My View of the Big Picture

Here’s one of my last posts from an old blog (31st August, 2012). I promise I won’t do this again. This post was a response to a question someone asked me about how I see the big picture. My views on certain subjects have changed a bit and I now have a much better understanding of the ETs and their roles in the life of the human race and our planet. I no longer agree with everything I said back then but most of it still resonates.

“I’ve written about all kinds of things on this blog, so I wanted to give you a big picture  summary of what I have learned. This might be useful to people who discovered this blog more recently. Most of it I have learned from the ET’s and from a process I call journeying. I have also learned a little from someone who worked for a government (that I have previously mentioned) in a range of roles with ET’s. Of course it’s up to you to use your own discernment to determine if what I believe has any merit or truth. So here goes.

The Cosmos 

  • Our cosmos is a vast entity of infinite universes and dimensions. It and everything in it, is the body of what we may call God.
  • Our universe was seeded by a race of beings that is now widespread throughout the universe. Members of this race currently abide on earth. The universe will continue in a kind of steady state – creating many new universes as it grows and intelligent life forms evolve.


  • There exists what we would call a kind of collective which encompasses what we recognize as the known universe – this collective includes almost a million intelligent races.
  • Within this there are many smaller collectives. The larger collectives makes decisions about what kind of interventions will be allowed, how and when they will be implemented.
  • The collective cares about the entire biosphere (all life) of any given planet.
  • All space faring aliens are benevolent. There are many planet bound races who are still ignorant and hostile like us.
  • All intelligent species are monitored and only allowed to become space faring, when they have reached a certain level of consciousness – which seems to reflect moving past the philosophy we call ‘us and them’.
  • In the mid 1980′s, humans within the structure I call The Architecture had documented 63 alien races visiting our planet.
  • My own encounters with 27 races, have revealed that there are hundreds of alien races visiting Earth.
  • Just as we have found life everywhere that we have looked on planet Earth, life exists in abundance throughout our universe.
  • Aliens travel within dimensions (intradimensional) and/or across dimensions (interdimensional)
  • Some entities are capable of intra-scalear (within the same spatial scale) and or inter-scalear (across different spatial scales) movement or communication (see one of my final posts on this subject)
  • Alien life is very diverse. There is for example a silicon-based shape shifting race living on our planet that is capable of re-manifesting anywhere in the universe it chooses.
  • Humanoid life forms appear to account for two-thirds of the alien life forms we know of. The humanoid shape appears to be a kind of cosmic blue print – as to whether this is from some kind of intelligent design, a kind of divergent evolution or because of some kind of thermodynamic equilibrium is uncertain. The aliens themselves no doubt have some answers to this enigma.
  • There are  aliens visiting our planet who we would consider human. It appears that humans have a common origin and may have spread out across the galaxy. I have a suspicion that this may be the planet where human aliens began long ago.
  • There is an alien living in a facility in southern England who is able to meditate and feel what every other life form on the planet is feeling.
  • Humans have made agreements with aliens and have consistently broken these agreements – with no serious reprimand from the aliens.
  • Humans within The Architecture have killed aliens to protect other humans from the negative effects that alien energies have on human behaviour. These aliens were out of jurisdiction so to speak.
  • Real aliens make people physically sick and emotionally volatile (which can manifest in a wide variety of forms, including highly emotional states – crying and so on and violence and unpredictability).
  • This is because most aliens function at a different energetic level and their bio-energetic field disturbs the functioning our bio-energetic field.
  • At any given time over the last 5,500 years – there are 7 humans on the planet who are functioning to assist human kind – they were chosen by the aliens long ago.
  • The idea of abduction was created in the 1960′s to create confusion and division – in time most so-called abductees will begin to see their encounters as contacts that have been life changing for the better.
  • At any given time, there are about 1500 aliens on the planet – not including those who are coming and going in alien craft.
  • Alien colonies/bases exist in a number of sites deep within the Earth on land and sea and also exist under most of the oceans of the world.
  • A well established alien colony exists between southern Australia and Antarctica.
  • There are alien races visiting the planet, who push the boundaries of the their own agreements and try their best to get away with what they can – this has been noticed by people who assume there is a kind of ‘alien war’ going on above our heads. This is not true.
  • Many aliens believe in a concept of God.
  • Aliens have nothing to do with a so-called Devil – that is just human delusion.
  • There are alien races that I call The Creator Races – these races are capable of seeding entire galaxies, solar systems, planets and life forms.
  • Some of The Creator Races make souls – creating souls from source (words fail me here).
  • The Creator Races can see anything on Earth any where at any time. 
  • 4 such Creator Races made Earth and much of our solar system. Earth was supposed to be more aquatic.
  • The aliens on earth have documented every human life and document every aspect of our ‘daily electronic life’. They are compiling a great story of who we are in which every human story is remembered.
  • Life forms exist around us in higher dimensions, parallel realities, parallel universes (not  the best word) and in dimensions that overlap with our own (imagine the 3rd contains the 2nd and ist and you get the idea). 
  • Some of these life forms are visible in different light bandwidths of the electromagnetic spectrum – like infrared and ultraviolet.
  • There are life forms moving through what we see as space – but to them would look more like a cosmic ocean.

The Architecture

  • There is a power structure in place on earth, that I have called The Architecture (think about what that means).
  • This structure was started by the aliens, who felt that humans could not be honest with one  another – in other places there is no secrecy.
  • The structure of The Architecture can be described in simple terms like this :The US government connection to The Architecture goes back to a certain president who made monumental changes to the structure and the function of the nation.The Architecture has a plan for the post solar catastrophe recovery.
    • It has at least 5 arms or layers and these include :Not all in the military-corporate complex have self-interest at heart.
      • What some have called the military-corporate complex (a term that is misleading).
      • This group includes many well-known corporations across a wide range of endeavours.
      • A group of 90 representatives from 45 nations.
      • Within this group a committee of 16 – this is the group that makes the most critical decisions about the planet.
      • This group is led by one alien – he is compassionate and wise and has the final say on all matters. This is his planet of origin.
      • 40 aliens who work within governments of the world.
      • 40-50 aliens who are doorway keepers – they provide support to 40 odd doorways that exist around the planet that are used by various different aliens and carry out various other activities that are critical to our survival.
      • A group of 9 aliens, which include the single male alien who heads the 90 – these aliens have had a long connection with our planet – they are diverse, wise, compassionate and do what they do for the benefit of all beings on our planet.
      • The links between the group of 90 and the military-corporate complex exist to the benefit of those who have altruistic purposes, not the other way around.
    • The most critical issues facing the group of 16 have been : population/population control, loss of biodiversity and the looming danger of severe solar storms – a plan for population control was agreed upon in 1999 – it is a long-term plan that was debated by the 16 over many years. Many among the group agonized over the best decision. Among the alternatives was a plan to colonize another world. But many in the group felt that how we deal with the population problem as a species, must come first.
  • There exists within the lower levels of The Architecture groups who have developed advanced specializations and technologies in a wide range of disciplines including engineering, computing, aeronautical engineering, biotechnology, psychic warfare, psychology, physics (anti gravity, zero point energy, nano/pico technology).
  • Some of these groups have created artificial life forms that they use for artificial alien abduction scenarios. Other groups use more primitive methods to fake such events.

Human Origins

  • All life on our planet was created by The Creator Races. 2 of these races are The Teal’hia and The Tall Aliens that I describe in my encounters.
  • The Creator Races intervened at critical moments in the development of what has become homo sapien sapien.
  • The aliens continue to slowly ‘tweak us’. They are trying slowly to enhance our emotional capacity.
  • Many alien races maintained a relationship with traditional people’s.
  • In Australia several races of aliens introduced our Aboriginal people to The Law – as a means of maintaining a harmonic balance with the world around them. This appeared to have worked as a survival mechanism, until the arrival of white men.

Our Solar System

  • Life exists on other planets in the solar system – including Jupiter and Saturn and on many of their moons. Despite their apparent hostile environments. Humans need to redefine our concept of life.
  • Mars was once inhabited by human like beings, who were destroyed in a war that disrupted the planets magnetic field. at least one other intelligent life form resides there. One day humans will find fossils of macroscopic life forms on Mars.
  • Evidence of alien habitation exists in many regions on our moon – especially on the dark side of the moon. But such evidence is known to exist in many regions on both sides.
  • The Russians arrived on the moon prior to the Americans. They left for a reason and chose not to publicise their success.
  • Earth is part of a  binary star system. It’s binary twin is a brown dwarf. The brown dwarf is approaching our solar system but will not enter this system.
  • Our solar system is not experiencing an energy wave from the centre of the galaxy.
  • There is no black hole at the centre of our galaxy – this is a human idea.
  • Our solar system is entering a region on the horizontal and vertical planes, where there is a greater density of celestial bodies – the close proximity of these bodies creates a strong gravitational pull on our solar system – especially our sun.
  • These kind of events happen on a cyclical basis.
  • The approach of this dense region, has/will cause our sun to release large bursts of electromagnetic energy.
  • The sun will soon release a major series of high X-Class flares and subsequent Coronal Mass Ejections – which will cripple the world’s power grids.
  • The alien collective has only recently made a decision to intervene to reduce the impact of the solar storm (to reduce the possibility of our species being wiped out completely) but the storm will still kill significantly large numbers of humans due to the loss of power and infrastructure. These kinds of interventions are rare.

Time & Space

  • We appear to exist in a 3 spatial dimensions but is an illusion. We need to redefine our concept of dimensions and our concept of time.
  • We could say that time exists in 2 dimensions but it is better to say that time is an illusion. Time is relative. All time exists at once and time can exist in segments and loops.
  • Light does not travel at the same speed throughout the universe – when we understand this we will have to redefine our understand of the fundamental nature of reality.
  • There is no god particle – only emptiness and energy. Pure energy (whatever we will one day call it) binds all things into matter. Matter is energy.

The Human Divine

  • Our true nature is pure awareness or we might say pure energy.
  • We are connected to all things.
  • We are the source and the source is us – the source is within and without.
  • We are the body of God – God is within and without – we are God incarnate (remember what the Teal’hia said to me !).
  • We can know and feel anything any where, any time.
  • Supernatural abilities are wonderful but they can be a huge distraction on the path to knowing our true nature and finding the path to freedom from suffering.
  • Our bodies are relative and impermanent.
  • Our true nature has never been born and will never die.
  • We are carried by attachments from a state of pure awareness into A bardo of becoming – whether in life or death.
  • Most humans miss the opportunity to recognise their true nature because of the ceaseless activity of the monkey mind.
  • When we realise the magnificence of our true nature, we will manifest our true power.
  • all that we need is within
  • Our extended family is OUT THERE and they will wait patiently, as long as we take to grow up.
  • We are the powers that be.”

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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Wow Bright, what a great post! I read it back in 2012 but it’s wonderful to take another look at it now. I’m happy to say more of it makes sense to me now. Thanks so much for re-posting. 🙂

  2. Hello brother:) i would just like to say i hope your doing alright bright, i follow a lot of your videos and blogs online and have been fascinated with your work. Even though we have never met i still feel a connection with all life, so im simply just contacting you to say hello and to send good vibes your way in regards to your healing. Keep on doing what feels right man and keep sharing that truth:)

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