Thank you for all the monitoring and surveilence

I was very slow to catch onto the idea that certain groups were interested in me or more precisely what I was experiencing or the people I knew. I was first told about this in 1994 and I dismissed it outright. Then in 2007 I started to wake up to the idea. When I began sharing my ET contact experiences in 2009 on my Otherworldly Encounters blog I realised that I was attracting the attention of certain intelligence groups and other monitors. Using specific IPP tools I was able to trace some of my visitors. Clustrmaps provided me with a visible way to have some sense of where they were based. In addition I began to watch some of my monitors using  journeying. I was particuarly interested in those in Australia and the US. I told other people that it was happening and some of them laughed at me. Edward Snowden’s revelations (among others) have now confirmed the extent of surveillance – particularly that carried out by the so called Five Eyes alliance ( /

At first I was upset and irritated that I was being monitored. I still think it is an abuse of basic human rights, as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( / & But then I was reminded by a guide, that those in power have wanted to know what the populace was thinking, saying and doing for thousands of years. There is evidence that the Chinese were doing it 3,000 years ago and I dare say the Assyrians and Babylonians and Sumerians were doing it before then. So I realized that the only thing that has changed is the tools and the extent of surveillance. And to some degree if those in power don’t like what they find, they can no longer do what they feel like (for the most part). Instead they have to abide by the law. Which is why people who work in positions of power, sign carefully worded legal documents and go through a process of psychological intimidation, so that they feel too shit scared to ever break their security oaths. But, just as in days gone by, the time is coming, when many people who do the work of surveillance, use their own sense of what’s right and wrong and turn against the hand that binds them.

So why the hell do the watchers have any interest in this blog or what I have to share with the world ? Because they seek to control ! They don’t want the world knowing that space is teeming with intelligent, benevolent life, that seeks only to reach out to us with kindness. They want us to feel that ETs are a threat – a menace that threatens our very existence. And so they do everything to foster that threat – from surveillance to psyops to abductions – gathering information, spreading disinformation and creating false realities. This will in time allow them to create stronger systems of control and weaponize near Earth space. In addition to distorting the truth about our cosmic family, the watchers seek to support the aims of the war machine, which are to create sustainable profit at any expense. The war machine creates war, where there was peace and turbulence where there was healthy difference. The war racket will continue to exist on this planet, while ever one person remains ignorant of the need for equality and justice ( /




I’ve spoken before about the power structure I call The Architecture It is better to think of this structure as two disconnected pyramids on top of one another. The watchers all sit within the lower arms of this structure. And most of them are compartmentalized, such that few groups or individuals know what the other groups are up to. However the aliens on Earth and in space know everything that the human power structure does and thinks. Nothing happens without them knowing about it. And no single human or group of humans  can control them. Which is why weapons will not be allowed in deep space and humans will not be allowed to take over other planets. When everyone of those humans who are currently in The Architecture are dead, the aliens will still be here, slowly nurturing our species and caring for our planet.

Within the watchers and The Architecture in general, there are humans who have good intentions and a kind heart. From time to time, one of them reaches out to me to encourage me in what I’m doing. They don’t tell me who they are but I know who they are. In time, many of them will do all they can to transform how things function on this planet.  And within the watchers there are also many impressionable young men and women who are just doing their job. They think they are protecting the greater good, because they are young and have little life experience. They are doing work that they think matters and doing the best that they can. But as they get older, they will have to live with what they’ve done. It is my sincerest wish, that some of what I’ve written or said reaches these young and impressionable people. That in some small way I have awoken a kernel of doubt about what they are doing and a sense that LIFE IS SO MUCH MORE !

In recent years, I have experienced some more physical surveilence. Certain individuals have been sent to check out my home and one of my contact sites. I am always told before they arrive. So I always know when and where they will be. Sure it’s irritating and a pain in the ass. But at the end of the day, the most they will learn is that ETs did or did not visit a particular place. They won’t learn anything about the ETs, they won’t be able to collect any foreign technology and they sure as hell won’t see them, even if they’re there. So I am learning to live with their intrusions.

Of course the watchers are doing everything they can to find threats and collate data on all kinds of individuals, so that they can use it against them at a later date. I have no idea what data they’ve collected on me. But honestly, I don’t care. I’ve merged with the light and experienced existence beyond the body. I know what awaits me !

So, to all those individuals out there who are speaking out about genuine contact experiences, I say this to you :




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  1. Thank you bright! We all are in this beginning stadium where suffering and pain is normal for oss all, we heal and stay in the moment. But if some of us have a problem/illness or whatever and it is creating alott of suffering in our life that can take care off, the typical races will know that. they know it and it pains theyr heart really badly when seen. so if some one have an encounter up in a craft or whatever then they will heal the damn problems for people right ? i cant see how they could miss it. it would suck big time if you have an encounter dont remember a shit and they dident do a damn ting, you see my point here ? Like cancer that comes back again i see that only youself can do that type of thing cuz it comes back again. Conecting with the beloved famliy is the most beautiful ting but i think theres a lot of people that need some healing too. and once again Bright thank you and we love you 🙂

  2. It is truly a curious thing, and honestly in a sense I can relate to the young you write of. Perhaps in some way as they get to know you through curiosity and whatever ambitions that are believed to be existent, they themselves are allowed to get to know them self as well.

  3. Hi Bright:)))
    I’m so exited I had my first sighting tonight at midnight…I’m so happy:)
    I’ve tried to contact our galactic friends since I found you, to no joy….but then you told not to have any expectations & I began to talk to trees & nature…trying to feel one with everything, introducing myself to the sky if anybody was there to listen, being thankful..etc.
    This past week some strange things has happened, but that’s another story.

    So I was watching the sky tonight at my usual place, surrounded by some old trees who know me, by the water, in the middle of my city, Stockholm, not really trying to make contact, just relaxing.
    First I saw a small “meteor” falling…I greeted it & said hello, then I thought maybe it’s just a “falling star”, but then I saw a light very high up, it looked as a star, moving quite fast trough the sky. Then I saw 3 more meteors & 4-5 “stars” moving high up in the sky & 1 flash from a cloud. I was very glad & exited & I talked to them all the time & thanked them.
    I don’t know if they were there just for me…but it felt that they didn’t wanted to come too close….anyway I’ve never seen anything like that in my whole life, but I know what I saw! I’m so glad & exited:))))

    Thank you Bright for yours guidance:)))

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