ETs, Religion and Atheists

A nice post from my friend Alison ( :

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Thanks Alison for a great post !

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  1. Friends,
    Has anyone listened to Santos Bonacci? You can look him up on He doesn’t talk about ET’s but he has astrotheological teachings that can open your heart and free your mind to facilitate ET contact, (in my opinion.) He is from Australia, so Bright probably knows about him. Let me know what you think.

  2. Very good video! @ 3:02 it’s really interesting. Without any guidance or belief, life becomes pointless for some people, making them depressed, aggressive, criminals, fundamentalists etc. etc.
    My 1:st question to Dude was “Why all the secrecy about ET’s & the fact that we are not alone? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial if you & other ET’s came out in the open & revealed yourselves to mankind? & by doing that you could guide us on the right track in a spiritual way & maybe we’ll finally have peace on earth?”
    I mean why all the big SECRECY? just lay out all the cards on the table ET’s & show us the reality, where we came from, the poorhouse of our life, God, & teach us stupid humans some manners! How hard can it bee? Or are we supposed to live in this shitty world with different religions & belief systems that are causing wars & suffering another 9000 years, for what? If you love us so much, why don’t you help us out??? Why all this hassle & games?
    Sometimes I lose my fate in the ET’s & God….& I’m wondering if this is all true or not? I’m no contactee myself, so for me it’s still a kind of belief without any personal experience, so naturally I have my doubts.
    I will ask this to Anamika maybe she can explain it, coz frankly this question frustrates me allot.
    Sorry for my rant Bright 🙂 & I still believe in your words 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • JD I understand your frustration, so let me offer what I can. We can’t even cope with the differences in our families or neighbors, let alone ETs. They work with those who can handle it – whether they know it or not. ETs coming out in the open wont change human nature. Only time an suffering can do that. Seeing the suffering of Earth and its species is the only way to build empathy and empathy is the only way to change humanity. When that happens, we can truly handle their presence. If they come out in the open now, they would become targets from every angle. I know you don’t believe it – but everything happens for a reason, when it is supposed to.

      The ETs created the secrecy on Earth to protect us. The lower arms of The Architecture abused it and turned it into something dark and malevolent. Never the ETs.

      On other planets, some at least, they have been able to come out in the open; without major negative repercussions.

  3. Also this rant was towards the ET’s, not against you Bright 🙂 I hope you don’t take it personally coz I’m fully aware that you don’t have the answers for everything 🙂
    Peace 🙂

  4. Relax24,
    I can totally relate to your question. I have asked myself this question many times.
    I think I might have part of the answer. If ET’s were to reveal themselves in a dramatic way there would be wars, panic, looting, murder, and a total breakdown of our world system. The first thing mankind would want to do is kill the ET’s. Our government would tell everyone that the ET’s were violent, infected or demonic and wanted to take over our minds and the world. Nothing good, harmonious or healing would come of it. The result would not be a peaceful union with the ET’s. There would be an automatic separation between “the ET lovers”, and the “ET haters.” Factions would develop overnight and violence would ensue. Don’t think for one minute that our government would not defend and protect the current monetary system in the most vicious and manipulative way possible. We would be so easily disposed of.

    ET’s could have revealed themselves anytime they wanted to. There is a reason why they haven’t. They already know the outcome….remember they can travel past, present and future. There is no time constraints with them as we know “time”. The consequences of their “coming out” has already been experienced. We just don’t remember it. You have to trust an intelligence and “love” outside of your scope of understanding, and know that there is a reason for everything the ET’s do or do not do.

    ET’s would like nothing more than to have an open relationship with us, but they cannot expose us in that way. They are protecting us by sacrificing their relationship with us.
    The only way for us to experience the healing and peace we all so desperately need is to seek it personally. The ET’s are not going to come in like a whirlwind and save the world. Only a very small amount of people want to be saved!

    With love,

    • Perfect answer Darci !

      Also guys and gals, we have to remember the ETs have countless eons of experience in contact. They know what works and what doesn’t . The collectives talk and share and make joint agreements on everything, including contact.

      And don’t forget, the Creator Races see the outcome of all choices before they are made. They know if we are ready on the basis of what they see unfold.

      These are decisions given the utmost consideration for all possible impacts.

    • Thank you DARCI 🙂

  5. How did cave men determine that fire was hot? Why do some people push the button even though the button says “don’t push”? Who says humans are not being guided in some manner?

  6. Today i did somthing i wanted to do a long time. i got to the store buyed me some painting. so i have painted the Long tall with colour with huge yellow light behind him. if som like art painting or whatever i recomend you do it 😉 !


  7. It has a crop circle with diffrent colours that symbolyse a heart that spinning. are there possibility to share it Bright ?

  8. That sounds beautiful Victor. I would like to see it.


  9. Thank you DARCI, very nice of you. i will try to upload it here directly if that works.

  10. dear bright , what is the importance of the winter solstice coming on december 21st(northern hemisphere) , should we meditate at the exact time 6:03pm or is that a myth

    • Yugoslavv I don’t have all the answers ! The shortest day is an incredible day for all life that experiences it. I see no reason for any special meditations at particular times. Just be aware of the day and the transition to night. That’s all.

      What is it that wishes to meditate on what for what reason ??? You are what you seek. Let go of the desire to be separate. Just be !!!

    • Good morning,
      If it is astrotheology (spirituality and astrology) you are interested in, I recommend Santos Bonnaci. You can find him on Youtube. This may be something you need to get out of your system before you can move forward. I did!
      I believe you will enjoy his teachings, but remember…. you don’t want to get into another form of religion. Anything you “have to do” in order to be right with God is usually not God. I love what Bright just said…. “let go of the desire to be separate”
      I’m going to chew on that one all day! Thanks Bright.
      Lots of love to you all,

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