An Introduction to the Teal’hia

Teal'hiaI first had a conscious encounter with the Teal’hia in August 1997 but was later to learn that they had been with me through many lives and in this life since I was aged 4 months. There are several events from my childhood in which I suspect they were interacting with me but my conscious memories of these events are vague.

The Teal’hia are often grouped under the Grays label but that is a very disrespectful term for them. They are well known by those within the structure I have called The Architecture. The Teal’hia are one of the species who are represented among the 9 aliens at the top of The Architecture who oversea the welfare of our planet (don’t think of a pyramid structure). There are 2 of them in that group and they are old by our standards and very wise. They work closely with the ET I have called Dude (think Paul – see my video on Dude’s leaf collection) and the human alien at the top of The Architecture (I think of him as number 1).

The Teal’hia are one of The Creator Races, who’s race predate the existence of this universe. They inhabit multiple universes. They are one of the races that seeded this universe and one of 4 races who created this planet and seeded/intervened in the development our race.

They are capable of creating souls. They do this to help God to know it’s self in an infinite variety of forms. They see the creation of souls/life, as the highest work possible. They feel compassion for all living beings.

The Teal’hia currently reside in 3 galaxies – the Milky Way galaxy ( 18 star systems/74 planets), many of the Andromeda galaxies (32 star systems/112 planets) and 2 star systems/18 planets in what we recognize as the Capricorn constellation.

I have a relationship with 12 Teal’hia, in particular a female I consider a kind of confidant/guide (whose name I do not wish to share) and 2 males Pakdah (said Puk-da) and Paldan (said Pal-dehn).

The Teal’hia work closely with many other races – in particular the beings I call the Tall Aliens (the Saurande).

They grow their craft and their craft are sentient. They nurture the development of craft by exposing them to the love and consciousness of a wide range of beings. Their craft do not use propulsion. They move using consciousness. Some craft have a pilot, who is able to interface with the craft and all beings on board. The craft are given an education and training in what we would call different types of dimensions and the different rules of the physical and conscious universe – to help them navigate and interact as required. The craft are given an education in cosmology and all the different life forms that are known to exist.

Each part of the craft contains consciousness of every other part of the craft and information that is stored in the whole is stored in what we would think of as the parts.

The Teal’hia do not need craft to travel but they use them because they make the act of interacting with space, celestial bodies, worlds and living beings much easier and because it allows them to help other beings to travel in a way that is comfortable to them. The Teal’hia can also travel through what we would call dimensions (intradimensionally) and across dimensions (interdimensionally). Ultimately they recognize that all space and consciousness and time are one and are not separate. Dimensions only exist from a relative point of view but not from an absolute point of view.

Their craft do not have predefined spaces and are capable of creating spaces for any purpose. They may even create spaces to test the creation of new spaces or celestial bodies (think of a point of space as containing a bubble of infinite proportions) or life forms.

The craft can create anything that is required and move through what we would call space and time. The craft interface with all on board, to varying degrees – depending on what is required. And when you go on board and are given a place to rest, the craft knows ALL of your preferences and can speak with you in your mind or out loud. The craft can provide for all your needs – food, toileting, sleep, education etc.

The Teal’hia have many different types of craft. A typical smaller craft looks like the common cigar shaped craft. It is silvery-grey and tapered and sloping at the ends. They also have other craft that look very atypical. The craft can assume any shape required. The mother ships of the Teal’hia (like many other races) do not have a fixed number of smaller craft on board. Instead, they create what is required for a particular situation.

The Teal’hia are between 3.5-4 feet (with some variation either side). They are light yellow/beige in colour, with slightly larger heads, eyes that are about 1.5-2 times the size of ours. They have 4 fingers and 4 toes. The toes reach a point in the middle. The thumb is as long as the fingers. No finger nails. No belly buttons. They are extremely thin and eat infrequently. They do not have internal fertilization.

Their people come into being and this is a major celebration. This may happen in the following way :

1. Through parents. They may have up to 10 parents. They combine sequences (not genetics as we would think of the concept) from the required number of parents.
2. Sequences are chosen from host materials with specific characteristics. These beings are created with specific roles. They look the same but have certain abilities that facilitate certain roles.

New borns are given names when the Teal’hia look into the future life of that individual seeing all the probable events and likely qualities/aspects of that individual. From this they may :

  • Choose a name that best reflects these aspects and will lead towards these aspects
  • Chose a name that best reflects these aspects and the individuals likely path
  • Chose a name that the parents like that reflects aspects of the parents/their names.

Whatever name is chosen, whether liked or disliked by the individual, the person lives with that name.

When the individual is equivalent to 300 years old, they go through “inheritance of one’s true name”, in which they are encouraged to choose their own name. A name which reflects some aspect of Teal’hia culture or history – which resonates with their character. This is a big event for the Teal’hia and is celebrated by many. This name is carried through life.

Although names are recognized as just a reference point or a label and have nothing to do with one’s true nature, they are also considered important and a reminder to each individual about who they are and where they came from.

Their young are educated in a way that is similar to how they educate their craft. They are taught how to feel and about their true nature (including their divine aspect), from a very early age. They develop deep compassion for all living things, at a young age.

My close confidant is about 82,000 years old by our standards and has 8 children. Her name means “perpetual knowing”.

Every time she meets with me, I am overwhelmed by a powerful sense of unconditional love and usually get sick and nauseas. She helps me to remain conscious by placing her hands on my chest or neck.

When I meet with the Teal’hia, they may talk in the mind and heart or out loud. They often convey information through felt sense and internal or external sets of moving images with a full sensory experience.

In time I will speak more about the Teal’hia and my relationship with them but for now I think that will suffice.

I have yet to complete any substantial drawings of any of my ET friends. The drawing above is a preliminary sketch my ex wife did in 2011. She has also had life long contact with them but she drew them how I described them to her, rather than from what she knew. Perhaps one day she will finish these drawings for me. I don’t want anyone else to draw the ETs for me because that could taint my image of them and because most artists who draw ETs are tainted by their own biases and common images that many cultures have of these beings. I trust only 1 person to represent them accurately. The one person who has also experienced what I have experienced.

Artwork: Rachel Bree © Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Very nice Bright. With all your experiences have you ever considered writing a book? You have a talent for writing and expressing yourself.

    • Hey Derek – thanks for the compliment. Well I have thought I’d write a book on this subject one day – maybe a series. But my priority has always been on publishing some creative work – novels, poetry, plays, essays, short stories and a couple of books on spirituality. This is kind of down on the list. Maybe a few years down the track, I’ll be a bit wiser about what I have experienced.

  2. every time you post somthing new i am full of joy. This was a cracker thank you bright for sharing this universal messages

  3. Happy to share what I can as I find time Viktor ! Thanks for reading. 😉

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