The Belt of Orion and Other Celestial Curiosities

The advent of Geospatial Mapping and Desktop Astronomy, has provided us with some interesting opportunities to explore our world and our place in the visible universe. We largely have Google Earth (and Sky) to thank for this and. Unfortunately most of us only have access to lower resolution, old imagery. But what Google Earth (and Sky) does promise us, is the possibility of beginning with something of interest and slowly exploring these things from the comfort of our own homes. In time, better resolution images, will enrich our investigations and lead us to some pretty interesting discoveries.

One of the things that came to my attention some years ago were anomalies around the Belt of Orion (BOO). Orion has always been one of my favourite constellations and I’ve been drawn to it since I was a young boy. Once, while poking around with Google Sky I discovered some strange lines with equidistant objects near the belt (see images below). The particular structures surrounding the BOO include 2 long arms (linear regions) with ovoid/rectoid shaped objects that appear at equidistant intervals (see L-R kmz file on drop box link below).  These lines and structures could be star burst or reflection or digital artifacts but they might not be. They certainly don’t look like star burst lines. A quick Youtube search revealed that I wasn’t the only one who had made this discovery. Cari Kindl (Bliss Weaver) ( had found the same thing. Much to my surprise, no one since that time, some 4 years ago, appears to have pursued this. Because the imagery in Google Sky is low resolution and digitized, it is possible that these anomalies are digital artifacts but I think it’s equally possible that these anomalies represent something extraterrestrial in origin.

Much huff and puff have been made about the BOO but I think a lot of the conjecture about it is actually misleading. The BOO is after all primarily the 3 stars (star systems)  Alnitak (a triple star system) , Alnilam ( a blue supergiant) and Mintaka ( binary star system). The 6 star systems collectively, might harbour advanced life forms, who are space faring and visiting Earth. The 3 star systems are nowhere near one another, like any set of stars in any other constellation. What we see as constellation, gives the illusion of closeness.  I think it’s equally likely that Orion’s belt harbours some kind of doorway or “soft space”, that is being used by ETs to access this region of space. It maybe like a public sort of intersection or something used by a specific group of ET races. What we do not see however is any curvature of space in these structures. But it’s probably unlikely that we would with objects so close.

What I see correlates with what I was told about Orion.

I haven’t done much investigating but from the little I have done, it seems that there are other anomalies that are worth exploring. No doubt those in The Architecture have done a good job at documenting these anomalies – be they doorways, craft or huge artificial worlds.

My suspicion is that we should be looking for similar anomalies around the other significant constellations/stars. Especially around the likes of Aldebaran, Sirius, Antares, Vega, the Pleiades, Altair, Gliese 570, Barnards Star, Alpha and Beta Centuri, Luyten’s Star and some of our nearest celestial neighbors.

I look at Orion as often as I can. Something about it hypnotizes me and I suspect that our ancient ancestors were obsessed with it, because they had some idea of the beings associated with it.

Check it out yourself and see what you can discover !


The Galaxy is on Orion’s belt !


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  1. I agree Bright. I think our ancestors have been obsessed with BOO and the constellation generally-just look at the the great pyramids of Egypt. Ive also been obsessed with BOO, Egypt and ‘UFOs/’aliens’ since as long as I can remember and too have contact of sorts with ETs. Would be interesting to hear from others to see if they’ve experienced/experience the same.

  2. Very interesting stuff. Got to appreciate Nassims thoughts, and I always find his analysis entertaining.

  3. Interesting Bright, I also check out google sky all the time, I never talked about the things I find there, but I do mark them on my computer for further study, thanks for sharing…. 🙂

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