Hey folks –  just to let you know that I might be away for a few days, as my son was rushed to hospital today after collapsing at school and having 4 seizures. So far his CT scan and bloods look OK but we’re likely to have to visit a neurologist soon, just to check he’s alright. He’s had heart surgery and ear surgery previously, and we think there’s no issues associated with either. So I guess I’d like to imagine that this is due to a convergence of other stresses and not something neurological. I am half way through interviewing Dude. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to finish the remainder of the interview. I had planned on having it all done by Saturday but it might have to get pushed back. It all depends on how my son’s health pans out. He’s likely to be in hospital a few days. Turns out he’s in a room next to an older gentleman who was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. We used to chat quite a bit when we discovered we have the same oncologist. Unfortunately my old friend Tom is now dying of his tumours and my son is sleeping next to him, as he lies there in agony after having yet another surgery. Apparently he has a catheter that is causing him a lot of pain. It’s really sad for me seeing someone this close to dying, when I remember talking to him and he was optimistic about his recovery. God knows, I’ve seen this happens o many times. While in the hospital today, my son’s mum also collapsed and I thought she was having a heart attack. But she was OK – just overwhelmed by everything. While she was on the floor my son had another seizure. It was pandemonium for a few minutes ! I take nothing for granted anymore. Not my own health, not the lives of my loved one’s or the people I know. Everything that matters to us can come to an end in an instant. That is the ultimate teaching of the Buddha – that everything is impermanent. I never forget it for an instant. And yet I make many mistakes – like losing my temper with my son when he defies me or gives me a mouthful. Sometimes we all need reminders of what really matters. My son wanted me to go home tonight – as I’m exhausted. So I’m home now. I’m going out for a few hours to watch the stars. May the next few days be beautiful and filled with wonder for all of you ! Bright. 😉

PS. 29/11/14 – Last night Dude informed me that he was involved in a critical situation somewhere on Earth and so I don’t think I’ll be able to talk to him for several days. He’s answered half the questions – about 14.5 pages worth. So I will wait until he’s ready. The issue is significant, so our interview will have to wait. Sorry for the delay in getting it completed !


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  1. Oh Bright I’m so sorry to hear about what you’re going through. I hope you can get some answers on what’s going on with your son. God be with you, your son and your son’s Mom. Prayers being said for all of you.

  2. Sorry to here about your son Bright. Let’s hope it nothing too serious. I know what it’s like to spend time with a loved one in a hospital for hours or days on end. You need your rest too and your son was right by wanting you to go home. May he have a speedy recovery Bright. God bless you and your family.
    Cheers M8 and cowa Bunga dude.

  3. I’m really sorry Bright! My prayers are with your son, with you & your family. May he recover fast & be well & healthy. Stay strong & positive Bright!

  4. I’m very sorry to hear all that Bright !! it brakes my heart to know what your entire family is going thru, sometimes you wonder why life is so unfair for some, life is brittle and like you said, everything that you know and care about can come to an end in an instant. I just wish I could do something to help. We’re so far away….. I’m hoping that you can get some answers on this new situation. Get that well deserve rest you need, I’ll be praying, meditating and wishing all this to go away and make it better for your family.
    Be well and please keep us posted on your son’s health.. Heartfelt wishes and love going your way xoxo

  5. Hi folks – thanks for all your kind words – they are very much appreciated.
    Fortunately after numerous blood tests and scans, I was allowed to take Toa home early. So he’s currently catching up on some sleep. He spent the night next to Tom, who doesn’t have much time left in this world. Tom was in a lot of pain and Toa said he was cussing all through the night and being checked by the nurses every hour or so. So Toa is now completely stuffed ! We’re back to see the doc at 5 pm and then off to see a neurologist, maybe later in the week or the week after. Nothing odd has shown up in his scans, with a minor anomaly in his bloods – but most of it seemed good. I think it’s just that convergence of stress I mentioned. But maybe this is a turning point for my son to take better care of himself and to leave his e toys alone and gets some good energy outside more often.

    It was a bit scary though ! Had his buddy not been there to catch him he would have crashed his head on the stairs and who knows what could have happened. Yesterday he had 5 seizures in total. I don’t think he’s epileptic or has any other neurological problems – but we’ll know for sure after our visit to the neurologist ! Sure did surprise me hearing my name called out in Kmart and having to race back to hospital 80 km away stuck on 100km/h, when I felt like going twice that speed !

    By the way – I called on Dude when his mum collapsed and he was instantly there. Two birds at once flaking out and convulsing – had me a little concerned !

    I had to remind myself it was still a beautiful blue sky day !

    Thanks again !

    Happy Thanksgiving !

    Gunna rest a little in the sun and then resume interviewing Dude.

    Be well !

    Brightless. 😉

  6. Bright Thanks so much for the update on what’s happening with your son. I’m so glad he was able to come home. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed especially after going through such an ordeal. What a trauma you’ve all been through! How wonderful that Dude came so quickly when you called him for help. Very reassuring to know we are never truly alone. I hope all is well with his Mom too. Please rest up all of you now. Perhaps Dude can help shed some light on what happened here with your son. I’m praying for all of you. 🙂

    • Thanks Jan – yes Dude came last night and cleared it all up. My suspicions were on the mark but I felt good to hear t from Dude – who had actually given us warnings before hand but my son ignored them. Lesson learned I think !

  7. Bright what a gift and a joy it must be to have the wisdom and guidance of Dude! I’m happy to hear he was able to confirm your suspicions of what is going on with your son. May this be a wake up call for him to heed Dude’s warnings. Take is easy and take care of yourself too Brighty! 🙂

  8. Thanx for the update Bright, I was really worried yesterday! Good to hear that Dude is by your side, giving you comfort & insight to what’s happening. I’m praying everything will be ok with Toa his mom & you. Get some rest & take care of you too, as it must have been energy draining going through all that.
    Health & calmness to all of you 🙂

  9. Glad to hear everything is good. I think it is interesting that “e toys” (electronics?) are much of the cause, because I witness kids on e toys all the time and do not hear about seizures occurring like they have for your son.

  10. mname – I think the really big problem is that unless parents are really switched on, they won’t recognize the convergence of issues – including the impact of e toys through direct emissions or strong EMF via the screen/box. Parents need to really pay attention or they may miss microseizures or attribute seizures to other factors. A big problem as well is many parents under 40 have the same addictions and miss the changes in their own behaviour – which are indicative that their brains have had too much e time.

    I think one day the phneomenae of e toy use and seizures and behaviour changes and health problems per se, will be widely acknowledged and supported by research. But now, it’s like we are in the early days of smoking – when smoking was supposed to be good for you and fashionable and no one questioned it. 😉

  11. Hi Bright, glad to hear things are getting better with Alex, I haven’t been around, just got in now and noticed all the messages. Will continue to have your family in my thoughts and prayers…. XOXO

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