancestors have worshipped, studied and lived by both the sun and the moon.
  • There seems to be long-term historical correlations between ”unusual human activity’ and extreme solar activity.
  • There seems to be evidence that human behaviour is linked to the rise and fall of solar activity.
  • Most people are familiar with lunar craziness  (despite the fact that formal studies have demonstrated conflicting results) – so why have we ignored behaviours related to the sun ?
  • If we analyse human behaviour we will find that happens as a result of a complex interaction between heart, mind, body (physiology), many layers of conditioning within the mind and an individual humans interaction with his environment (which includes other humans, artificial systems that man has created and the natural world).
  • While most behaviours appear to be specific to individuals we recognise patterns that we all follow and that there is also collective behaviour.
  • Is it not likely that collective behaviour is also influenced by the energy affecting our internal and external world ? If the moon is recognised, then why not the sun ?
  • In Daoist philosophy there is the idea of Yin ad Yang and in simple terms we can think of this as passive/active energy. Yin and Yang exists as discrete and fluid forms in all things. If we think in simple terms of the moon as Yin (because it is a passive carrier of energy), we can think of the sun as Yang (an active creator of energy). A human being functions with both Yin and Yang aspects and in Chinese medicine it is believed that a deficit in one or other (or any of their intermediary or subsidiary forms) will lead to mental or physical illness. As part of my ongoing healing I regularly bring Yin and Yang energies into my body and merge them together to strengthen my bodies deficits. I also feel connections with natural things to ALLOW these natural energies to replenish parts of my body that are energetically weak. I know when I am sick what I need to do and if I make the effort to connect with Yin and Yang aspects, I usually feel well very quickly. I also know that when the two energies are in harmony, I feel much more alert, calmer and physically robust. In short, I feel energetically balanced and my consciousness is heightened. When I am energetically unbalanced, my consciousness is dull and slow-moving.
  • Many years ago, when I first learned about Kanataek (my dead Chinese guide) he told me to think of the coming changes between the Sun and the Earth, like two knights jousting. When the Sun releases a huge amount of energy in our direction, the knight will be struck and dismounted and fall on the ground. Slowly he will get back on his horse, ride back to the beginning and start jousting again. That is what happens to the Earth when it is struck by surplus solar (Yang) energy.
  • It seems to me that after the formation of our solar system the sun continued to evolve and periodically release large amounts of energy which permeate regions of the solar system and different planets at different times. My suspicion is that these regular outbursts from the sun originally sustained the molten core in our solar systems planets but as these planets shifted towards  more fixed orbits, those further out began to cool down and those closer to the Sun continued to maintain their molten core. The same with many of the moons around our planets. The regular release of solar energy helps each planet to maintain its molten core and that in turn appears to strengthen the magnetic field of each planet. A strong magnetic field appears to be conclusive towards the formation of an atmosphere, the creation of water, the repelling of some asteroids and the sustaining of life. We might then say, that the regular release of solar energy is responsible for providing Earth with all the conditions necessary to sustain life. Without regular outbursts of solar activity, Earth would become a cold desolate planet, incapable of sustaining life.
  • When recently I was informed about the decision by our alien friends to reduce the impact of the coming solar storm, I asked them “Why can’t you prevent it entirely ?”. I knew the answer before I asked the question but I asked it anyway. And what they told me verified what I suspected – the Earth needs these huge solar storms. And because of this the aliens can only intervene so much.
  • Looking at our bodies, many in the East would say that we are made up of the 5 elements. In Chinese philosophy these are Wood, Fire, Water, Metal and Earth. In Buddhist/Indian Philosophy these are Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Space. Chinese philosophy talks about the Meridians which carry energy and the Dan Tien’s which store energy. Indian philosophy talks about the 7 primary and (subsidiary) Chakras which store energy and the channels which carry energy. My alien friends have told me that neither system is completely accurate and both have elements of the truth. But if we take the basic principle that the body is made of 5 elements (which upon death will separate and disintegrate or transform), we can see that we are in fact composed of the basic ingredients that make up every other living thing. In scientific terms ,we might say we are CHON – we are composed of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen. Our bodies are no different to the body of the Earth.
  • Inside our bodies trillions of cells use a wide range of elements to create structure and transmit messages. But at the heart of every single cell is an energetic exchange – some form of Yin and Yang process. Energy flows through cells and within cells from one region of the body to another. Energy flows from outside of the body into the body and from within the body to the outside world,. In addition mental and emotional states create energy from within the body and drive behaviours which create more energy and connect an individual to different energies in the outside world. What we eat also changes the flow and balance of energies inside the body. Importantly energy from the sun enters our bodies via various streams (directly, through food, through contact with plants or Earth materials and air).
  • The energies which are within our bodies appear to interact with more subtle energies creating different forms of consciousness. But there appears to be a very subtle form of consciousness (not a word I think describes this well), which is both connected to the entire cosmos and which moves beyond the body at the moment of death. This very subtle consciousness (what Buddhists call the mind stream and some might call the soul) seems to exist independent of any external energy source. My suspicion is that solar energy affects the courser forms of consciousness that are connected with the body.
  • In the event of a major solar event – like a solar catastrophe, I reckon a couple of things occur for things :I think a couple of other things are also very important to note :
    • Our bodies (and the bodies of all living things) are struck with surplus solar energies in various forms (protons, electrons, neutrinos, XRays, Gamma Rays etc)
    • A weakened magnetic field, means that our bodies (and the bodies of all living things) are struck with more cosmic rays from space
    • Our bodies are given surplus Yang energy, which in some people has the potential to alter :
      • Feeling in the body (including feeling in the head)
      • Thought patterns
      • Sensory processing
      • Moods
      • Behaviours.
    • In some people, surplus Yang energy will be highly beneficial, while in other people surplus Yang energy will be detrimental.
    • How will surplus solar energy affect our cellular structures  Our DNA/RNA  ? Our micotubules ? All of our organelles ? No one really knows !
    • Some people might feel physically unwell, while others feel highly energised.
    • Some people will develop great clarity and heightened awareness, while others will experience confusion and mental disturbance.
    • Some people will feel compelled towards selfless and altruistic behaviours, while others are compelled towards selfish and destructive behaviours.
    • This means that there is the opportunity for the collective human consciousness to be heightened. But the uncertainty is, what will happen after solar activity returns to normal ?
    • How will the suns activity change leading up to the catastrophe and will this have a gradual effect on individual and collective human behaviour ?
    • How will the individual and collective trauma impact on individual and collective consciousness ? Given that this may be the worst catastrophe in human history. The grief associated with this trauma, could evoke significant empathy, a sense of connectedness and willingness to move past our differences. That in itself may be enough to have a significant impact on consciousness in addition to the direct impact of surplus solar energy. But the flip side is, there will be significant trauma, grief and maladjustment and if we are not carefull, this will bring out the worst in the human collective.

I suspect that the Sun, the Lord of Fire, has played THE MOST SIGNIFICANT ROLE, in the evolution of life on Earth and in the evolution of our species. I believe that the only times our alien friends have intervened significantly is to protect Earth when the sun was raging at its worst and it was not the right time for most species to come to their end. 

 The Sun (or it’s possible precursor which likely exploded)  may well have created all the energy of our solar system. The Sun partly creates the life force in our bodies. Some of that life force existed before birth and will exist after death. The life force is a form of consciousness.

Perhaps the Sun and the Earth are conscious entities. Perhaps the Earth has cried out in pain and the Sun is going to respond. Maybe that’s just a load of crap ! But maybe there is a kind of truth in this idea. And if so, perhaps, just as it is possible to have a conscious connection with the Earth, we can have a conscious connection with the Sun. Maybe the Sun wants to wake us up ? Maybe the ancients were not so crazy to worship the sun ?

We happen to live in what to me, seems like the most incredible time in human history ! How will we make the most of this time and what the Lord of Fire is offering us ? How will YOU make the most of the opportunity to shift your consciousness and embrace our inseparability ? We are one but we are different and those differences matter and affect our ability to get along. But I believe that soon we will have the opportunity to see that despite our differences, we really are one. One Earth. One humanity. 

You can read more about some of the subject matter I have discussed here :


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  1. Wow! Very information packed and interesting thanks

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