Prerequisites for Face to Face ET Contact

22A lot or people have asked me why they haven’t had ET contact yet and more specifically, why they haven’t met an ET face to face. Some people get very upset about being visited or apparently taken against their will – hence the whole abduction meme ! Some people even expect face to face contact and that it should happen a certain way. So, you might well ask “What the hell is going on ? Why do I need to do to have conscious face to face contact ?”

I can tell you what I think the prerequisite for having conscious face to face contact are but first I think it’s best to say something about myself, which might help you to understand why I’m having contact. Perhaps the best way to do that is to give you a brief autobiographical sketch of my life. So here goes :

  • I’ve experienced lots of suffering in my life, which has helped me to grow enormously.
  • I recognized at an early point in my life that I can’t control everything.
  • I slowly realised as I’ve aged, that I had way too much expectation of how things should be. I slowly started to drop the shoulds and to accept how things are. (For example – I studied hard all through my early formal education, from age 5 up to age 24 – with no break and expected to get a good job. I was unemployed for 6 years and my self esteem was in tatters. I had completely absorbed myself in working hard and put off having a good time and enjoying myself. I realized I’d missed out on living fully.).
  • I have an open heart and an open mind. But I have my limits when it comes to stupidity and control systems !
  • I have always loved the natural world and spent countless hours watching, studying and playing with insects, reptiles, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. I have always tried to connect with the natural world and understand what life is like for other beings. I have also planted many thousands of trees and felt an obligation to do my little bit, to heal Earth.
  • I have taken personal responsibility for all my own healing.
  • I have tried, where possible to help in the healing of others and to bring kindness into the world. But I do have my limits. I don’t suffer fools and will confront people who are acting like assholes.
  • I have always wondered about the cosmos – the fundamental reality, the physical laws of the cosmos, the structure of the cosmos, the origin of life etc.
  • I see beauty everywhere.
  • Since I was 24, I have been experimenting with consciousness and feeling and have opened myself up to exploring consciousness, space and time and the use of inner worlds for all kinds of exploration and knowledge about the Self.
  • I don’t take drugs and very rarely drink alcohol.
  • Since I was 11, I felt a deep desire to know God. When I was 13 I came to believe that God was the energy that kept the universe together – like the FORCE in Star Wars. At the same time I was being taught how to be a good little Catholic boy and had many conflicting issues of shame and guilt associated with a yearning for Jesus. Now thank God, Jesus is safe from any association with me and free to get on with whatever else he likes to do !
  • I try to love those nearest to me totally unconditionally and to share love with other family, friends and strangers. I work slowly towards trying to understand with empathy, all those who have hurt me or that I might see with disdain.
  • I spent 15 years meditating but recently had a 1 month break, to evaluate its effectiveness and if I needed to continue meditating.
  • I have been working on several writing projects for the last 20 years (plays, novels, essays, short stories, non fiction). In some way, all of them speak of the human condition and man’s yearning to know that he is something greater.
  • I have always been curious. Curious about a huge range of subjects. When I discover something new that interests me, I study it vigorously. I no longer have any desire to do any formal study (22 years in total is enough !).
  • I now recognize the seat of most of my desires and try to live, minimising the most damaging of my desires.
  • I acknowledge that there is apart of me that loves to seek and other parts of me that do not need to seek. I give each an opportunity to hold the stage of life, as is required.
  • I see love as the pinnacle of life.
  • I have always felt different and been a loner but I have never felt alone or lonely. I have come to see that even though the small I lives by seeing itself as separate, we are in reality only one (the greater self/God).
  • I believe fiercely in equality and justice for all.
  • I loathe with utter contempt the WAR MACHINE. But I forgive them all for their ignorance and try to understand why they are ignorant and how their ignorance affects the world.
  • I have a 15 year old son and I know that my son and I have been together in many lives. He continues to be my teacher and I his.

That gives you a sense of what I am like. Perhaps the features of my own life that appeal to the ETs, are the fact that I am open hearted and minded, I know I can’t control everything, that I value love, that I see the greater self, that I know we are all connected, that I have worked hard to develop self awareness, that I try to heal the Earth, and that I practice compassion.

So, what do you need to do to have face to face contact with ET’s ? Well, let me be honest. Everyone is different. Every group of ET’s is different and so different people will appeal to different groups and different individuals. But I do think, that there are some human qualities which appeal to all the ET’s. I think the ET’s value when we have deep love and compassion, when we respect and heal our Earth, when we feel our connectedness to all things and when we embrace their existence with awe and curiosity.

But it’s not all about what appeals to the ETs. In fact it’s mostly about YOU. Where you’re at in life, how developed you are spiritually, how much you’ve healed yourself from your wounds and how willing you are to look honestly at who you are and be open to who they are. To get a sense of this, try to see things from outside of yourself. How do other humans who know you, see you ? And if you could see through the eyes of an ET, what would you see looking at yourself ? Do you see a scared person or a hostile person or an aggressive person or a confused person or a worried person or an overly imaginative person or a person caught in perpetual seeking mode or a controlling person  ? Try to see yourself honestly, from many different perspectives. Look at your weaknesses and look at your strengths. Is there something about you, that makes the idea of contact with beings who are vastly different and more evolved than humans, terrifying or confusing or threatening.

Up until recently I believed that the reason most people don’t have face to face contact with ETs is because of deeply embededded fear (see the last post). For many years I have been aware of how important a sense of control is in our lives and some of you will be aware of the concept of locus of control (internal and external – ). After many years of attempting to exert full control over my life, I’d come to grips with the fact that I have very little control over the unfolding of my life. But I also came to realise that every moment you and I are making choices. I can choose with the next breath, to stop breathing (although it’s not easy to do !). I was also aware that many people expect life to turn out a certain way. If you do a, b or c, you get x, y or Z. But tragedy and suffering and the reality of how things are, taught me that expectation is a totally artificial human construct. Like the sense of having control, expectation helps our lives feel good. But it isn’t real. Every moment our bodies are decaying and being rebuilt and there are countless ways it can get sick and all that we have done with expectation, can potentially amount to nothing. I learned after many meticulously planned holidays, that the best holidays were the one’s with a little planning and lots of unexpected detours. You know, the little road that’s not on the map, that leads you to the most amazing adventure ! An adventure you never saw coming.

So when I look at this whole effort by humanity to reach out to our cosmic family, I see lots of desire for control and expectation. It should happen now, when I’m ready ! It should happen with a light in the sky or a big UFO above my head ! It should happen with the Galactic Federation of Light ! I want it to happen when I’m out with all my friends, not when I’m alone in my bed !

When Dude spoke to me recently, he really challenged me about this whole idea of fear and I think in hindsight he’s right. Fear has its place. It’s a real emotion that is totally valid. But we use it like a god damned crutch ! Remember his comment “Your cave men had fear but they conquered all !”. Well it’s true, early man is responsible for our existence. If they hadn’t relinquished the idea of fear as a force that compelled them to turn away, let go of the need top control everything and expecting things to turn out as they wanted, they probably would have become extinct very quickly.

So here is the essence of what I think Dude was trying to say. We make choices all the time. We can CHOOSE to CONTROL the urge to CONTROL people and situations and we can CHOOSE to CONTROL the EXPECTATION of how people and situations will be. In this way we approach our lives and ET contact with complete openness. If when we approach ET contact, we say I cannot control anything that happens – whatever happens, happens and we accept that without any expectation of what ought to happen or what we’d like to happen, we put ourselves in a totally different state of preparedness for contact.

Let me give you an example. In our Science Fiction,  we have this super popular  idea, that we go out into space armed and ready for combat. In such stories, people do everything they can to plan for all contingencies. They have an expectation that at some point there will be conflict. And they do everything they can to have control over the world that they take with them and anything uncomfortable that they encounter. But the reality of the secret space program is very different. The ETs have given them certain technologies and those that go out into space have no weapons at all. They are totally unarmed. And the ETs monitor and asess them throughout all of their journeys. Humanity will never get to the stars with weapons. Humans in this situation have had to relinquish some degree of control and expectation. But having said that the War Machine on Earth is the complete opposite and they think that when they go into space via such groups as US Space Command ( / /) and Air Force Space Command ( / , they’ll be able to weaponize space and act the same way they do on Earth – just like they do in the Stargate series . Big mistake. It just won’t happen.

In many ways our expectations are flights of the imagination. And the best way to deal with an excess of the imagination is to come back to the body and stay in the present. And the desire to control is also a kind of flight of the imagination. We don’t want anything to arise that is outside of our preferences. So we automatically shut such possibilities out. But reality is not like that. Situations arise that we do not know are coming. people react in ways that we did not know they would. Our imaginations take off in ways that we did not see coming. Where we genuinely need to have control, is in generating self-awareness. We can turn inwards and see our mind as it really is. We can see the patterns of our thoughts and the stillness between; we can notice our feelings and the sensations in our body; we can notice our reactions and how our reactions make us feel.

When we CHOOSE to let our desire for control and our expectations dictate our experience, we deprive ourselves of WHAT IS.

There are obviously occasions in our lives, where certain expectations are reasonable. I expect that this lung full of air will keep me alive. I expect that if my salary is deposited in the bank, that it will be there tomorrow. I expect that my child is safe from predators at school. And there are also times when control is reasonable. If I control my impulses to lash out at that person who hurt me, I will prevent further conflict. If I control my life from being overwhelmed by desires, I will feel more settled. But how we let control and expectation be part of our lives, requires careful discernment, self reflection and understanding.  We ought not to be at the whim of reactivity but at the same time, there is a natural flow to the cycles of mental activity, which affect how we engage with life.

The cosmos is boundless within and without. If we wish to experience it beyond the confines of our day to day reality, we need to engage with it as it is, not as we imagine it to be.

What do we really need to do to have face to face ET contact ? We need to stay fully awake, instead of pretending to be awake ! That begins with your very next breath.

Best wishes to all, Bright. 😉

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  1. Well said Bright.

  2. thansk again! i am in the 20s stadium where most of the attachemts comping from. there are so many challenges stuff higns the need t o getsuccesfull
    . been working with just be as normal as i can and dont think about personal gain and being the best of all like many really want in their life. But what dude is teathing with control of other people an stuff is somthing i will pay good atation too. not going to be easy, hopefully it will seattle and gett less and less til you reatch perfection.

  3. i would say enlightment is when you worked trhhu all your attachments lettng them go one after one, THAT is real enligtment. Gurus making money that is tottaly fine. they share their information surten thing and bla bla , if they probably spoke about an right way of collutivation mind and heart/losing every attachemnt you have. they will probably get kicked from the job and yeee. Dadaji the man who understand you an everybody is the guru is really fear a enugh! ok i stop rabbling a way just being a litle open about whats going on. This life is hoiia hoiia and we need to realise that. hope you alll a very lovly contact experiences

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