How Regression Therapy has distorted Reality in Possible ET Contact Experiences

This is a post I began 3 years ago but decided not to post it. I’ve re-written most of it.

* * *

I openly use the term ET contact experiencer to describe my experiences with ETs. I could use any term I like but this is a term that most people with an interest in the subject understand. I will never call myself an abductee because that’s a victim mentality and I have never been a victim. I prefer to think of my experiences as relationships and so far the best way to describe these relationships is in positive sounding language that people are familiar with. One day perhaps I’ll stumble on a better term for describing my experiences. Until then perhaps it’s best that I refer to them as ET Friendships (although not all of these experiences have the hallmarks of a long relationship).

I wasn’t always sure if my contact experiences were real, which is why I dismissed many of my earlier experiences. My understanding of the phenomenon of ET contact evolved through a long process of development – in which I have been forced to examine everything about myself and what I believe ( / / I went from having little conscious awareness of my experiences, to the point now when I am consciously aware of 60-70 % of them. Those that remain outside of my conscious awareness usually happen when I’m low on energy and/or exceedingly tired.

In regard to those experiences that I did remember, I was left with a certain fraction of an experience that remained beyond my awareness. And the only way that I could discover what was outside of ‘the book ends’ of my experience was to go back into my memories (to ‘trace my steps’ so to speak) and see what floated up. But I often had difficulty trusting what I saw. Later my ex-wife, who has near complete awareness during her contact experiences, guided me back into my memories, where she could see psychically what had happened – as if she was experiencing it in real-time. It is this ability (among others) that made her an asset to the covert projects she worked with, in monitoring ET contact and movements and tracking down ETs that were out of jurisdiction. She helped me at a time when I was having frequent ET contact and that was great but I felt frustrated that I had to depend on her for help. Not because it wasn’t beneficial but because I couldn’t do it myself. Prior to this I had studied hypnotherapy as part of my therapy work (which I used with many different clients) but I never felt comfortable using these techniques on my self. Part of the reason is that I knew that hypnosis and hypnotic regression relied heavily on suggestion and guidance. I was also practicing deep relaxation (one form taught by Dr Ainslee Meares in Relief Without Drugs and another form taught to me by my guide Kanatek). I knew from experience in deep relaxation and with various types of body work, that the critical component in accessing memory is mental relaxation and that mental relaxation in turn depends on the ability to physically relax and to enter the body and experience all that arises. So at some point I experimented with both – relaxation and working with the body and regression. After much trial and error I discovered that regression therapy was of limited value because it sets up too much expectation if done incorrectly and because it does not provide the body and mind with enough actual relaxation (only forced relaxation).

When I first spoke publicly about accessing ET contact related memories, I referred to using regression because I didn’t know how to describe what I was doing and because I knew that people had some idea what regression therapy was all about. It was only after reading John Mack’s Passport to the Cosmos that I realised that someone else understood where I was coming from. John stated very clearly in his book that what he was doing wasn’t regression but relied upon a form of deep relaxation.

Over time I refined my approach, so that I could use both deep relaxation and certain entry points in the body, in which I can establish a kind of body dialogue. The body cannot lie ! So when we have any experience, the body has its own record of what happened and it’s own constellation of felt experiences. Now the process of integrating deep relaxation and body dialogue is pretty seemless and I can feel reasonably certain that its reliable. But I still maintain a degree of skepticism because I know (from my early days studying neuroscience/psychology at uni) that the brain is capable of great deception ! The process is something I have had to practice a great deal. I started by remembering simple events I created and recorded and then I moved onto remembering more complex and traumatic events.

Over the last two decades I’ve studied a large number of people who claim to be able to assist people who believe they’ve had ET contact experiences to retrieve their memories. I’ve studied these people and their clients very carefully and have noticed numerous traits in their work, which have led me to believe that they may well be assisting in the creation of false memories.

The traits that I noticed include the following :

  • Lack of legitimate qualifications and general experience in therapeutic work
  • Poor understanding of the impact of trauma on the psyche
  • Poor understanding of basic assessment processes when engaging a client
  • Poor understanding of basic methods of physical and mental relaxation
  • A lack of knowledge and practical experience with the full spectrum of sensory awareness
  • A desire to lead clients into preconceived ideas and conclusions, which go well beyond basic guidance (this gets down to how comments/questions are phrased)
  • A desire to intervene in the event that has already taken place (go back to the actual event)
  • A desire to reach conclusions for the client
  • An inability to recognise symbolic artifacts and mistaking them for real events.

Whenever these kinds of traits are present, there is a high chance that the so-called therapist will be assisting in the creation of false memories and is likely to lack the insight to recognise how they themselves are facilitating the process.

If you consider that much of what is supposedly known about ET contact comes from the experiences that have been documented through regression, it’s obvious that if there are a large number of practitioners who are facilitating in the creation of false memories, then much of what is thought to be true about ETs and ET contact, is false. That’s why I have frequently denounced such ideas as evil aliens, Reptilians, Star Children and Hybrids. These are all products of the human mind and nothing more.

I believe that regression therapy has great value but only when practiced by a very experienced person with a well grounded understanding of relaxation, trauma and symbolism. Preferably a person who knows next to nothing about the subject of ET contact !

One of the great threats to gathering real memories is the conditioning that people have taken into their psyches – whether they’re practitioners or clients. If you believe in Reptilians or Hybrids, you’re going to see them come up at some point because you’ve already created that delusion and the seed has already grown unconsciously !

My suggestion to those of you who need help in this area is to use great discernment !

I plan on devoting a chapter to this subject in my book on how to make ET contact because I think a deeeper appreciation of how to approach working with memories, is fundamental to understanding the subject of ET contact.

If you’d like to know more about hypnotherapy/regression therapy look here :

And if you’d like to know about Dr Ainslie Meare’s method of deep relaxation look here : (page 90-100, if my memory serves me well ! 😉 ). I can’t recomend the work of Dr Meare’s enough ! His insights changed my life !

The following examples are a small sample that typify some of the traits I noted earlier.

PS. Yes I am very skeptical of Dolores Canon’s teachings and her regression method.



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