An Introduction to the Hoofy Foots


I have had several encounters with the beings my ex wife and I dubbed the Hoofy Foots. I do not remember the Hoofy Foots proper name. It’s in my head but the memories are not clear. That really bothers me to call them a slang name.We were aware the Hoofy’s (who we named after their soft hoof like feet) visited us together and separately from from 1994-2007. In March 2007, they came to my house to collect skin and hair samples  – 3 months prior to my being diagnosed with cancer in June 2007.  I was to learn that they were recreating healthy tissue, as a precaution, in case I did not heal from cancer. I do not recall seeing them since but it wouldn’t surprise me if they had returned several times.

They have always been very secretive and capable of moving with great stealth and invisibility. But they are very gentle and peaceful. They are easily spooked. They were surprised that my ex wife was able to see them – especially when I wasn’t. Although I would hear them. But she would see them when they were in the same room at remotely when they were in another room or outside. When they realized that, it seemed to slow them down a little.

They are masters of what we would think of as biotechnology and highly developed spiritually !

I like the Hoofy’s. They have a very gentle nature and are very peculiar in every imaginable way. They vaguely remind me of some of the funny critters from star wars Cantina nightclub scene in Star Wars.

I did once find a sketch that someone else had done of similHoofyFoot2ar entities back in 2006 or 2007. It’s out there somewhere. The sketch above was done by Rachel and I did the other two. Hers a quick doodle after seeing them and mine a quick doodle after a journey contact event (think remote viewing).  I was to learn that they had visited myself and my ex wife since we were very young. They have helped us in our emotional, spiritual and physical development and were studying our emotions and doing regular health checks. They helped influence my understanding of reality. They see my tumours and the so called experience of cancer, as a useful process in my spiritual development and in adapting to the challenges that face our world. They are curious to see how I interpret and respond to many of these challenges.

I was told that they wish to help me develop as a catalyst, to help Hoofy3humans to understand the real nature of our cosmic family.

Their home world translates to NALPNTO. I think we would call them something like the Nalptnto. Of this I am unsure.

They come from a solar system 3.8 light years from our own (I don’t think it’s been found yet ?) and originated from a single planet but now habitat 4 neighboring planets. They have evolved into quite distinct races, that co-exist peacefully.They primarily travel within the galaxy but have visited other galaxies. They have been visiting Earth for a long time, assisting our race towards maturity. They care greatly for the well being of our species and our planet and wish to see us experience greater happiness and well being. They are explorers but have a fondness for their own worlds. Their home world is approximately 3 times the size of Earth and has about 1.5 billion beings.There are approximately 5.9 billion beings in total on the 4 planets. Their sun is approximately 5-6 times the size of our own sun.Their planets are hot compared to Earth and significantly older than Earth.

They have a short body, between 3-4 feet high. They are very thin and weigh less than 20 kg. They have a forward leaning posture, like a tilted S and an upright body shape. They have 3 fingers – 1 which acts like a thumb. They have swollen ends on the fingers (gecko like), which are highly sensitive and their fingers are very tactile and dexterous. The hands can move in many different directions and have easier movement than human hands. The legs are thick at the top, with a soft joint/no knee and more mobility in the legs than humans. The legs taper down and curve back and then forward and have a soft hoof (as we would call it) with a soft pad and 2 toes.

Their head seems to have softer mottled skin with copious wiry hair. The hair is variable between individuals. They sometimes have thick green-grayish, sometimes yellow skin over the body with lots of variation. Sometimes it is even dark brown/black. There is sometimes dark green skin with patches of yellow (sometimes very vibrant). They have a long thin neck. The torso is long and elongated. The torso has lots of variation between both races and individuals. Mostly they are gray-green with flecks of yellow and small dark spots. The colours look very random – lots of variation. The arms and legs have lots of colour variation. The upper parts of the legs have strong colours – similar to the torso, while the lower legs have more yellow/light gray – moving towards all yellow often in the ankles and feet. The hands have lots of variation and are sometimes yellow, sometimes gray with small amounts of green.

I know that sounds pretty confusing but hopefully you have a sense that there is a great deal of variation in appearance across races and individuals.

I would love to hear from anyone who has encountered them or found similar accounts or descriptions.

Artwork: Rachel Bree © Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.

Artwork: Bright Garlick © Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.


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