An Introduction to the Sawronde

Sawronde1a The Sawronde (or the Tall Aliens as I used to call them), have been part of my existence right from the beginning (see my video on Merging with the Light). In this life,  I’d had fleeting images of them since 1994, I didn’t have a fully conscious experience with them until 2009. I suppose in some sense I wasn’t ready. Since that time I have continued to have regular conscious contact with them but in some ways, they still remain quite an enigma to me.  In addition to the physical contacts I have with them, 1794566_370005253139860_1945447016_nI use the internal worlds contact method to maintain a relationship with a Sawronde male called Taehelrs (said Tee-heesh), who is part of the group of 8 ETs who are teaching me.

The Sawronde are one of the Creator Races who seeded this universe. Currently in this universe, they reside in our own galaxy (in 2 star systems and on 6 planets), in many of the Andromeda galaxy’s (’s_satellite_galaxies) (including the dwarf galaxy Andromeda X1 : – some of which are artificial (in 64 star systems and on 305 planets), in the galaxy we have designated as NGC 2487 (in 18 star systems and on 104 planets) and the star cluster we have designated as NGC 2404.

(The Andromeda galaxy’s  –; Andromeda M31, with satellite galaxies, NGC2487 and NGC 2404 – Goolge Sky).

The Sawronde were one of the 4 original Creator Races who helped  in the creation of Earth and who seeded life here and who continue to monitor our planet and nurture life on it.

Some of the Sawronde are known to the human levels of The Architecture. There seem to be 2 distinct subtypes visiting Earth. One type is between 10-11 feet tall and the other type is between 14-15 feet tall. The shorter one’s work at several military sites, including a base in southern England. Some of these entities are assisting humans in the development of certain technologies. They do so in a compassionate way, slowly nurturing humans towards the development of specific technologies such as super luminal space travel. They are also one of the races who carefully monitor human space travel and the movement of what is known as the Secret Space Program by conspiracy theorists.  The Sawronde, also have what we would think of bases, in several different oceans, including a site in the Pacific Ocean, between Vancouver and the Aleutean Islands.

The Sawronde have soft, pale, almost white skin. They are very thin and very agile. They gladly bend over to talk to others. They have 5 fingers and a very long thumb that is as long as the longest digit. Like most of the other races they have no nails on the digits. They have head that is proportionate to their body and an exceedingly long neck. They have a very small slightly lifted nose and nostrils and no perceivable hair. The Sawronde have the most beautiful large eyes. They have a well-defined long pupils and the most exotic blue Lapis Lazuli like coloured irises, with flecks of gold colour through them. They have no whites in their eyes. Whenever I have looked into their eyes, I have felt like I am HOME. Sometimes when I’ve looked into their eyes I’ve been flooded with moving images of the many worlds they have visited and the beings they have encountered. It has been truly overwhelming.

The Sawronde (like the Teal’hia) are deeply compassionate and loving. They have a kind of universal compassion for all living things. Unlike Dude but like the Teal’hia, they are very serious and caring. They go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable. They seem to be able to use their hands to perform many different kinds of physical assessments and healing. They can speak verbally or telempathically. They can feel what we feel and see everything within our mind, including our own unconscious memories. They seem to be deeply interested in the welfare of our planet and in our own spiritual development. They are able to transcend the limits of the body, moving through what we call time and space and beyond the veil we call death. Like the Teal’hia, they know that they are god incarnate and are in direct and eternal communion with the creator. Like the Teal’hia, they create souls and seem to track them and nurture them from the beginning of existence, until the final merging back with the source of all creation. In other words, they create souls from the body of god and are there at the end to help souls merge back into the body of god – when the soul is ready to relinquish the sense of a separate self.

The Sawronde seem to be able to communicate with any life form and I have seen them speaking with ants (bent over talking to several of them in a nest) and communing with trees. They can touch any object or living thing and know it’s memories and what it has experienced.

The Sawronde have many on board facilities that are created to help in the education of visitors and they have access to other spaces, some of which can be used to take visitors beyond the body (as happened when I was taken to merge with the light).

The Sawronde are an ancient race, predating what we think of as our universe and some of the individuals I have met are in excess of a 100,000 years old. The Sawronde also die when they are ready. Some of them are effectively what we would consider immortal.

The Sawronde craft that I am familiar with, are typically ovoid or circular and are a mottled grey or silver colour. They often fly in formation and so-called mother ships, do not have a fixed consignment of smaller ships – instead, like the Teal’hia craft, they produce craft as required, inside the larger craft.

Like the Teal’hia (and to some extent the Muajra), the Sawronde are able to create spaces on any scale (hence their ability to create what we think of as a universe), celestial bodies on any scale, life forms and souls. They have knowledge of all of the species known to exist and to have previously existed in this universe. They are able to create what we think of as genetic material from light forms (picture a light passing through some substance and creating a shadow).

The Sawronde love life and all of their creations. They nurture individual planets and species with love and patience and deep compassion.

The doodles above and below, were sketches that Rachel did after my encounter with them in 2009. Although Rachel knows what they look like from her own experiences with them, she was trying to draw in an unbiased way from my descriptions of them. These images were very rough, and while they capture the essence of the Sawronde, they are incomplete.


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  1. Very interesting beings, thanx for shearing 🙂

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