Heart Waves 3

The best song about Aliens and alien contact.

The Sally terry (Soprano) version of this song is the best one ever recorded. But this one by Christy Moore is pretty good too !

One of my favourite Musicals (Into the Woods is my favourite)

My favourite violinist is by far Nigel Kennedy. He plays with soooo much fire. My favourite track – summer !


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  1. [On my playlist this week:

    Jeff Buckley – Grace (full album):

    Lana Del Rey – Tropico soundtrack. If, you can, watch the short film, because you’ll get more out of the songs… Love this because it’s a mashup of literature + pop culture.

    I Sing the Body Electric:

    Gods & Monsters:

    (No one’s gonna take my soul away.. living like Jim Morrison 🙂

    Bel Air:

    Sometimes, music can be like a megaphone for me and amplify whatever emotion I’m feeling, so I try to be mindful…]

    Heal well,
    Little Sun

    • Thanks Little Sun. Like them both. Did try to be a Buckley fan way back but couldn’t quite get the claws in but I can appreciate the intensity in which he lived and performed !

      Thanks for sharing !

    • Lana is certainly a unique voice. When I first heard her, I thought “Hmm very different but I like it !”. A bit like a female Buckley !

      • Actually when I first heard about her I had a very negative preconception, but then listened to a few of her songs recently and got kind of hooked. She is very hit or miss with me, I like Tropico but really can’t take some of her other songs/albums. Jeff Buckley just doesn’t sound like anyone else in his genre and there’s a genuineness there that I like… I’m probably also a hopeless romantic because “Lover, You Should Have Come Over” is the first song that I heard, & then listened to others by him. “Morning Theft” is also good. These have been on my playlist this week and I really should take them off because they’re kind of heavy, not always helpful to feeling “up,” but sometimes I’m drawn to that :). Hey, I think if you are trying to hook your claws into a song you are working too hard… I think it should be hooking its claws into you instead, then getting stuck in your head and maybe becoming a reluctant addition to your library :).

        Very best,

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