What to do with the deeply personal ?

I’m writing this to let you know that I haven’t gone away, I’m just busy attending to other important things in my life.

I recently had a contact experience, which was so immensely personal that I have struggled to be able to share it with even those closest to me. The ET I call Dude (see previous entries) gave me two experiences which were beyond anything I’ve experienced before. In one he took me on a journey to another country and then forward and backward in time to look at my own life and the lives of those I care about and in the second gave me the opportunity to meet the human alien who sits at the top of the power structure I call The Architecture and he took me to another world. In total I spent a little over 24 hours with him but was gone for no more than 10-15 minutes.

I don’t know if I want to talk about these experiences (which both took place on the one day) or not. Not only were they immensely personal but they challenged everything I believe about reality. And since then I’ve been struggling to integrate what happened and what I learned, into my ordinary day to day reality.

There is this fine line between believing that something needs to be known by others and needs to be kept to ones self and I don’t know which side of the line this experience resides. And I don’t know what to do about it. I could write a book just about those 24 hours but I don’t have the desire to do so.

So, anyway, I’m processing how I feel and what I remember and trying to bring my self to making some decisions. I have a whole bunch of videos about experiences that I haven’t completed and I don’t know if I should bring up another one that is a cut above all the others. But I keep hearing people talk about so called bad ETs and other people talk about UFOs and the secret space program and those in power bla bla bla. And I keep having this thought “If only they knew” and I want to ruffle some feathers but I quickly realize that people who need to hear what I have learned about our cosmic family, will find me. If people want to believe crap, that’s up to them.

So I’m hibernating for a while, wondering how best to approach this whole subject and if it’s even worth speaking about.

It is my wish that you are all well. Have a great day wherever you are on this beautiful blue dot.

Bright. 😉


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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Lol. Interesting post Bright

  2. It’s always so interesting to look at the cluster maps that show where al of the people looking at your blog are located in the world. 18 ppl are From my state, so crazy to know! I don’t know any ET believers around I thought I was the only one for miles at least LOL interesting it makes you curious as to who these people are and how they came across your blog too…

  3. Sometimes when you don’t know what to do about something it’s best to do nothing. You’ll know when the time is right to share. Remember these are your experiences. . I’m sure there are many people who live with one foot in the real world and the other foot broken through the veil of our reality. There is no need for you to feel pressure. Be well and Thank You!

  4. Hi Bright, I hope you had a pleasant leave from the Internet. I sure missed your posts here:)
    Take your time & listen to your hart if the experience you had with Dude is worth shearing. Maybe you can ask Dude or other cosmic friends for guidance about this subject. Most important is your health & wellbeing.

    While you’ve been away, I’ve been doing a little “research” on other’s UFO & ET experiences & IMHO the BS that is floating around this subject is mindblowing! it surpasses the sensible ones by a very large margin! So I feel what you are doing is very important & I want to thank you for that 🙂
    I myself wasn’t too interested of this subject, until one day I clicked on one of your videos. After watching a few, my feeling was that you were honest & what you said made sense. And that comes from me who is extremely skeptical, analytical, logical & can smell a lie miles away 🙂 So If I found you, others will too.

    All the best to you Bright 🙂

    • Hey Jon – thanks for your very comforting comments. I think one of the reasons I eventually decided in 2009 to start sharing on my old blog was that I too was getting sick of all the BS and negativity about aliens.

      I’m not sure that anything I have to share is making any kind of dent in the BS and in the overall consciousness of the subject but I feel it’s important to put it out there for the people who need to know my truth. And besides, I suspect there is some kind of catharsis in my sharing, that even I don’t fully understand.

  5. I think you’re right. I think that anyone who resonates deeply with what you are doing will find you. And I think the ETs will lead them here. That’s what I believe happened to me, and I’m so grateful. There is so much fear-based ET material out there and then there’s only a few people like you, sharing deep, spiritual, friendly, “multi-dimensional”, benevolent experiences. If you asked for my opinion, which you didn’t (but oh well… that’s what most people leave comments for!) I would say go for it and share as much as you can that doesn’t jeopardize you emotionally, spiritually physically or mentally. One of the things I think we as humans might need to realize (ultimately) is that there are no “personal” experiences. Yes, we still have them, and we shouldn’t push ourselves over our boundaries, but I think you agree that our minds are connected and there are no secrets. I practice A Course in Miracles and it is said, “There are no private thoughts”. I think that’s one of the things we can learn from the ETs — many of them are telepathic and claircognizant. Thoughts and feelings are heard and understood. Anyways, I am one who would love to hear any and all of your thoughts and experiences, written, spoken or otherwise. Thanks a ton, Bright!

    • Thanks Alison for your kind message. ACIM has a lot of great teachings and I remember that one. I guess at one level that is true. I suppose I will just sit in the nothing for a while and just see what comes up. I guess my reservation is that once I share this experience, it will open doors I cannot see and change the course of my life in unforeseen ways. Well maybe ? So stay tuned. Something will eventually come out of me. And if not about this experience then the next one maybe !

      Thanks a lot for all the encouragement !


  6. well we who know you are 100% serious and not a lier we have a need to know, the others who hates and dont get it can go an watch somthing else. the watchers im not familiar with but if they can get you in trouble then i would say its more then enought what your shared.

    what about making a good clear connection introdoction audio to connect direcly with the ets in the moment? Think that would actually work really well for me !

    All the best Bright 🙂

  7. Thanks Viktor ! Yes you of course right about people’s choices !

    Sorry I just don’t have the time for that kind of video right now. Maybe when I get back to working on the contact series. Life is just way too busy right now !

    Be well, Bright. 😉

  8. Looks like both of us have been having extra-profound experiences recently. Mine intensified following the death this summer of a blue jay with whom I’d grown quite close; All summer I experienced deeply personal synchronicities carrying messages from what I call the “Other Intelligence,” and the complex interweaving of all these synchronicities point to just the epoch you mention, thousands of years ago.
    With that said, a private experience can never really be transferred to someone else, so I don’t spend a lot of time trying to convince anyone that this contact is real. But I do share the communication as best I can, as it applies to anyone who cares to listen.

    • Hey Stace – lovely to hear from you again ! I did send you a few messages a while back but I figured you were busy after getting married ! Hope married life is going well !

      Glad to see you continuing to write and am looking forward to reading about your Blue Jay experience. I certainly understand how it is when you get attached to a friend in the natural world !

      As you’ve always said, this other intelligence works in ways that are very personal and sometimes very subtle. There’s a fine line for all of us between delusion and the real and sometimes these experiences straddle that divide. But as you’ve often said, its one thing after another and sometimes the evidence is hard to throw away. They want you to pay attention in a way that only YOU would pay attention.

      Great to hear from you !

      Wishing you an awesome day of life !

      Bright. 😉

  9. Glad to hear back from you, Bright! I’m sure my messages went to an old address or in any case were missed, though I’ve thought of you often. You are right on. We each have our own consciousness, our own light, and yes, we pay attention in our unique ways – the key being that we indeed PAY ATTENTION. Thank you for all you’ve shared. Stace

    • It’s always a pleasure sharing with you Stace. You also seem to have had your share of high strangeness (now normalness) and understand that there’s a life long dialogue going on with the seen and unseen aspects of the cosmos. And you’re curious and always pushing the edge of understanding and I’ve always admired that ! Keep up your great work and may life be joyous and your journey fruitful ! Bright. 😉

  10. every time i read a post i find myself wondering am i just feeding a won’t. am i living my won’t though some one else experiences. why can’t i get to it myself and stop wanting. all i have ever WANTED is to make contact . i know deep inside of me i can help. quite how i would do that is not clear but i do have an idea of how I think i cold help. so the thing is. do i carry on reading posts about other people’s experiences. or do i just wait and see if i can get my own some how. i am 58 and have been feeling like this since about 7 or 8 but at that young age i didn’t have the words to express it . what do i do?

  11. Definitelly, I found you Bright…
    But you know It already I think
    Cheers and take care of you 😉

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