Last chance to ask an ET your questions

Hey folks 4 more days to go to get your questions in and then I’ll sit down and choose the 10 questions that I most like and put them to you know who ! I’ve already selected 1, so 9 to go !

Heart felt questions tickle my fancy (and his) more than head questions !

Go well ! Bright. 🙂


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  1. Dude! A few years ago I invited 3 friends over to kick it on top of my haystack to watch UFOs (a near every night occurence for me). We saw nothing for a long time, but only one faint “satellite” slowly traversing the sky. As it was slowly traversing over us I quipped, “Well this is boring! Why can’t we see a Norway Spiral or something?” Within seconds, that dim “satellite” dropped straight down at us with a bright white whoosh, skidded to a sudden stop and gave us a beautiful blue spiral! Everyone gasped and almost wet themselves while I giggled with glee! Was that you? I so want to meet the being that did that for me. Do you have any idea who that could have been? I’ll always be grateful for that gesture. I’d give anything to meet that person in person. We’re cut from the same cloth….

  2. Bright and Dude,

    How have other planets/species learned to evolve (spiritually speaking) with the dichotomies between the people? (Differences of opinion, culture, motives, intentions, perceptions, etc.). Do the people gradually integrate and form a kind of general perception that everyone conforms to and agrees with? Or do they learn how to tolerate the differences and allow each person their individual opinions/perceptions? Or do they get divided? As in: the people ready to move to a higher level of consciousness will be at that vibration, and the people who are not will stay at another vibration.

    I bring this up because of the very obvious dichotomies on this planet between humans, not just today but throughout our history. It seems sometimes we’re all different species, on entirely “different planets” so to speak. I’m assuming that we are not alone in this game? That the ego has affected many many other species across the universe/s? How is this problem solved? Or is it solved at all?

    Thanks so much,

  3. Dude…what makes a ship illuminate when signaled by a laser pointer? Is that a reaction from shields, or is the occupant signaling back on purpose? Are they “ours” that do that? Also, a few craft have responded to my telepathic hails. Those, I consider authentic and NOT ours. Ours can’t do that, can they?

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