An interview with Dude

Hi everyone !

Some time ago I had it in mind to do an interview with Dude (see Dude category if you are new to this blog) but I didn’t want to push him on the issue and I was afraid he’d say no. Then I had my recent visit with him and since then I feel we understand each other much better. So yesterday when I was talking to him about several issues I unexpectedly popped the question “So can I do that interview with you ?” and much to my surprise Dude consented. So he’s given me some very clear instructions. First, he’ll only take 10 questions. So send me your questions, or ask others if they have any questions and I’ll pick the 10 that resonate most with me. Second, I won’t ask Dude anything about the name of his race or his planet or his ACTUAL name. I have sworn an oath to him to keep that between us and I have no desire to break my oath. He doesn’t have anything to hide, it’s just something personal to me. Those in power who know Dude, know about his planet and his people and in fact he’s given them a whole folder of information on what they “need to know”. What I will share will you about Dude and his people, is what I have learned about them from experience and from spending time with them.

So Dude is willing to answer 10 questions.

Here’s how it will work. Once I have the questions, I’ll arrange a time to talk telempathically (think telepathy with feeling) with him and I’ll ask him the questions and make a record of our conversation. I’ll then transcribe Dude’s answers and post them here for anyone to read. That part will take quite a while.

Please note, that I am more likely to answer questions that are intelligent and come from the heart, rather than questions that are stupid or highly technical. I don’t care for that sort of thing. Dude could answer anything he wants to but that doesn’t mean that I’ll ask him anything on behalf of others. You wouldn’t ask your mum whether her nipples get itchy and I won’t ask Dude certain things that for me cross a particular line – whatever that line is. Also, please bear in mind, that Dude has been answering questions from humans and other races for more than 8,000 years, so he gets pretty irritated with stupid, thoughtless questions. He will also know who asked which questions and will be able to know all about the kind of person you are if he chooses to. If he thinks you’re ignorant or arrogant or a prick of any sort, he’ll just tell me that he won’t answer that question. So assholes, don’t bother ! Only genuine, caring and inquisitive people are encouraged to ask a question. I can only take 1 question from each person.

On a final note, I should tell you something. In about 98 or 99 or 2000 – I can’t quite remember, I watched a dialogue on take place in which a person (I knew it was a person because an ET told me so), played a very clever game, in which they claimed to be an alien and answered lots and lots of questions; that were in many ways very convincing. People were eating out of their hands !  I found the whole thing hugely entertaining, especially because I knew this was an intelligent person with a PhD, who was enjoying their game. For me it was a fascinating study into human behaviour. The author of this game was very clever but he totally lacked the feeling and empathy of a real ET. Now I like games (and I’ll tell you about one I’ve been playing in a few weeks) but this interview isn’t a game. I’m doing it because I care about the human race and I want to give people a little of the opportunity that I have had to learn something from a very wise, ancient being from another world.

I actually tried to do something like this (I think in 2010 but don’t hold me to that time period) on the Project Avalon forum prior to several contact events I knew were coming up in the following year. I think if my memory serves me well, I received some 167 answers (maybe more) and picked 14. But the whole thing irritated the hell out of me. There were so many stupid questions…really, really dumb and I just thought “Why did I bother ?”. But anyway, I took it serious and later during one experience I asked my ET friends about asking the questions and I was told in a very caring and understanding way “Let other people have their own experiences !”. So I let it go. I took down the final questions from the forum and did not tell anyone what happened.  So what’s changed ? I don’t know but I feel the urge to do it again. Maybe because I understand Dude better than I did before and because he has had such a profound impact on my life. And maybe, just maybe, it’s because I still care and want to share a little of the magic that feels so special to me, of speaking to a being from another world. Personally, I never get used to the novelty of meeting or speaking to any being from another world. It is one of the great joys of my life. And I truly mean that. What they have given me, is beyond compare with anything else, except perhaps, the joy of having a child.

I should also remind you of something and I urge you to consider it carefully. Read Dude’s Maxims – especially Maxim 1. Drop all expectation about how Dude will answer these questions and how he will come across. I’ve already been criticized for Dude sounding like spiritual guru Alan Watts ( Dude speaks to us at our level. I suppose you might say he “dumbs things down”. If we don’t have a concept for something he knows, he’ll try to make it as accessible as he can. But we have limitations to what we can understand. Frequently I have found that Dude speaks in terms that I am familiar with but I have heard him talk completely differently to individuals who were far wiser than I ! As I have previously suggested, Dude has many faces. He can be incredibly serious and even frighten people and he can be a larrikin and a complete idiot. I’ve said before that he is a lot like Paul, the ET from the movie of the same name. Dude is very quirky and very wise. He loves bad horror movies and his favourite movie is Predator. He also loves to swear because he loves the sound of human languages. His favourite phrase at the moment (thanks to Rachel Bree) is “Fluffy Fuck Asses” and he likes to wear his Grumpy Cat t-shirt, although he hates cats. So, DROP ALL EXPECTATION !

Think and feel carefully and post your questions in the comments below. The cut off date for questions will be the 27th of October, 2014. I look forward to seeing what you come up with !

Happy hunting O Great Seeking Minds !


Bright 😉


About brightgarlick

Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. who is ‘God”?

  2. what is the beth method of making contact with and extraterrestrial

  3. how do i meet an alien?

  4. What’s Dude’s view on human culture? Specifically, what does he think of fiction and storytelling. Does his species have something similar? Also, do other intelligent species use drugs recreationally? Many people are alcoholics or chain smokers or need coffee every morning, but somehow I don’t imagine it being a common trait among our cosmic friends. I’d also like to thank you for allowing us to ask questions and for the effort you’re putting into your blog. Cheers! 🙂

  5. what is life on their planet like? Does just their race live on their planet or are all races allowed to live their if they want to. How is their education system like? When do they stop studying and go into their field of choice. Do they pick a field or are they assigned a job? How old do they live? Are they allowed to travel the stars at their own will or is it under some type of law that makes them put a request in. Does he have his own spacecraft? If so whats he named it? This is awesome! I have made contact with et but just seen the fly-bys never a conversation. btw im only 20 and that would be so freaking awesome to go on a spacecraft and to see a world.

  6. how to they practice their faith? How to they worship God? Do they worship God? I have also herd of types of Buddhist meditation poses that allow one to receive information without studying. Which would be pretty cool. Are they against things like this.

  7. dear dude.
    im a 15 year old from Australia. I feel i have a good spiritual connection with the world around me, I love being in in the out doors and i love all creates great and small. Now that I’m happy with my surroundings, i would like to try and establish a connection with the universe.

    I have done research on trying to become more connected to the universe spiritually. If you open all your chakras what are the benefits? and what are the negatives?
    My main interest was in the pineal gland. According to the internet once you open your pineal gland you have the ability to travel to different realms and dimensions.
    I really want to become more connected to the universe and reach my higher self.

    Dude could you please give me some feed back on how i can open my chakras and how i can be more connected to the universe it would be much appreciated.

    thanks callum

  8. Do you consider A.I (artificial intelligence) a threat to humanity, now or in our future?

    • Good question Tex. Yes if we become totally addicted to it. No if we have a life beyond the AI. Also if we have centralized systems controlled by AI, that will be dangerous. We will never be able to create conscious AI.It won’t be allowed, unless we grow up. Consciousness = life and only the creator races can do that.

  9. The recourses on this earth are unequally distributed, 50% are living in poverty, if you don’t have the basic needs as food, shelter, health care. I guess it’s hard to develop spirituality & hinders the human race in evolving in that sense.
    What’s your assessment of this Dude? what should we do about it?

    (Some facts: 6% own 60% of the all the gathered assets, Nearly 1/2 of the world’s population — more than 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty, that’s less than $1.25 a day. 2. 1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty.
    Video: )

  10. I know I have come here after the cut-off date, but just posting this question in case a miracle happens and it is answered.

    What is the purpose of life for a severely disabled child with a lot of special needs? I have such a child and this thought gnaws my life energy and drive to live. At times life seems to have no hope. The thought of my old age and death is dreadful. How am I going to leave her behind in this world and who will take care of her? She is happy, joyous and blissfully unaware of her “I” and this world. But why did she take birth if she did not want to experience this world like typical kids and did not want to make spiritual progress? May be I’m confused and am not using the right words, but my situation is the question.

    • Thanks Sen, that’s a very touching question. I may put it to Dood. At the very least, I’ll try to answer it myself. Perhaps I can ask my other ET friends. You must be a very good parent. Much goodwill and love to you, Bright. 😉

    • Sen I’m going to make a long monologue to answer your question from a fellow travelers perspective. And then I will ask my Teal’hia friend Anamika. This is the Great Mystery of Suffering and it deserves an answer because we all experience it.

  11. i know i am years too late with my question. but you may know the answer. if contact is made and confidence gained by both involved (myself and our friend) if it would help our friend in there quest would they help with my learning ability. i wish to help them in any way possible but think to do so the ability to learn languages would help immensely if i was lucky enough to act as an ambassador for them. i would be able to speak to any one i was asked to in their own language with the confidence that what i was being asked to say would be relayed perfectly to whom it was being said. sorry if that sounds silly but that my gut feeling. i live in spain but am english and just can not learn. and feel this will hold me back where helping our friends are concerned. how can i speak for them if it will only be english people i can speak with. sorry for the long post. i didn’t know how to condense it in a way you would understand.

  12. Hello Bright,
    I hope your treatment is going in a good way for your health and that are ok with.
    I deeply miss you
    I hope you are recovering from your sadness, and i hope that Toa is close to you and he is ok
    Today i bought some book you have recommended because there wasnt any new post and i was reading old stuff you wrote
    Maybe you have the answer this question i have, or maybe once you will send us the answer.
    “Why i think so much, instead of feel it (the inner sensation) and then simply do it or react?”
    Is this a human caracterstic? Is this related to me only ?
    I’m really happy that i have discoverd your blog, and i want more!
    Ready to wait for you, because I love to think that you will continue to stay in touch with this community you have in your blog.
    I miss you

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