I am Evil (Embracing the dual and non dual)

I think you all know I am an evil bastard; son of Satan and the Devil’s henchman !

Actually I don’t believe in evil.

What others see as evil, I see as ignorance. When others see evil out there, I see ignorance out there and in me. As we learn to integrate the disowned aspects of our nature; we recognize that the darkness out there exists in here – in all of us. I once heard it said by someone in the know, that the average good person will break down and do heinous things just to survive, after a mere 10 days. The breakdown of civil society will bring forth the darkness within.

A human being would be naive to try to transcend duality and separateness and to try to stay that way. Why ? Because we are dual/separate from a relative (in relation to) perspective. But we are also everything from an absolute (total) perspective. We are both at once but sometimes we feel more one than the other. And I think that’s meant to be part of the human experience !

It is said that Buddha said “after enlightenment, we must return to the market place of life, with gift bearing arms”. To do so otherwise is to stay in duality, not non duality; to be selfish, rather than loving.

So, perhaps when we see strong expressions of separateness, we can shift to an absolute perspective and accept what is. Believe me, this is the Great Challenge for me, as much as it is for you. But no matter how hard we try, we will always oscillate between the two because that is how human nature functions. It is as much a process, as it is a state.

Just as right now my body is experiencing illness and will eventually return to wellness. Processes create change and change is reflected in different states. So just because our world reflects a great deal of so called evil, doesn’t mean that the manifestation of evil isn’t part of some deep and important process. It is. Just as this flu besieging my body reflects the processes of collapse, adaptation, transformation and renewal.

The only real evil is in the ignorance of learning nothing from the manifestation of sickness.

Am I evil ? Well maybe a little bit, sometimes.

I am Satan and son of Satan, coming to a prophecy near you !!! Yeeee haaaa !

Ps. I think this virus has hijacked the separate self. Oh well !


About brightgarlick

Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Bright I agree with what you say. How can we help not being dual? We live in a world of duality and separateness. To me sometimes it feels like I’m swinging on a pendulum, one way towards darkness, the other way towards light. It can be maddening. I try to recognize it in the moment though and observe it. That helps me get back to being more even. I have to say that even though you’re knocked out from this flu, you still send out some remarkable posts. Thank You! 🙂

  2. Thank you very much Bright! I learned a grate deal about my own ignorance & “evil” reading this.
    Peace 🙂

  3. Bright,
    I was thinking about you and your pain last night. Of course, I’m on a completly different time zone than you, so coincidently I was probably sleeping while you were awake. But, I spent most of the night chewing on the “separate self” idea. Your previous comment to the gentleman who was asking about the winter solstice and meditation peaked my curiosity.
    After reading your latest comments about dual and non dual I had a break through that I wanted to share. The only problem that the dual self really brings to us is our longing and desire to be with and stay in our spirit man but we are trapped in this physical world and form. We all have pain whether physical or emotional that is only relieved when our minds are outside of our physical constraints. So why wouldn’t we want to remain outside? Why can’t we remain outside? I think we can. I think we can live in harmony and overcome our duality by honoring ours (and others) physical (evil) man just as much as our spirit man. If we never get to this place of overcoming the pain of our duality than our life and understanding of spirit and spirit beings (ET’s) becomes a curse instead of a blessing.
    It’s like seeing yourself completely healed through a window but you can never touch through the window. Is that a curse or a blessing? The fact that you see yourself healed is a blessing, the fact that you know you are healed is a blessing, but your body (physical man) keeps reminding you that you are indeed sick and in pain therefore it is a barrier to actually touching your healing. Why is it like that? Okay…here’s the answer I discovered…. it is to keep us humble. I know that sounds so trite and simple but I believe that is the reason why the carrot is dangled but never allowed to be bitten, atleast not as long as we are in this physical form. We do get occasional tastes of the carrot or we might give up completely and those tastes are like the best 7 course meals in the universe.
    I know my nature has a long way to go to love the way ET’s love. I certainly cannot love unconditionally, but I am on a journey to get there. Duality is a course in the training to become love. We all share in this course. Some are in kindergarten, some are in graduate school. And, the only difference in the two is the awareness of how much you miss your celestial family and how great your desire is to return to them. This desire translates into compassion and love for others on this physical world. That’s what I learned thanks to your pain. I humbly thank you for caring for me that much!


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