An Introduction to the Sarpalxn

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I had my first conscious encounter with beings who call themselves Sarpalxn (said Sarlen) in a hotel room in country Victoria, Australia, in November 2009, after I and my friend asked for contact with my ET friends – particularly beings who already knew me (interestingly the next day on returning home, I had a visit from the Tall Aliens). My friend was also in the room when they appeared and the two of us discussed what we saw as the event unfolded. The Sarpalxn created a kind of projection into our reality and did not appear to be physically in the room but I could interact with them. There were at least 12 of them (9 most of the time) and they were visible for about 25 minutes and answered many questions I asked them and moved around at my request, so that I could see their bodies. They appeared to be in a large room (much bigger than the room we were in), which had a glass like material at the rear, through which I could see a red sandy looking landscape. The room had several large wing like ovoid consoles (think of a boomerang on a boomerang in a vertical double wing shape) in it and some of them were interacting with the consoles.  I took photos of the room after but nothing appeared in the photos.

This particular encounter marked a turning point for me in my relationship with them. After this I became aware of their presence on a regular basis and began to develop a relationship with 3 Sarpalxn who were part of a group of 8 beings (5 races) that have been teaching me for the last few years. They also explained that they had regular contact with me, since I was very young and would continue to have contact with me, whenever I required it.

Physically the Sarpalxn are very distinctive. They have very wide triangular heads, with an extendable kind of neck (a little like ET the extraterrestrial). They have large wide eyes – a red left eye and a blue-green right eye (I’ll explain the purpose of that another time). Their eyes have a vertical slit, which is a little cat like. They have a small mouth, 2 nasal holes and 2 larger holes at the sides of the head (in line with the base of the eyes). I don’t know what the holes at the side of the head are for. They have 3 fingers and each finger has a striated soft pad at the end of it. They have 4 toes which have an arch in them and splayed feet, a lot like a frogs. They are between 5-6 feet tall, have a very thin torso and very sturdy looking legs. They have what we would consider elbows and knees, which have considerable flexibility. Their flesh is a soft mottled texture and their skin colour has a high degree of individual variation and is a yellow-pink. They mostly do not wear clothes but I have seen them wearing a dark blue body suit which covers from ankle to neck. I am not sure why they sometimes wear a body suit.

When they first spoke to me I heard a lot off high pitched chirps and vocalizations with lots of modulation. I asked if someone could translate and the language slowly became very clear unaccented English. Often when they communicated with one another, they came together and appeared to touch heads. I’m not sure why they did that. I have seen them speak telepathically at other times.

They told me that they do not inhabit our universe and come from another universe. They explained that they are close by but it might be difficult for me to understand, if they tried to explain it to me. Later I was to learn that they inhabit 3 star systems in their universe, including a binary star system. They inhabit  some 77 worlds, many of which they cohabit with what we would consider other intelligent species. And while they inhabit one universe, they frequently travel to others.

During that first conscious encounter, the Sarpalxn explained that the youngest of their kind live to the equivalent of 300-400 years of age. The one’s who were visiting me, their kind lives to about 3,000-4,000 years of age. They have elders who are 20,000-30,000 years of age and the eldest of their kind is about 58,000 years of age.

The Sarpalxn are also known as Tarheen. I am not sure why the two different names. I think the Tarheen is a subgroup of the Sarpalxn, like the way that Americans are a subgroup of humans or Negroids are a subgroup of human race.

As I said, I have since developed a relationship with 3 individuals (all Tarheen) – a male called Shampar (said Shum-pa), a female called  Qualend (said Quay-lend) and a female called Tar’ham (said Tah-ham).

My 3 Sarpalxn friends have been teaching me a number of different things. They present me with situations in particular place, then take me through a series of unfolding experiences, in which they ask me many questions – which aim to extend my perception and understanding. Sometimes they ask me to go away and contemplate their questions. Think of it as homework. They have mostly been focused on helping me to understand the Greater Self (that aspect of us which is God). They know that I have a fondness for sand and so, where they can they use sand as a metaphor for understanding particular ideas. The Sarpalxn are very peaceful and curious about us. You might say that in addition to being cosmic explorers, they are explorers of the inner landscapes of God. I have found them to be very gentle and very patient, loving and insightful teachers. They appear to possess many amazing technologies but it is their understanding of reality and their spiritual development that impresses me most. I think of them as very wise souls, who are trying to teach me how to discover my true nature and move past the limitations of the perception of the self as a singular separate entity.

They seem to have good relationships with many of the other beings in our universe, including the Teal’hia, the Sawronde (Tall Aliens), beings from the Vega star system and other Lyra constellation star systems  and orange/blond haired human like aliens from our own galaxy. I suspect that many of our visitors know them personally or know of them.

The image above is the doodle I did on the night I had the 2009 encounter .

I have never looked for any evidence of the Sarpalxn on the internet but Edward Muller of the Facebook group ET Life  , sent me an image that someone else had done of beings they encountered. The image looks remarkably similar.  I’d love to hear from anyone else who has had experiences with the Sarpalxn or heard of others who have had experiences with them. They have told me that they are interacting with other humans and I would love to connect with some of them.

May you all be well, Bright. 😉

Artwork : Bright Garlick © Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. really enjoying these introductions, some pretty cool stuff, and I must admit that before I was not sure how to answer some of your survey questions, but these introductions seem to be sparking some ideas.
    The particular place you referred to where they present you with situations, do you mean like a place on earth, or a place like the star trek holodeck, or your dreams, or something else?

  2. I believe I have contact with these Sarpalxn, it is the only encounter I’ve ever had. I was young and thought they were ET, and after I saw them I was terrified of the movie. It has ruined my life, I was scared for years to go to sleep every night. I am 22 and have only recently made peace with it. I believe they gifted me consciousness however. The experiences I had were when I was lying in bed and they would appear next to me laying down. One time they projected a light in the room and I was petrified more than words can describe, fearful to remove the blankets over my head, as it was telling me to come closer and communicate. I don’t believe it meant to harm me, but I never understood why it stuck around after knowing I was suffering greatly.

    • Anthony, thanks for reaching out. ET contact follows a developmental continuum, usually beginning with fear because you can’t control the situation. When the fear subsides, you connect consciously and begin to have a mature relationship with our friends. I’ve written a lot about that subject here – hopefully you can find some of that here. Also John Mack’s Passport to the Cosmos is a good book that explores what happens and how people change in response to the encounters. I know the Sarpalxn well and have yet to meet anyone else who knows them, though I know of another person who encountered them. I’ll look at your questions. Trust in what is happening to you – it is all for your benefit !

      Best wishes, Bright.

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