Inner Space – The Final Frontier

Some of you will recall my earlier post on using internal worlds to make contact with ETs.  I’ve been using internal worlds for many different reasons, for a long time now and one of the things that has always jumped out at me is this. It is such a common sense method – why the hell isn’t everybody doing it ? By that I mean, why haven’t people been exploring inner space in this way for centuries. Now, I am no expert on what humans do in their own private lives but I am not familiar with other people using this practice or any large scale studies devoted to this subject and that surprises me. What I do know from my ET friends and from my own experiences, is that there are covert groups who are using similar techniques to enter the consciousness of other people – for all manner of reasons. Picture this. You create an inner world, that you then link to a particular person. You then link to their consciousness and then have access to their consciousness. You can retrieve specific information by interacting with that persons consciousness in your inner world and they don’t even know you have access to their mind. You can also manipulate them to do whatever you want. So this is one of the things that certain groups are doing. But where they once had people who had developed the skills naturally, they now have computer programs and hardware that interact with people’s consciousness and take over the process. This approach is limited in that the person doing it, no longer has full control over their creativity or imagination or the extent to which they wish to interact with what is within them. All of that has been hijacked by an algorithm. What has become clear to me, is that like every other human endevour, the use of internal worlds can be used for good or bad. Ignorance and self awareness determine the outcome of how these skills and processes are applied.

When I first started developing inner worlds, I gave free reign to my imagination and to using it for relaxation. Now I do it primarily to have regular contact with a specific group of ETs and to explore the nature of reality and enhance my self awareness. I am less interested in letting my imagination go wild, than I once was. But I still use it for that reason from time to time.

In 1994 I had the opportunity to go to a book signing and meet William Gibson (, who had just written Virtual Light ( . I wasn’t a hard core scifi fan but I admired William Gibson for his work on the Cyberpunk genre and how he anticipated how technology would alter our lives. I was in my mid twenties, deeply curious and stupid. I had been fascinated with the dead and how to communicate with them. So I wrote a long letter to William in which I proposed a kind of technology where we could interface with the dead using a kind of virtual reality. Back then, EVP ( was not as well known as it is today and I didn’t have much interest in it anyway. I had read how in the early parts of the last century some people had tried to use radio to communicate with the dead. What I was proposing to William was a mechanism for how we might interact with the dead, what it might look like and what impact it might have on humanity. God knows why I bothered to write such a ridiculous letter but I did. I proudly handed it to him on the day of the book signing and he put it in his bag with a smile on his face. I have no idea whether it ended up getting read or trashed. It doesn’t matter. Nor do I have any idea whether he used any of my ideas in his novels. I don’t care. The reason I mention this, is that I had the seed for finding a way to interact with the dead, back in my head in the early 90’s.

Then in 1994 I met the gifted psychic who was taught by Dude (the ET) to bilocate and do other unusual things. She taught me the rudiments of that process and also helped me to have conversations with lots of dead people.

Later when I began working with internal worlds, I realized that it’s possible to connect with the dead in an internal world. Right from the beginning I was conscious that such activity was fraught with risk and so I did so cautiously and with certain procedures in place. It’s not something I would teach to just anybody because if you’re not stable, it can do you more harm than good.

Recently I heard about Dr Alan Botkin’s Induced After Death Communication practice ( with veterans and realised that it had a lot in common with what I was doing. And I sense now, that the time is coming when there will be a wide range of methods, that allow people to connect with those who have died.  Some will be safe and others will not.





To some extent the use of internal worlds to connect with ETs and the dead is similar to what traditional shamans  (not the plastic variety !) have been doing for millenia. But the method that I use, comes without all the cultural baggage or the need for entheogens or other methods to induce an altered mental state.

One thing I realized early on, is that inner space is infinite and that inner space is not separate from outer space. Think about that for a minute and the potential implications. It’s also clear to me that the projections which arise in inner space (pure awareness) are not dissimilar to the projections that arise when we die. We create our perceived reality through consciousness and mind uses the same mechanism whether we have a body or not.

But a word of caution. And please note that this is a caution that should underscore everything I might say about the subject of inner worlds. Whilst it’s fun and interesting to create inner worlds (both consciously and unconsciously) and to enjoy the act of creation, the use of such things for escapism is a major distraction in our spiritual development. A healthy spiritual development follows a vertical path. Getting lost in any other kind of mental activity (be it OBE’s, lucid dreaming, remote viewing, internal worlds etc). represents a detour along a horizontal path. We should enjoy these activities in a harmonious balance with our real world activities, so that we don’t get stuck in our spiritual development.

Inner space is the final frontier. But the greatest application for exploring inner space, is in the exploration of our true nature and in the cultivation of true self awareness. If connecting with an internal guide or an ET helps us to get there, then it’s ultimately a good thing. But what really matters is whether we use such skills and processes to become better human beings and bring love and awareness into the world.

At the end of the Ten Oxherding Pictures (, the awakened one returns to the market of life, with gift bearing arms wide open.




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  1. I know i ask a lot. And your giving your best to wright to get us to it . there is probably not more to say about it i know that. Hope you forgive this Bright but the issue of asking them with a heart felt sense and nothing happens right away. are there only option to just wait after the answer?

    you see sometimes i ask and i dont want to ask to mutch with a results it is getting too mutch and distracting, well if you just ask only one time in absolute peace and knowing then wait for it, or not wait for it but just sit there in looking. Is that the method?

    Thanks for being the only one who dont care about profit money making or having the sentral point of old military menn in 1997 😉 you coming to the point right away!


  2. Nothing of that asking matters huh, they know i want contact. I will be there in peace then what happens happen 😉

  3. I like to share and comunicate with people on forum the same “crazy“ contact people. i dont do it often but just that feeling for sharing is great. So i like to share an experience i had today. so i was under the star relaxing, and i closed my eyes to feel their precence then sudden i felt a buzz thru my head, and first i thought that shit now the real thing is happening they are coming! Well i think that pulled them back from coming 🙂 some one who have had a simiular experience ? BTW like might all brighty have said : dont have any desire how it will an example he gave where you are on a road trip and it dont look like you finding the perfect camping place then you go further and there is the paradise you dident expect. keep that in mind that was a brilliant method. my spelling is not good at all and dont want to use translate all the time. keep well earth brothers!

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