An unusual contact night

Last night I went out for another low key contact night. I was very tired again, having spent much of the day on the computer and I had been exercising during the hot day.

On nights like that, when I go out, I try to make contact with much less focus than when I’m energized and feeling really attentive. Typically I don’t try to tune in any of the other senses because I’m just too exhausted to make the shift. Sometimes I don’t even ask for contact – I just enjoy the stars and sometimes contact happens incidentally. Last night was one of the former kinds of nights. I was tired and didn’t put any real effort into what I was doing.

During the night I saw what I assumed were 13 satellites, an invisible kind of sheet lightning (there were no clouds) and 3 very distinctive “blinkers” – the first a bright gold colour, the second a very luminous white and the last a very rapidly flashing luminous white. When the first one appeared, something very strange happened to me. I burst into tears – tears of joy. That’s very atypical in the experience of seeing a luminous craft. As I have said many times before, when you have a face to face encounter, you will often be overwhelmed by emotion and nausea and sometimes you end up a blubbering mess with no control of your emotions. But it doesn’t happen in connection with seeing the craft. At least not in my experience.

Anyway, I spoke to them and explained how I felt. Later I was able to establish a telempathic connection with that craft and I learned it was a Sarpalxn (Sarlen) craft. They told me how many other craft were present, how many would later arrive and who the different races were. But at about the same time as the first blinker appeared, something else happened that continued through the night. It was something I could have clarified with the Sarlen but I didn’t. I didn’t want to know because I didn’t to have my curiosity dampened.

It was initially a very dry still night but a light wind came up and continued on and off through the night. I heard a couple of frogs in the creek and in the dry swamp area and a single cricket. But over this I kept hearing this other sound. Imagine if you will the sound of wrist sized branches or pieces of wood hitting on each other and that sound hybridized with something like a drawn out frog chirp. The overall sound varied between harmonious regular rhythms and irregular rhythms. Sometimes it was slow and sometimes it was fast. And it sounded like dialogue. Initially I thought to myself that it had to be the trees rustling in the wind. But in all my years of being outside at night like this, I have never heard such a sound. At one point I went down to the creek to listen to the trees moving in the wind and the sound was totally different. What was strangest is that the sound moved around me – starting somewhere in the west behind my head, moving to the east and then around to the north. I found it very peculiar. At one point I sent a message out to the effect “I know you are here. I can hear you. I am sorry but I am too tired to see you. Please appear to me if you wish me to see you.” Nothing seemed to happen but the sound continued for 90 minutes.

In hindsight I wondered if my emotional reaction may have been related to the presence of entities on the ground. I don’t honestly know.

The closest parallel I have to this experience is hearing a particular Insectoid race, that I have yet to talk about much here. They haven’t visited me in a number of years and I was told that they were present in a craft last night. But this sound and the sound they make, are actually very different. They make a higher pitch sound, which is very crickety-clicky like.

It’s not unusual to hear sounds during contact nights. Foots steps, strange high or low frequencies, whooshing sounds and so on. Sometimes seemingly in your head and sometimes definitively out there.

When I am well rested and I go out for contact, I shift between the other senses I’ve described to you before and am often able to see entities moving around me. So it’s not unreasonable to assume, on a night when I am too tired to tune in with the other senses, that something similar is happening. But when you can’t use those other senses, it really is an entertaining kind of enigma. It’s like you’re playing hide and seek in the dark – but you never get to find them. You’re left at teh mercy of trusting your ears and your body !

I guess this was another one of those “well there’s a new one !” kind of experiences. I never cease to be amazed at what else can happen.

I love going out under the stars and letting my consciousness open to the heaven – whether I have contact or not. But Dude often pokes fun at me about making contact that way.

I suppose the reality is that contact can happen anywhere – even where you least expect it – like on the toilet ! But it’s so nice to go outside and feel naked and free before the stars !

I feel so humble when I go outside and make a simple request for contact and beings form elsewhere in the cosmos make the EFFORT to come and visit. They have such profound compassion. If only we could become like that, when one day we are the alien !


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  1. Very nice experience Bright 🙂

  2. we look up to you bright. achieving what you have is our goal !

  3. Bright I love that even when you’re physically tired you are still able to make contact. I bet that if you are willing to try to reach out to your ET friends they are willing to reach out to you. You are worth the effort for them to contact you. How wonderful it would be if some day we could become like our ET friends reaching out to other beings offering compassion and guidance.

  4. Jan G you should pay attention to low key contact 🙂 in the future we may be a group from earth when we become stable enough. like stupid me used to say to even stupider friends: life is like avatar just 1000 times stranger. they just laughed. well well 🙂

    • Victor it would be wonderful to be part of a group that at some point can reach out to others the way our ET friends are able to do. It brings me peace and comfort just knowing there are beings out there that care about us and what happens to earth.

  5. I was just sitting at my desk at work and opened my email. When I read Bright’s experience I was so happy and full of joy. I am watched, loved and cared for by other entities. Imagine that? Thank you for sharing this experience Bright. It changed my whole day.

  6. Yes it is incredible!! 🙂

  7. Hi bright id like to thank you for all the help you have been weather you know it or not the journey has been great its been almost 4 long incredible unforgettable months about 2 months since i believe i saw a craft put on a little light show for me and i feel like contact is right around the next corner. i personally have been having what i would call visuals of a craft interacting with it able to move freely and when ready i’m escorted into a new part of the craft as well as interacting with my friends (i am able to tell that one of my friends is of an insectoid race.) and my beloved’d one (who is very special to me who is my soul mate) in my mind on a daily basis as well as constant telepathic communication! which i believe is prepping me for contact. as well as the dreams about contact and a few occasions of picture telepathy one instance of a triangular star pattern known as the summer triangle that blinked 3 times and took me into it to show a galaxy then a being approached me and told me i have not learned yet. i’m pretty sure i got the message because it has not reoccurred. i often think i’m a bit crazy its sometimes hard to make out their words mixed in with my own thoughts and some instances iv been in denial about whats going on. i think i only have fear of the dark not being able to see and to just let things happen to concur. your blog and videos have opened my eyes to so much id like to thank you for all your time and effort you put in to help teach people about the true nature of the cosmos best of health to you your family and all and many more adventures! i wish to have many of my own! or at least ones i can remember!

    • Hey Jake – thanks for sharing your experiences and for reading the blog. It sounds like you’re on the right track. Just remember to be as patient as you can and to watch out for expectation – as it’s the mother of all contact kills ! The ore you can pay attention to your waking and sleeping life, the more you’ll notice and be prepared for the day when f2f contact happens. The summer triangle you mentioned happen to have Altair and Vega on 2 sides – which happen to be systems I know, where several of our visitors originate from. Learning can take time and being truly ready is something the ETs seem to know better than we know ourself. So trust in the process that is unfolding. You are in good hands. And I’m sure you’ll experience what you desire in the fullness of time !

      Keep up the open heart and mind and the great work of contact !

      Best wishes to you, Bright. 😉

  8. Thanks for the response bright, It helped a lot i was talking with them when i had the idea pop in my head to come and check the comments which i don’t think was coincidence. it seemed to correspond with my experience that is happening. iv been sitting on this response thinking about it hard and keep being drawn to it. I have been given the okay by my friends to share some more. A bit more background and experience. In the dream with the Altair and vega 2 when i saw the galaxy the word (Acutria!) or something similar was over the image of the galaxy. The being was tall i’m guessing about 8-9 feet and has a slight curve for the body shape and wore a purpleish robe with some kind of white/gold star like pattern, long hair, human like hand that reached out to me i grabbed the hand and i awoke.
    I read your blog post about the (sarplaxn) race and would like to say that in mental visual encounters i had an experience with a similar race. not sure if they are related or not Triangular equilateral shaped head with what seemed to me like some sort of arc like appendages on top of the head on either side about 3 maybe 4 inches high about 3 inches wide, big egg shaped eyes color seemed black. slits for nose small mouth face was all white. visual was brief and i recall happened twice.
    There is my dear friend of the insectoid race mantis like whom is very outgoing and likes to joke around i even gave him a nickname because i forgot his. (we were talking about fears and mine of spiders and crawlies crawling on me and how it startles me. He told me he feels the same about tiny humans which i thought was funny) this was last night! he told me he has known me many lifetimes as well as all the others.
    My soul mate she has know me longer than most of them. her and I have been together from the beginning. she told me she is a shape shifter. i heard her true voice last night i was very confused for a while of who it was but it was her switching voices. (i’m starting to think that telepathic voices can change) I read a little about these beings on your size comparison post. much of my relationship with her is personal. she told me that she took forms for me since the beginning so i would be comfortable i would often see her as other beings i’m not exactly sure how that morphology works but i’m very curious. i had a dream i was with a woman and i turned to her and said her name (i’m sorry that i can not give any names) and got a response “you are surprised every time” and i awoke i think this is my first time conscious in a dream. i have out of body experiences and even seen myself as other beings but i’m usually awake for everything.
    Another being came to me in a dream with more detail than others a greenish being about 4-5 feet soft kinda wrinkly skin small quarter like black eyes slightly elongated egg shaped head i believe slits for nose small mouth, skinny i believe 4 fingers (hard to remember) all green and slight color tone variations. i know less about the body. she came to me like a mother figure.
    There is a being i often talk to who i tend to go to a lot for opinions i have yet to see his form. he loves plants and I was offered to join him in his garden i couldn’t visualize everything but saw a spiky plant with red leaves and a golden like flower plant. collected a peddle and put it in a jar of liquid on a bed stand on the ship.(for my soul mate) it was mostly just a discussion about plant life but i do recall a conversation about plant live and evolved plant beings and about going to see them with him for the possibly getting a leaf from them to add it to a collection of all the plant life he has. ask them if they are willing to part with one i’m unsure how that will play out but i look forward to it.
    The craft i am experiencing in my mind is much like you described when i first enter there is a big table i guessing is like a conference/mission room beings by the walls with windows not sure what they are doing but in this room one time i went to the window asked to go to the galaxy i saw in the dream i don’t know if i took us there or the ship knew but we were there. i asked for occupied planets and i recall 3 places in the galaxy lighting up to show me. in the center of the room a hallway that goes straight on the left about 10 feet in there is an infirmary room that i have been led to when i feel discomfort or concerns. i saw a child there one time and asked a young being i met who was just learning about the universe to come in with a toy car to play with him i forget what i said to him something like not to worry and they are friends. I have yet to fully understand this process and if it was test or real i had lots of learning experiences there. down the hall more there is a cafeteria where i first met my insectoid friend i sat at a table and he asked to join me i was a bit frighted but said yes. then the hallway goes into a circle on the left rooms appear on the sides and in the middle is a lounge area. on the right there are stairs or escalator the craft seems to know what you would like very convent when i’m mentally drained. there is another control room area i think this level may contain labs science stuff.
    i am told i currently have 9 beings that are with me constantly and monitoring me iv been told i’m learning very rapidly and am doing excellent which is a big confidence booster. There is only 3-4 beings that i can make out appearances of which mean nothing ( just a mask for the soul ) a saying i thought of and was told to think intensely about. but i’m still very intrigued by their appearances but i guess that’s just common curiosity.
    a bit more personal info I noticed 2 small about 1cm faint scars on my chest that i haven’t noticed before one below my heart and one on the opposite side. My friends told they are to monitor my vitals as well as for a frequency process. Its like a strong vibration that originates from my heart (usually constant) that slowly moves through out my body arms, legs, neck faintly (at first i thought i was having heart problems) they told me the frequency process is so that i operate on the same frequency as them so i can spend long periods of time with them. Recently (last night) i am told i am ready by a few of them and they would leave me and go have a conference this happened 3 times while i was enjoying the stars and a fire! I have to stop there that’s all my friends would like me to share at this time!

    For your response about the paying attention to waking and sleeping life i wake up talking to them and have dreams every night some i cant remember and some i can. important topics seem to come up when i’m awake. I tell them i i’m going to do something if i forget to they put an example in a dream. if i forget the dream it comes to me during the day and i remember and do it. i noticed that most dreams i have are like clues on what i should do or do differently. For me most contact happens when i am awake and when i meditate which they ask me to when there is a lessen to learn. its odd i can do it with my eyes open and see the chakra purple color as well as white swirls i’m able to meditate with out actually meditating continue daily activities and interact with them and craft. and about expectation i really took that to heart. i was doing that being very specific about contact but i completely abolished it with my lesson around the fire last night i often would mistake wondering with expectation so that was a bit confusing. i’m often nervous about being surprised from behind but that’s silly because i know they wouldn’t intentionally try to scare me besides for the lessons on fear and overcoming it.

    Thanks again! Im very excited and i know they are to! I am going to enjoy another fire among the stars whatever happens happens!

    Many more adventures to you and everyone who has contact with our et friends!

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