TSM17 : Aspects of Self (A Revolutionary Technique for Developing Self Awareness ?)

WARNING : Don’t listen to this podcast without first hearing the warning at the beginning. 

What follows in TSM17 is a discussion about how I developed a process for exploring the self and in particular an idea I call Aspects of Self. It’s still an idea in progress but it’s one I think has great merit and potential for helping people to transform their lives and their understanding of the nature of reality.

I think it was Carl Jung who said something like “where the mystic is swimming, the schizophrenic is drowning”. And it’s in this spirit that I offer you this deeply personal monologue about my perception of self.


Please let me know if this monologue meant anything to you. And a brief warning, I do use the F word at some tourists ! Sorry , no long haired peace nick here ! I’m all out of patience with annoying tourists ! I also had to edit out some comments I made about a particular book I own and perhaps I ought to have edited out more.

You can find a list of links relevant to this post here : https://app.box.com/s/z0mng3wrotan06ikovfk

Enjoy !

Brighticus. 😉

PS. The very special Dadaji : http://www.dadaji.info/https://app.box.com/s/4a606ti63jy05uxo6xpr .


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  1. Bright Thank You. You gave us lots of information here. I will need to listen to this monologue a 2nd time. I like your technique of talking to the self. I do a version of this myself. I’m learning to heed the responses I get. I am also realizing that the answers I need are already within me, I just need to gain more confidence in trusting them. For a long time I thought the answers had to be found outside myself. I love the bits where you talk about the kangaroo activity. Had a little chuckle when you yelled at the tourists. Listening to you here describing the path you’ve taken to self awareness makes me look at my own path. I see the stages I’ve gone through listening and following the teachings of someone else. I’m learning as I go and I find myself wanting to dig a little deeper as time goes on. It’s a progression. I want to keep learning and discovering. I feel it brings meaning to this existence.

  2. Dear Bright,

    Seems to me that while I was listening to you talk as you were walking another aspect of Bright emerged about halfway through; you spoke in a different voice and were quite playful towards the end. Lovely to hear. Thanks also for setting the record straight on Mr. Alastair C’s demise; a fascinating but ultimately troubled spiritual pioneer! My mother who was born in Melbourne/Ferntree Gully was interested in Seth, etc. in the mid- to late-60’s here in the U.S. and I can remember looking at Jane’s face and eyes on the cover of those books and being quite a bit unnerved, but finally bought a few of the Seth books awhile back and haven’t yet read them. You prepare wonderful communiques and I really enjoy reading your blog and viewing your videos. By the by I had some interesting results after listening to your walkabout talk and so I am going to continue to implement your suggestions.

    The reason for my e-mail though has to do with voices, voices, and more voices. specifically the kinds of voices others have heard and I have heard in my head at various times throughout my life. I am not schizophrenic nor bi-polar nor psychotically depressed (thanks for relaying your thoughts on the Diagnostic Manual, et al.); however I have inherited unipolar depression from the Aussie side of the family and I guess you could say I am a tad eccentric but ultimately who isn’t? It’s my subjective contention/hypothesis as an untrained layperson that some with neurochemical challenges have brains that are capable of receiving certain information that other people without mental illness may not. The “filters” are off. We used to have bicameral brains and maybe some of us have vestiges of the bicameral brain.

    Examples: a friend of mine who lived in Nebraska befriended a woman with schizophrenia and he used to drive her to and from medical appointments. One afternoon as they were driving past a cemetery the schizophrenic lady remarked that a woman who was buried in the cemetery was talking to her, describing how the woman had lived and how the woman had died and various details about the dead woman’s life. My friend was incredulous and thought no way could such details be true. Sure enough, he checked with a reliable source and the details given to him by the schizophrenic woman were correct. Is this woman schizophrenic and telepathically gifted–how much does the schizophrenia play into the telepathic gift? What information or communication are the rest of us missing? This is the same friend with whom I telepathically communicated and who has telepathically communicated with others. Our telepathic communication one cold Alaska night was unexpected, caused us to pause, and then to question, “did what I think happen really happen just now?”. Yup, we just communicated thought from a brain to thought of another brain and not through human speech. Also while living in the Great White North I had a voice tell me to stay put, don’t move, stay on the couch, stay in the trailer, don’t go with your friend to the Anchorage airport. Ten minutes later my friend’s 1980 Honda Civic was toast, passenger side demolished. I try to pay attention, voices or no voices. If it’s been a voice, the voice is clear and if it’s been a feeling the feeling persists. . . . .

    Two more examples and I am done–one example 15 miles south of Gettysburg and one example two miles outside of Gettysburg.

    While I was visiting with my friend in the rural area where I grew up I would experience the same “voice visit” every time I spent the night in one particular bedroom of my friend’s house, which is a fairly modern home. After the second time of hearing the “not-so-nice” voice I thought, “I can’t possibly hear the not-so-nice voice again, this is getting ridiculous!” For whatever reason this “voice” just had to greet me between 4 and 5 a.m. with a borderline menacing tone; it was not my “voice”, it was not of a dream, it was clear, succinct, and to the point.. After the fourth time of another voice visit I had had enough and never again spent the night at the home of my friend. I have always wondered is the voice visitor an aspect of my selves, my subconscious becoming conscious, the powerful power of suggestion of past voice visit experience, human speech pickup of some electromagnetic energy, or???? Sure I’ve had the same dream recur occasionally but never like this! . . . . .

    I’ve already rambled too much so I’ll summarize the two miles out of Gettysburg story with a few words: two friends and me in car, the smell of incense filled the car, and some being(s) in the back yelled “OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.”.


    • Thanks Lisa for your sweet comments. You’ll have to elaborate on that story and how you ended up in the US.

      Thanks for taking the time to listen ! Enjoy Seth !

      Have a lovely day, Bright. 😉

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