The Something Monologues No.4 – The Museum of Modern Apocalypses – Our Blessed Scars & Deformities

DSCF1779In this very long monologue (almost 1hr’38 mins long) I waffle on about the blessing of our deformities – our scars and the deformities we were born with, how they define the uniqueness of our bodies and our souls. This is a very intimate monologue, in which I take you on an up close and personal tour across my body and tell you some of the stories and memories that go hand in hand with each of my scars and deformities. Be warned, there is penis talk. Oh and I forgot to mention the biggest scar of all – circumcision ! Now you know my nether regions !!! Stick that one in a file, 3 letter somebodies !

I urge you to consider sharing some of the stories and memories that come with your blessed scars and deformities.

PS. I got my dates mixed up in this audio.


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  1. Wow. Bright I have to say given all the extreme injuries your body has endured throughout your life, it is a miracle you’re still alive! And I have to say the empath in me did quite a lot of cringing and twitching as I listened to all the stories behind your scars. It’s so true that with every scar there’s a memory. I have only a few scars on my body. One of which I’ll share the story behind. On my right shin I have a diagonal straight line scar that measures 1 1/2 ” long. Every time I see it I am reminded of the price we pay for vanity. When I was 6 yrs old my best friend came over to get me so we could go out to play. She was wearing her new shoes. They were black leather mary jane style shoes. Very popular for little girls back in the late 1950’s. Not to be outdone in the fashion dept, I scrambled to put on my brand new mary janes. They were also black leather and had a shiny leather sole. Very slippery to wear unless you did a kind of grinding action into the pavement to scuff up the soles. I didn’t do this. Off we ran to explore a section of the neighborhood that was still under construction. We ran and leaped over huge rocks and boulders pretending we were deer or something. All of a sudden I lost my footing, slid and ended up pitching forward. I landed on my stomach. I was able to stand up right away but when I looked down I realized I had fallen onto a jagged rock and there was now a hole in my shin. Blood began to stream down my leg. My friend ran home to get her mom and her mom carried me to her car and drove me to my house to get my mom. From there we all went to the dr’s and I ended up having 5 stitches. What struck me the most was my friends reaction. As I sat in the dr’s office having my leg stitched up I could look beyond the door and see my friend and her mother. My friend was sobbing hard watching me get stitched. I was deeply touched by her concern for me. I’ve been so very blessed to be quite healthy all my life. I went through 12 yrs of school never ever missing a day due to illness. It was the same way in college. As I age there are a few health concerns but I really don’t think about them. I focus on being healthy and being grateful for the body I have. Sure it’s not perfect but who on this earth is? I am more comfortable with my body and as I watch my hair grow in grey streaks I love them. They remind me how long I’ve been alive and I’m still here. Thanks for this monologue Bright! I feel as if I’ve just spent some time sitting and visiting with you. I loved your narratives on your neighbors and on Archie and Penny the dog. Also very interesting how a ball of light showed up in a photo over your kidney area. Thanks again Bright.

  2. You are a great man bright 🙂

  3. I will be reply #4. First of all, the title is perfect. Second of all, I think when you digress, or allow your mind to wander, there are amazing connections. I could write too much in reply to all of this. I actually wrote up a reply but it was too long, so I sent you a message on Twitter :). Please keep talking / thinking / being. Doesn’t matter how long they run. I’ll say that one of the most difficult things about our society today is that we know, objectively, that we shouldn’t judge others based on appearance, or assumption, or any other superficial trait. Those who are more conscious stop themselves from doing so. But it is quite rare to be able to see someone for who they truly are: to be able to take someone in fully and sense all of their possibilities as well as their limitations, while at the same time understanding that they’re beautiful regardless of any observations made upon them. To see people fully, and with compassion, is extremely rare. And it’s even more rare for the perspective to be reciprocated in any way. I’ll stop here 🙂

    Little Sun

  4. how beatiful, the last one there Sun 😉 !

  5. Many of your stories resonate with me on a personal level. I’m very grateful to hear and learn from what you have to say. Hope all is well, cheers! 🙂

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